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    1.1K 66 12

    All Jaycee Hiller wants to do is survive eighth grade. Mostly that means hanging with her friend, Stu, avoiding the cheerleading squad, secretly crushing on Nate Fletcher, and playing her favorite video game, Hero’s Sword. When she receives a new video game controller, Jaycee finds herself magically transported into...

  • Genesis (Prophecy Rock Series, Book 1)
    63.7K 2.9K 51

    As rumors swirl across the war torn lands of Eos of a possible Candidate-the long prophesied savior of peace-young Raden Nite finds himself unexpectedly chosen to discover the truth to these rumors. Raden's top-secret mission will send him and his closest friends on a heart-pounding adventure through the mysterious Vo...

  • Mia Esper and the Demon in the Darkness
    4.5K 463 50

    Nine-year-old Mia Esper is aligned with Dark. Her parents don't like it. They try to ignore it. No one her age will talk to her. Mia has nowhere to belong. Toonela Mesa Elementary may be her last chance to fit in. Or at least the peace of being left alone. But the school has a deep, darker secret than her own.

  • Nikolas and Company Book #1: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten
    32.8K 2.4K 54

    ****Featured on Wattpad and @Fantasy *** A horde of dark creatures chase a mermaid and her husband to their underwater fortress. Only fourteen-year-old Nikolas and his friends can save them. Happy to escape an apocalyptic future with its refugee camps and nannydrones, Nick convinces his friends to make the journe...

  • Adelaide in Ozghard, Book 1: Down the Rabbit Hole 🐇
    37.6K 2.7K 33

    Somewhere... down the rabbit hole, over the rainbow, and behind the curtain of mundane existence... there is a world beyond the one we know. It is a small island of life, an insulated bubble in a vast, frozen desert. These "Lasting Lands" are home to diminutive gnomes, gargantuan ogres, spellbinding elves, and a secre...

  • Forewarned (BEING REWRITTEN)
    95K 5K 32

    Justin, a 'troubled kid,' loves to break into top-secret government facilities just for kicks. But this time he finds something more than trouble, he finds a baby dragon. Now stuck as a Rider, he's forced to service in the military for a century. But when a shadowy creature of his past returns, he is forced to face t...

  • Giggleswick: The Amadán Map
    46.8K 1.2K 18

    A storybook adventure ... It's a natural phenomenon -- a small country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean hidden from the rest of the world by a circle of unnavigable fog. It's called Giggleswick, and twelve-year old Elliot Bisby has never heard of it, that is until he and his family are approached by an unusual ma...

  • The Adventures of Zelda: A Pug Tale
    573K 10.9K 13

    Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Zelda is a curly-tailed, wrinkly, stubborn pug. But, she isn't an ordinary pug content to eat and sleep her days away. Zelda is always searching for a new adventure, mystery to solve, or squirrel to catch, and her unexpected reactions cause readers to smile and laugh...

    288K 2.5K 21

    12-year-old orphan, Bunny Spark, and her twin brother, Beau, live above their family's run-down department store in the grim, industrial town of Grayton. A strange perfumer who calls himself the Nose comes to the store to make and sell perfume. Thousands of people come to buy the young man's unusual perfume, which gen...

  • Prisoner of the Molepeople
    79.2K 4.2K 58

    Going down ... way down. Trying to have a transcendental experience, sixteen-year-old Ann is shocked at the sudden appearance of a dirty moleman from the underworld. Through a stirring object lesson involving a half-eaten Ho Ho (and a bit of trickery), the moleman persuades Ann to follow him to an underground fantasy...

  • The Book of Sam
    80.2K 356 2

    I am proud to announce that this novel has been SOLD TO DUNDURN PRESS and will be released on August 15th, 2020. Follow me for updates on my journey through the publishing world and I hope you all grab a copy (or two...or three...or...) when it hits bookstores and online retailers. Most importantly, thanks for all the...

  • Chasing Colors | Fade to Grey #1
    1.3K 369 20

    BOOK ONE - Scarlet's perfect world gets turned upside down when life begins to drain of color. After losing her parents, Scarlet realizes she has the power to see things no one else can. Struggling to bring it all back to normal, she finds herself on a hunt with her best friend in order to learn the truth about her fa...

  • The Prophecy of the Sorceress Three
    2.1K 508 35

    ☆ CHAMPION OF THE PANTHEON AWARDS 2020 (ADVENTURE)☆ ☆ FEATURED ON STORIESUNDISCOVERED☆ ☆ FEATURED ON WATTPADCHRONICLE☆ ☆ FEATURED ON SECRETTREASURES☆ • • ● • • In a world where magic is kept secret, three sisters discover they have powers beyond their imagination. Fleeing from a witch hunt, the Laxamana siblings find...

  • Being Butch Green
    5.5K 475 38

    An extremely dangerous file. An awkward teenager (who'd rather think of himself as the badboy of nerds). A converted, somewhat nice criminal. And an illegal medical lab. All is not what it seems when seventeen-year-old Butch breaks himself out of the local police station, making a somewhat daring run for it with his c...