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  • Chained Up
    297 4 7

    "I've got you chained up." Kim Namjoon always treated his younger brother Kim Taehyung like a best friend. For every accomplishment they achieved together, Namjoon gave Taehyung a necklace. Each necklace symbolized what they were going to do next. Taehyung was always happy to get another necklace from his older brothe...

  • TrackList | YoonSeok FF
    16 4 2

    "Do I have to put effort into this?" Min Yoongi is an aspiring rapper who has produced and written many songs. Although he's prepared a great tracklist, he doesn't have an agency who will help him release it. Until he met a man named, Jung Hoseok. Hoseok told him about an agency he worked under and that he would be...

  • muted roses ➸ jeon jungkook
    1.6K 29 4

    "When there's beauty, comes pain." ---------- Started: 6.23.16 Completed: _ Status: [ ]Completed [ ] On Going [ x ] On Hold ---------- ©Storyline by JeonSaeHyun ©Chxjscx ©2016

  • Kairosclerosis || Yoonmin
    7 1 1

    Kairosclerosis. n. The moment you realize that you're currently happy-consciously trying to savor the feeling-which prompts your intellect to identify it, pick it apart and put it in context, where it will slowly dissolve until it's little more than an aftertaste. "I realised that I am currently happy" You know the fe...

    64 6 2

    In which two men with creative skills work together to dominate the fashion world. † Credit √ Given in introduction. Dedication √ Given in every chapter to the SAME person. ((Do not ask to be dedicate to a chapter.)) Warnings √ Given in introduction. Explicit Language √ Vulgar language is why this is rated mature.

  • No Strings Attached
    159 5 4

    Currently on Hiatus*** © to JeonSaeHyun for Cover and Storyline "You won't let go of me, right?" While on a late night stroll in the park, Kim Taehyung ran into a mysterious boy, who had his leg caught by the root of a tree. There was no one else around at that time, so Taehyung was the only one who could possibly he...

  • Hey
    230 20 4

    © to JeonSaeHyun for Storyline © to Marsthetic for Cover "Stop running away from me." In which a preppy school president tries to recruit an athletic student on to his team. Park Jimin is the student body president of his school. He is the head of all school events, making him the key role to having a fun environment...

  • Heart Of Gold [BTS Jimin Fanfiction]
    1.3K 76 4

    "Where the hell am I?" When a heartbroken girl somehow transports back in time and finds herself kissing a prince from two centuries ago.

  • Echoes | J.J.K x P.J [On-Hold]
    1.5K 104 3

    ❝Will someone dares to help me out or let me die in a tormented ways in this place?❞ Echoes Story idea: @JeonSaeHyun

  • 『 Hidden Identity 』
    501 28 6

    "The people you think you know may be hiding a secret" Kim Eunjoo and Jeon Jungkook. Bestfriends since they were young children. They know almost everything about each other. Yeah, "almost". "I'm actually an heir." ∞∞∞ Storyline and cover by : JeonSaeHyun Copyright © November 2016 ※ Jungsa ※ ∞∞∞ Started...

  • More than a fool (Temporary Hiatus)
    182 16 4

    Hoseok's fiancé Eunjae left him during their wedding ceremony. Leaving him heartbroken, alone, and afraid of love. 3 months later he sees her again but with another guy, leaving many unanswered question. "YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME YOU NEVER LOVED ME" he shouted. Thanks @JeonSaeHyun for the idea and the cover. Will be up...

  • Minutes [BTS FF]
    58 8 2

    Don't ever underestimate a minute. In just a minute you can feel hundreds of emotions. Credits: Story line and cover by @JeonSaeHyun

  • Hit The Books
    19 0 4

    "I'm not a Google,but I can be the one you're searching for." Kim Namjoon

  • A Bit Posessive
    69 2 1

    I got this story idea from JeonSaehyun unnie. Please check her stories and story ideas! "You're all are the clingy type aren't you guys?" The story takes place in modern day Seoul with the Bang family. The family consists of the parents and their seven sons. Due to their parents being billionaires,the seven boys rarel...

  • Crave You||KTH
    976 44 2

    "I will steal your first of everything since you stole mine." Highest ranking #6 in kimtaetae other rankings #76 in btstae* Started: 160210 Completed: ----------- ©JeonSaeHyun ©King-Suga

  • Stamped Stars.
    11 1 1

    This is also the story I claimed from JeonSaehyun-unnie. While attending class Jung Hoseok was a student at some police academy who is a bit popular and a top student at their school because he always gets a star. After growing up and pursuing the career of his dreams,becoming a police officer,Hoseok learned that not...

  • Rise To Fame
    111 7 2

    "Welcome,first time with bangtan?"An academy that was held by Bighit became a huge sensation for people to get accepted. The only problem is they can only accept one person. When a girl suddenly gets accepted,the members of BTS need to teach her their skills to help her rise to fame.

  • English 1.0.1
    51 2 2

    I got this story idea from JeonSaeHyun - unnie. Please check her out. This is a story of a young boy named Jeon Jungkook who struggles to learn English. After he scored 4/100 at his English test,Jungkook knew he had to go to a tutor. Jungkook searched a good tutor but nobody met his requirements. All of the tutors th...

  • Coffee.
    30 2 2

    Kim Namjoon often went to different cafes to experience new coffees. Kim Namjoon was a coffee enthusiast. His love for coffee was as strong as an espresso. Not only did he go for the different cafes,he also went for music. Every cafe that he had been,he plays different genres of music,each one give him differentiatio...

  • F A L L ; j.j.k × p.j.m
    666 67 5

    ❝- You and I, we're dancing on this thin line called love. And I guess you fell first that's why you had to leave❞ ➸Storyline: JeonSaeHyun original date : 042716 republished : 072416 ended : 000000 ©smptrnl-

  • Convenient.
    23 3 1

    Kim Namjoon owns a convenience store in Ilsan. Because he owns the store alone,he would ask the names of the customers so he would know how to greet them. When a new girl came to his store,he became curious because the girl leaves right after she pay for her items. The girl frequently come to Namjoon's store but he ne...

  • Flower Prince
    65 3 2

    I also claimed this story from JeonSaehyun-unnie. A royal family who has the name "Kim" exist in 21st century. The son of the family,the prince Kim Seokjin was known to be a flower because of his lovely personality and his beautiful,handsome look. Yet it's not only about his personality and looks that he's known to be...

  • The Secret Prodigy
    26 3 1

    This story was created by JeonSaehyun-unnie. Its a story of a girl named Shin Min Kyun who often heard a piano that is playing at their school's music room. It was Kim Taehyung(V) who is a prodigy that plays the piano skillfully. She really find his talent amazing that she even want to learn from him. But then Min Kyu...

  • Bora || Park Jimin
    781 55 9

    "Bora: a single two-syllable word meaning 'purple' (in Korean)." As the purple flower that he held began to wither, he began to wither. Park Jimin knew he had done something wrong when he and his girlfriend split up. He bought a bouquet of purple flowers that symbolised an apology. The girl did not accept them and rat...

  • Green
    390 21 12

    "Green is my favorite colour, what's yours?" All credits for the story line and book cover goes to the lovely @JeonSaeHyun Go check her out! She is an amazing writer!

  • Don't Let Me Down [Hoseok FF]
    910 80 9

    "Do you promise not to let me Down?" Jung Hoseok is a prodigy in the art of dance. His dancing skills were beyond what any dancer could have, He was Special. It wasn't until Hoseok was involved in an accident. that everything changed. This Storyline/ plot and Cover is owned by @JeonSaeHyun in her book Dreaming Days Kp...