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  • the butterfly project
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    because being in high school isn't all they make it up to be. #FreeMentalIllness #StopMentalHealthStigma #NoSuicide #StopThePain #NoMoreScars #ProjectEatingDisorders #ProjectRecovery

  • An Option We Have ✓Completed✓
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    "strip off your clothes and grab a marker and allow me to tell you how to make new planets align all in your mind." • • • a story in the form of poems. a story of self discovery. but the poisonous kind. not the kind from professionals and positive voices. although, i could be a professional. one in self destruction. •...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ana and Mia
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    A poem about anorexia and bulimia

  • desserted (brooklyn's story)
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    she didn't mean for it to happen, she stopped eating, not because she was fat, she knew she was already small, still didn't stop her from making comparisons though. (first book in the 'small' series. based on my own experiences)

  • I'm Okay |c.s|
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    you may think i am silent, but you just don't hear me scream. but don't worry ❝ i'm okay...❞

  • It's all in Your Head
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    A year ago, Cate Xylyk's then-nine-year-old brother was murdered. Now she's attempting to get over it by applying for a job at the local hospital with her best friend. But the job isn't the only thing she turns to, and she slowly gets deeper into a prescription-drug chemical-laden mess.

  • Laced Lies
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    #824 in S.S I, Victoria Adams, almost never lie. In fact I've only told 10 lies in my life. But it was those 10 lies that ended it all: 1. My dog ate my homework 2. I don't have a crush on Elliot Ways 3. We will be best friends forever 4. Hurting you was...

  • Spiegelsplitter
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    Es sind keine Worte, es sind Klingen. Nachdem sie einmal gesprochen wurden, bohren sie sich in deine Seele und du kannst nicht verhindern, dass du von ihnen verletzt wirst. Du lässt dich von ihnen beeinflussen, ohne dass du das wirklich merkst. Worte verändern dich. Genau das musste auch Eliza erfahren.

  • Why We Laugh (#Wattys2018)
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    "The laugh cracked loudly into the school's atrium, like a shot of a gun. A quick bullet. A deadly bullet the pierces through flesh and bone. I realized then... that a laugh was as lethal as a bullet." I thought bullying didn't exist. And if it did, I wasn't a bully. Except I was. We a...

  • Contest Entries ✔
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    A book for various contests' entries. -CURRENTLY ONLY ENTERING WRITING CONTESTS-

  • Defeating the Habit (#TheBigCollab2k16)
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    (Winner of the #TheBigCollab2k16) Negative thinking. It's become an unfortunate habit for some and an endless cycle for others. Either way, it is a problem. But every problem can be solved. Defeat of the habit overcomes everything. Louise, born with albinism, struggles with an ever looming anxiety, while also doing...

  • Vive Ut Vivas {#TheBigCollab2k16}
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    Live that you may Live - Vive Ut Vivas On a long haul flight between two destinations, Vivienne Gregory reflects on her journey through life to date, and a chance encounter with a teenage girl reminds her of just how far she's come. Contest entry for The Big Collab 2016.

  • Diary Of An Underweight
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    Just a journal she writes everyday to tell the world how she became an Underweight [WARNING: TRIGGERING WORDS ABOUT EATING DISORDER] based on true events

  • What Will You Do If I Die Today?
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    About a girl who liked to eat healthy and smoke weed. Delirah Cruz isn't suicidal. She wants to die. She doesn't think of a million ways to kill herself. She imagines herself in the shoes of the million people who are dying or already dead. Quintin Cruz is damaged despite his step-sister's secret efforts of keeping h...

  • THIN ✔︎
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    She's never had problems, until recently. Recently, her world has been falling apart, but from the inside out. Turned into a depressed girl with serious eating disorder problems, all she wants to do is let go of everything, and be thin. Lighter than air and be the skinniest of all. Slowly, she's drifting away from the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hinata, NO!
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    Kageyama notices that Hinata has been acting weird. Certain objects has gone "missing". Sometimes there were teeth marks on random objects like paper or pencils. Inspiration from the untranslated doujin: Kasasagi No Nodo by Mochisuke ... okay, I admit it. I'm writing this because I'm salty about the fact it's not tran...

  • Something Along The Way
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    ''Maybe if I dug hard enough I would cry because of the blood that had seeped out of my skin - not because of the pain in my chest.'' In which a girl fights against the dark trials and tribulations in her life in the hope of finding something along the way. *Extended Blurb included inside the book :)* [beautiful cover...