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  • How To Save A Life (It's just you and me 5SOS fanfic SEQUEL)
    376K 7.6K 38

    A 5 Seconds of Summer fan fiction.

  • Always Beside You // 5SOS Fanfic // L.H
    1.5M 25.6K 40

    An Original Luke Hemmings fanfic Everything happens for a reason. Elyssa 'Ellie' Gray has a new music assignment with four guys... ©2012-2014 '5secsof1D' All my works are copyrighted under the Copy...

  • A Brand New Place - 5 Seconds of Summer[5SOS] Fan Fic (Ashton Irwin)
    1.4M 21.9K 66

    Bella has just moved all the way from Brisbane QLD to Sydney NSW, she has no friends, no relatives and has no one to talk to! But what she doesn’t know is that her favourite band of all time are just around the corner. How will her life change? Well she ever meet the boys that she dreams about? READ HERE TO FIND OUT!!

  • Let Me Be the One to Save You
    5.4M 114K 57

    "What do you want?" I glared at the blonde boy. "To see if you're okay" He mumbled, looking straight into my eyes. They were full of sorrow and guilt, Like he was actually sad he stopped. It made me even more angry. He broke our promise. "I'm fine. Now stop following me!" I growled. ------> Ever since Grace Jones was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bit of Love/Hate ||a.i||
    455K 8.7K 32

    What if the person who hates you most in the world happens to be the person you're in love with? Bethany Jerold is your average Australian teenager, but with a bit of a twist. She is hopelessly in love with Ashton Irwin, the boy who makes her life hell. What happens when Bethany and Ashton are paired together for a s...

  • Fun and Games (Ashton Irwin)
    131K 1.7K 11

    The aim of the game is to be as intimate as you can towards eachother in public or at home, without getting caught and without telling the other that they love them. Weird right? Madi and Ashton have been best friends for years but they both have strong feelings for eachother. They both know this and that's by they ca...

  • Start All Over × Luke Hemmings
    2.7M 40.5K 52

    New Country. New School. New Friends. New Life. New Beginning. Fresh Start. Clean Slate. Start Over. Have you ever wanted to move away and start all over again? That’s all Vanessa has ever wanted. She wants to move away from the life she has grown to hate and start her life all over again. Bullies. Abuse. Depression...