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  • A B U S E
    25.2K 1.2K 20

    Laurent Bourgeois has come to terms and accepting that he is gay he's been accepting it for 3 years now he's 18 and free........ Or so we thought He's bubbly around friends and fans but his twin Larry Bourgeois knows something is up he's very overly protective of Laurent and wants to shield him from harm But the dee...

  • My Sexy Love (BoyxBoy Mindless Behavior)
    21.1K 184 2

    When two boys are in love nobody can tear them up. They got that sexy love.

  • The Coincidental Meeting
    42.1K 2.4K 22

    After being separated at birth, Larry and Laurent grow up living two different lives that somehow still lead them to find each other. As they meet and learn that they are twins, they hang out hoping to become friends, but as they continue to learn more about each other and feelings grow, how will they handle being sib...

  • hes mine forever (boyXboy)
    45.7K 2.2K 46

    the brothers are always together never apart when there's one there's the other but what happens when one falls for the other click "read " to find out

  • Nothing
    12K 399 20


  • The man in 3B {LT fanfic}
    1.7K 129 5

    Love. Wicked Betrayal. Failure. Felonies. Crime. Drama Who knew the guy who just moved in apt. 3B could cause so much controversy?

  • mistakes {Les Twins}
    33.3K 1.5K 30

  • The Boy Next Door (Les Twins Fanfic)
    9.8K 935 19

    With a Husband of 15 years, a daughter, 3 years old, and a son, a senior in Highschool, Tina Jackson had never thought about the cougar life. She didn't think it was necessary. She was in a happy marriage and no one could break that up. That's what she thought. One day two new neighbors move in next to her and soon en...

    Completed   Mature
  • BIZZ 2 {Les Twins Fantic}
    19.5K 827 36

    {IF YOU HAVNT READ BIZZAR GO READ 1sr}....This is the book about Anala and her journey towards mother hood....but with more drama....SO READ COMMENT AND VOTE

  • Les Twins Imagines
    26.5K 607 15

    This is an imagine book

  • My Fantacee (Les Twins Fanfic)
    33K 1.7K 35

    Most men would love to fall in love with a stripper, and have her be your little exotic lover that will spice up your life right? Well its a different way for Camille. She is a girl that grew up rough in Harlem and was molested as a child which led to a promiscuous lifestyle into her late teens early twenties. Now tha...

  • The Dream Book
    3.1K 140 8

    Standing out on the balcony , the fresh breeze blows my way. Strands of hair , blowing into place. I watch the sunrise , and take in the breathtaking view. Standing barefoot in his oversized shirt. His hands wrap around my waist , and tugs a bit. Holding onto his arms I lean back against him. Head tilted back , I saw...

  • Mrs. Bourgeois (Les Twins Fanfic)
    9.2K 548 11

    Things have changed in a short time. The year is 2020. France has made a new rule. There must be a king and queen. They have to change their ways. France needs leaders as it is falling apart. Since Larry Bourgeois's father has made the rule Larry has to become king. His twin brother wants no part in it. Laurent wants...

  • LT Song One Shots
    48.8K 1.4K 17

    As the title says this is a LT one shot book based on songs. WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT IS INVOLVED!! Some of the one shots will be made myself, but if you would like one imbox me a song title and a twin...that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. (Both is not an option) So please read, comment, share, and enjoy

    Completed   Mature
  • Chances
    92.2K 3.4K 114

    What would you do if you had a second chance at love? After so many failures at love, hip-hop dancers Selena and Naomi get whisked on a whirlwind adventure when they bump into famous dancers, Larry and Laurent, who end up capturing their hearts. With love, betrayal, and rivals near, will they finally find happiness? W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Get out of my head ( les twins )
    41.5K 1.9K 33

    The voices

  • Secrets and Lies (a Les Twins fanfic)
    150K 3.7K 43

    Gabriella Peters is a writer for Trend Magazine happily engaged to her fiance' Keith when she is sent to Paris on an assignment to dig up dirt on the French dance duo Les Twins. But as she spends more time with the twins she finds herself irresistably drawn to one. With her life quickly spiraling into a cycle of tabo...

  • LES Superior TWINS
    2.5K 219 23

    Paris, France 2015 On DJNASTYNAS birthday, Paris, France then starts to peril as a long legend comes alive. Laurent and Larry, the kings of dance, are the main target. They are wanted to be drained for their outstanding "power of dance". DJNASTYNAS is held hostage until the twins give up their "powers of dance", to sa...

  • Trapped ( Les Twins Fanfiction)
    24.2K 1K 29

    A girl named Destine with amnesia finds love with a man named Larry. Her and Larry's relationship is going good until a very mischievous girl comes and ruins it all. Also another sneaky man tries to break the mold. But will they stay together? Who knows? Lailaloveslt- Copyright 2014