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  • Is This Love ? ( Lesbian Thug Story )
    522K 12K 25

    Two besfriends go through everything then soon realize they both have feelings for eachother . Read & Find Out .

  • // Is This Love ? ( Book 2 ) //
    33.6K 1.1K 4

    Book 2 Of " Is This Love ? " If you haven't read the first book then don't read this one until you have .

  • I'm Having Her Baby (lesbian story)
    479K 10.2K 31

    Lydia is a pregnant 19 year old teen who just wants to be happy. She just wants to have her baby, give it up to Catalina (Cat) and Seymour Goldwine, and get on with life. Sounds simple and easy enough. Oh sure, it's real simple. Until she starts to fall in love with Cat, who is unhappily married to Seymour. Then she s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The BackStreet Encounter
    996K 22.7K 78

    Summary : You are a normal teenage girl who lives in Los Angeles who just happen to be at the right place, at the right moment to meet the green eyed girl who is gonna change your life (Lauren). GIRLXGIRL FIC WRITTEN IN A FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW

    Completed   Mature
  • The life of a lesbian EMT part 1
    1.4K 13 4

    R rated story

  • The Girl Next Door
    1.2M 9.5K 6

    Dasia Hamilton. She was the most popular & wanted girl in the school. A cheerleader. Beautiful hair & flawless skin. Perfect teeth & body. She was who every girl wanted to be & every boy wanted to have. Her world turned upside down when a new girl moves next door, making Dasia question her sexuality. Would she still...

  • minutes of rich dad and poor dad
    29.3K 573 1

    This is the minutes of rich dad and poor dad. hope you will like my analysis.

  • Roommates (REWRITING)
    157M 301K 3


  • What If I Told You (Lesbian Story)|Editing|
    520K 14.6K 39

    Riley is the type of girl who can get what she wants when she wants it. She's the type who thinks commitment only belongs on the Soccer field, that playing girls is all apart of the game. Alex soon meets this overly popular girl at Rosewood Academy, a boarding school that is full of rich kids and insane parties. Thoug...

  • Age is But a Number (lesbian story)
    1.1M 17.2K 29

    Laura is your average almost 18 year old. She's craving that excitement and freedom that comes with being older and is looking for more in life. Her preference is for women but high school girls are just too immature. She has a taste in older women but would never confess it. Especially to her Mom who is the most over...

    Completed   Mature