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  • A Court of Shadows and Dreams (Azriel Fanfic)
    64.7K 3K 35

    When a golden light surrounded me I thought I had died. Well, died while reading my favorite book. But as it turns out I didn't pass into the world of the dead, but rather the world of dreamers. Landing in the middle of Velaris, I quickly found myself at the mercy of the Inner Circle, and one very pissy, very hot spym...

  • Valiant {Book Two of the Incandescent Trilogy}
    305K 10.8K 22

    Vatican cameos--those were the last words Sherlock Holmes had spoken before he'd fallen from St Bartholomew's Hospital roof, and Amelia has spent the last two and a half years trying to figure out what he meant. At long last, she's started to move on from the death of the man who changed her everything, and take a ho...

  • The Reinstated Avengers Chatroom
    125 4 5

    New chatroom. Same universe, same idea, less characters. In my old one I feel like there were too many people to take care of, so I'm gonna go a few years back, to when some of the teenage characters weren't even born. :) I hope this works out, I think I'm gonna like this a whole lot better.

  • Handwritten || s.m
    699 77 25

    Five parts. Five songs. One story. 1.0 Kids In Love 2.0 Never Be Alone 3.0 Don't Want Your Love 4.0 The Weight 5.0 Imagination ----- Original fan fiction by Melody Handwritten © SparkyTheKitten 2017 All Rights Reserved

  • Queen ~ The Shannara Chronicles
    11.2K 261 6

    The day Gaia Elessedil was born she was named the future queen of Arborlon. Nobody knew why her grandfather chose her as his heir, but he said that she would change history. When she was growing up she never had much freedom being the future queen, yet she was curious about the world around her. The reason for that wa...

  • The Little Avenger Chatroom
    76.6K 3.7K 55

    My version of the Chatroom. I hope you like it! --- So, I wrote this story three years ago. I was very young, and my writing wasn't all that good. No, in fact, it's pretty awful. This was really just a stream of consciousness, so just, be kind? And yes, it's not the current avengers. This was back when I had a lot of...

  • Within Seconds: Flashpoint Edition
    280K 15.5K 38

    [ based on season three of The Flash ] || book three of three || Finding and causing Parker Sylas to fall in love with him again wasn't going to be hard, Barry thought, as he had done it once before. What he hadn't planned on was being subjected to a world in which the love of his life couldn't look him in the eye...

  • The Weight of The World 。 Peter Parker [1]
    6.1M 239K 47

    THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD. ❝𝘼 𝙛𝙞𝙧𝙚 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙨 𝙖 𝙝𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙚.❞ BOOK ONE IN THE FLORENCE PARSONS SERIES MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE | PETER PARKER/SPIDER-MAN AN AGE OF HEROES STORY ©tinkertaydust | cover by soulofstaars highest ranking in fanfiction #2 [26.07.17] wattpad featured story [11.08.17] wattys2017 sh...

  • Sebastian Stan (+ characters) Oneshots
    812K 19K 89

    A collection of (mostly) gender neutral (they/them pronouns used) character x reader oneshots featuring: -Sebastian Stan -Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier -Dr. Chris Beck -TJ Hammond -Jack Benjamin -Jefferson REQUESTS CLOSED. ||highest ranking : #189 in fanfiction, #1 in 'sebastian stan'||

  • Sebastian Stan Imagines #wattys2017
    2.9M 67.7K 121

    Various Sebastian Stan Character Imagines Characters included are: • 1940's James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes -Marvel Cinematic Universe • Post-Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes -Marvel Cinematic Universe • Enchanted Forest Jefferson -Once Upon A Time • Wonderland Jefferson -Once Upon A Time • Storybrooke Jefferson -On...

  • Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Supernatural Imagines
    1.8M 62.9K 199

    Do you want SuperPotterWhoLock? Have you been having a decrease in feels? Are you positively and absolutely in love with Sherlock, The Doctor, Team Free Will or the Harry Potter hunks? Then you've come to the right place! This is a book full of drabbles, ideas and teeny one shots starring YOU! I have prove that...

  • AOS Truth Or Dare!
    166K 6.9K 78

    A series based on ideas that come at the top of my head (Just to clarify that it is based on the original team from season 1) An appearance from marvel characters in later chapters *slow and lazy updates* Warning: May contain terrible mistakes that I cannot be bothered fixing - PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED- Finish...

  • Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt)
    7M 200K 43

    Bree is thrown into the glade like everybody else. In a dark metal box with no memory of her past life. She soon comes to realize that her new life in the glade isn't the best one. That is, until she finds Newt. Featured in the official Wattpad fanfic Maze Runner fanfiction reading list! Book cover by soldtheworld Al...

  • Trifecta: The Calm Before the Storm
    108 4 3

    Audrey, Bree, and Shelby are getting used to their life in this new universe, even with the war. While they plan to enjoy themselves, fall in love, and plan to attack the villains, Thanos and his goons have other plans. Separate the girls, target them each individually, and break them apart. Because without each other...

  • Can Love Survive? ➳ Sequel to Found in the Crowd
    35.4K 1.1K 40

    DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was like 14... it needs editing BUT it's still a great story ;) The Masked Girls have revealed their identities and now their lives have changed forever. Melody and Logan have had their ups and downs even before she was famous, but will their love survive the high demands of Hollywood a...

  • Relentless // The Avengers
    14.8K 441 19

    A world where evil runs amok. A girl who discovers that some dreams weren't meant to be just dreams. A team of superheroes. Our world is in peril. And only a select group will be able to save it. The Avengers-but this time, a new enemy arises and is more powerful than anything the group has faced. The Avengers will ha...

  • The Final Piece (Epilogue to the 'Found in the Crowd' Series)
    545 27 1

    What becomes of Big Time Rush and The Masked Girls in the future. The epilogue and final instalment to the 'Found in the Crowd' Series, follows 'Can Love Survive?'. Thank you all for reading this series if you have.

  • Within Seconds // Barry Allen
    5.1M 189K 100

    [based on season one of The Flash] || book one of three || At the time Central City's own Barry Allen discovers he has the ability to run faster than the speed of sound, a woman from his past, Parker Sylas, returns to her hometown. Scoring jobs at both the CCPD and S.T.A.R. Labs, the two were destined to cross paths a...

  • Within Seconds: Sylas & Allen
    1.4M 70.7K 95

    [based on season two of The Flash] || book two of three || Six months after Barry's failure to change the timeline and save his mother, Team Flash is struggling to fall back into action. When relentless meta-human's from Earth-2 threaten Central City, working under a speedster named Zoom, no one is sure how much longe...

  • Collision Course {Marvel} ||1||
    384K 12.7K 26

    {Book 1} [The Avengers] Kiara Rivers has been learning as much as she can about Midgard, er, Earth. It's been a year since she found herself in New York. Her moving away was the hardest thing for her, as she left everything, her world, behind her. With her life as in tact as possible, Kiara has started over. However...

  • An Arrow or Two || Legolas/LotR
    665K 10.5K 16


  • SHERLOCK I, II, III & IV • #wattys2016
    1M 24.2K 107

    In a five part story based on the BBC TV show SHERLOCK, the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his mild-manner companion, John Watson, face five original adventures written by WattyAwards2012 Finalist, E. K. Sloyer. The two partners in crime face a criminal that can only be tracked through John's past; a myste...

  • Brilliant {A BBC Sherlock Fanfic}
    2.6M 81.7K 52

    Amelia Watson is a thunderstorm, and her temper a wildfire. Sherlock Holmes is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, his mind a place very few people can understand. Who'd have thought the two would have anything in common? It isn't easy to capture Sherlock Holmes' attention, so what does Amelia have that caught Sherlock's e...

  • Dangerous || Connor Ball
    23.9K 719 29

    "I've been secretly falling apart..." ----- Violet is a dancer. Violet is a fangirl, it's as simple as that. She obsesses over books and bands, one band in particular. The Vamps. She never expected to meet them though, her luck was never good. But when she does, she may start to stumble but will it become apart of th...

  • Tarwa's Ridiculous Adventures
    103K 8.4K 247

    -The Boredom Book of TarwaRedwood- You heard me, a boredom book! A book where I get to be bored! Hooray! BEWARE! I'M RANDOM! But aren't we all? Enjoy my randomness! COVER BY: @wonderlandwriter <3 Random #112 | Humor #216

  • Found in the Crowd ➳ Logan Henderson
    135K 2.8K 42

    DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was 13/14... It needs editing but other than that I believe it's a good read ;) Others in the series: Can Love Survive? The Final Piece When Melody wins V.I.P tickets to Big Time Rush, she never thought that it would be her entry to a Hollywood lifestyle, acting, modeling and singing. W...