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  • Hurting ⍋ Snowbaz
    119 3 1

    A Simon & Baz story. - [All characters belong to Rainbow Rowell. This is just a fanfiction, it is not my story.]

  • ➵ Snowbaz Oneshots
    9.4K 214 8

    Requests are closed! Just what the title says, both fluff and smut. Simon Snow x Basilton Pitch | Boy x Boy | *Disclaimer: All characters and most settings belong to Rainbow Rowell!

  • roads.
    37 2 1

    A story about a girl who lost something.

  • We're All Lost ⇋ Bipper x Wirt
    701 28 4

    Wirt's primary objective was to find his little brother, Greg, no matter what it took, but he came across an obstacle known as Bill Cipher, the dream demon inhabiting Dipper's body. Bill was cooking up a plan to gain control of Dipper's body forever, Dipper was stuck as a ghost-and although he occasionally got control...