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  • The Forced Bride Of Rodriguez (COMPLETED)
    3.9M 108K 34

    #1 in romance genre (1stJan - 8th Jan.) ( Again placed #1 in romance in Feb) Aaron got up from his seat and walked round the table towards her while she was still sitting as if glued to that seat. He bent towards her, his one hand on the table and with the other he held her chin so that their eyes were at level.. "Li...

  • I'm a little unsteady ( Evansson )
    4.3K 147 6

    Falling for your best friend is never easy, especially when said friend is also your married best friend. 2am on a Monday morning, that's when his life changed. That's when he realized that maybe some things or some people aren't so out of our reach as he thought. She was that type of girl, the one that would often ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • A sister goals ....... (scarlet widow )
    2.4K 288 20

    Clint and wanda scarlethawk : falling love for each other ship .... Sam and Sharon : are married couple ship Pepper and tony : on and off relationship ship Steve and nat : falling love for each other ship Bucky and nat : a siblings ship tony and nat and wanda : a father and daughter ship Clint and ste...

  • The Avengers Chatroom
    3.2K 118 6

    Avengers get a chat room!

  • The Spy & The Soldier
    12.5K 344 7

    Just a collection of oneshot's about my OTP Romanogers. Can also find on my account.

  • Second Chances
    3.6K 141 5

    Natasha gave him her secrets, breaking her own protocols, letting him cross the line. But when he falls from one of her deepest secrets, he took a step backward. Sleepless and hopeless, she was hoping he'll come back, and Steve did. But Natasha can't decide if he's acceptable or not.

  • Our Secret or what happens after infinity war
    3.3K 109 5

    Sets directly after infinity war ending. The rest of the Avengers are full of grief and disbelief, but are still willing to fight Thanos to take revenge for their friends. Tony and Steve have to forgive each other in order to find a way to eventually bring their friends back and unite the Avengers for their final batt...

  • To Be or Not To Be
    7K 183 18

    *Post Civil War* Civil war is over and Steve left Bucky with T'challa and went back to America to live with Sam. On his way he finds Natasha who went with him. Over the next few months they go to Russia where things escalate. Steve becomes a bad boy and Natasha becomes a stuck up, rich party girl and cause trouble w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Next Generation of Avengers
    2K 17 14

    This story is pretty much what the title says. The story of the Next Generation of heroes as I imagine it. It may not be completely canon but it's what I wish was and I hope that some can relate. Have fun reading about James Rogers, Dayna Barnes, Nathaniel Barton, Torunn Thorsdottir, Maria Stark, Mason Banner, Riley W...

  • An Avengers Christmas {On hiatus}
    4K 163 31

    Tony Stark has a great idea for the winter holidays. He decides to throw a Christmas party for the Avengers! Friends from all corners of the universe gather at the Avengers Tower and they have lots of fun together. A bit of crack.

  • The Mission
    22.5K 568 15

    Steve and Natasha go on a mission and everything changes. For the good and bad.

  • Stuck In the Past
    1.4K 87 5

    I got trapped in this portal, how do I get out?

  • Me Before You ( A Romanogers Story)
    41.5K 2K 39

    "I have become a whole new person because of you."

  • Only Know You Love Her When You Let Her Go
    159K 4.4K 40

    She's gone, and that was when I realized that I loved her.

  • Behind The War [Civil War]
    9.6K 286 8

    Do you really want to know what happened between the Civil War? Or when it came to siding with teams, do you think there might have been some love difficulties between trusted teammates?

  • What would happen if the Avengers had children?
    4.7K 138 11

    What happens when Romanogers meet their long, lost daughter? Chaos, laughter and madness will surely ensue!

  • Saving Bucky Barnes
    378K 12.4K 44

    Loving you isn't easy, but if love was easy then it wouldn't be worth fighting for

  • Shipping Dictionary - Marvel Edition
    70.6K 1.9K 54

    Shipping, ships; a part of today's society. Want to know what the ship name is? Why people ship them? My opinions on them: you've come to the right place! You can request ships too.

  • We'll Fight Together (Romanogers / Steve X Natasha)
    29.3K 725 23

    "Are you saying you're on my team now, Romanoff?" "What makes you think I left, Rogers?" Steve Rogers tried to isolated himself from the rest of the Avengers and the world after what he did to Tony Stark, his friend and teammate. However, after he drops Bucky off in Wakanda where he'll be safe, Steve feels more alone...

  • Romanogers: Infinity Love
    56.8K 1.6K 32

    After the war with Thanos, the Avengers quite gotten lost of themselves. Natasha knew the team was aching and so was she, then, a certain feeling washed over her. What will happen? This is a story for Romanogers out there, as Steve and Natasha fought for their infinity love.

  • One Shots Romanogers.
    14.5K 930 16

    One shots Romanogers

  • Beyond Friendship
    2.2K 61 4

    One-shots of the ship, Romanogers (Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff). {Art by CatMoore on DeviantArt.} Edit: This fanfiction will be discontinued. I am no longer interested in making fanfics anymore; sorry.

  • Avengers *Parental* Preferences
    261K 5.8K 81

    Shipped Parental Preferences. They are: Pepperony(Pepper and Tony) Romanogers(Steve and Natasha) Thor and Jane Maria and Ted Bruce and Betty Clint and Laura Scarlett Soldier Loki × Darcy

  • Stranded- A Romanogers Fanfiction
    31K 1.2K 39

    Steve and Natasha found themselves stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere with no way to contact their outside world. Secrets will unfold as they struggled to survive and kept themselves from driving towards insanity. Cover Created By: TiaraRites

  • Too close a call
    2.3K 45 13

    Steve and Nat are more dependent on each other than ever before, Romanoff's stuck on the outside whilst Steve recovers from a deadly injury. The entire team is at ends, falling to pieces due to the heart-breaking war raging between Stark and Rogers. Based a bit on CA:CW but really just a small idea which has grown int...

  • I Need You) Romanogers Fanfic
    48K 1.1K 31

    This is a romanogers fanfic. This is my first story too, so any constructive criticism would be great! WARNING: COVERS ADULT TOPICS AND CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES!! READ AT OWN RISK!! So, thank you so much for reading this fic.

  • Before the World Truly Began - Romanogers Fanfic
    4.5K 187 9

    Life being an Avenger is hard. And when Tony Stark invents a time machine, it could only get worse....right? When Natasha is sent back to the 1940's to retrieve needed information from Howard Stark she is quickly met with Steve Rogers, Bucky and Steve's lost love, Peggy. With army enlistment's, secret identities and...

  • The Little Black Spider {Marvel}
    16.6K 456 42

    (EDITING) What would happen if there was an another black widow, but a younger version? "My name is Nadia. I'm 14 and I consider myself a killer ." * * * After the Winter Soldier, Steve and Natasha decided to settle down while the world was still in one piece. As the years pasted, most of the Avengers had childre...

  • Avengers-One Shots
    2.8K 99 16

    Just another day with the Avengers. When terror is NOT striking, what do they do? Where do they go? Who do they annoy? Join me on this exciting journey where we delve deep into the personal lives of the Avengers.

  • I do. (romanogers fanfic)
    6.2K 191 18

    I don't own anything, creds: marvel (romanogers fanfic) can steve move on from natasha after her death?