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  • One Sentence
    1.9K 754 78

    One sentence can mean one story Started on:10th July 2016 Ended on:18th September 2016 @All rights reserved ACHIEVEMENTS FOR THIS BOOK: #308 in poetry - 18 August 2016 #238 in poetry - 20 August 2016 #143 in poetry - 21 August 2016

  • Fate is Pain |PUBLISHED|
    60.3K 1.9K 18

    Fate is such a funny thing. Funny yet wicked... My mom used to tell me the moon goddess has a plan for us all. That when all else fails, she has already written you up for a happy ending. I guess she almost forgot one person... me. Raven Moon is a seventeen-year-old Alpha's daughter with a troubled abused li...

  • Deserving | ✔
    8K 1.2K 55

    {Featured in Wattpad Indian Central under Mystery/Thriller} It's amazing how love makes people connect. They meet, talk, mingle, fall in love. Their souls connect in a way they can never connect with anybody else. But every love story has a tragedy. Life. Phillip loses his own self when his love Stephanie dies...

  • To Take Us Back To Yesterday [On Hold]
    352 87 8

    Life is about cherishing the downs and ups of life. Cherishing the memories, cherishing everything, cherishing life. Without life it means death. And in death, everything you cherish is gone in a blink of an eye. Only your legacy will be remembered if you were part of other's memories. But what if you end up in a car...

  • Cry Me a River |✔️
    969K 64.5K 76

    Since River has been old enough to ask, his father has brain-washed into believing that he's unworthy of any sort of love. Especially from his long-awaited, fated mate. He has no future, just an awaited rejection and a continued life of abuse. All that gets him through his bruised life is when he allows his mind to wa...

  • The Colours of Salvation [Complete (Slowly Editing)] #Wattys2016
    2.8K 560 49

    12 Soldiers. 6 Months. 1 Mission. Having to save the world is hard enough. Saving the world and finding the soldiers one by one is harder. *** Found beaten and bruised in an alleyway, triplets Silver, Sky and Sapphire are taken in by archangels and informed that they are three of twelve soldiers who will fight for the...

  • Abigail Dunhill.
    2.3K 261 17

    A not so simple story of a finicky heir and a brave yet stupid girl. A tell-tale of the feud that comes from forsaken love. A myriad of plots to get rid of the curse.

  • The Past That Haunts - Wardman Chronicles: Book 1 (Publication TBA)
    61.2K 100 1

    TAKEN DOWN FOR PUBLICATION, FURTHER DETAILS INSIDE || **17+** Some creatures can't resist..... Lilith Wardman has had a rough start. At the age of 6, her parents passed away in a tragic auto accident. She was taken in by her grandparents and eventually got back on her feet despite the overwhelming hole in her heart...

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Obsession
    728K 14.8K 31

    Have you ever wanted someone with such great passion? Every waking moment, all you can think of is them. To feel their skin under your hands. To own every part of them. That's how Damien and Javier feel about April Watters. They want to possess her. Control her. Own her. She's their fantasies, Their addiction. Their o...

  • Reborn to the Past #Wattys2016 #Tailblazers
    1.3K 711 17

    Highest rank #296 What if one day you return to your past? What if you can turn all the tragedies around? What if you can hold on to your love once more? But....what if things are not as easy as you thought? You thought you could live a regular life after your reborn? Let me tell you, Congrats, you are chosen as the...

  • Willa
    338 31 6

    There was once a world consisting of four Kingdoms, the Northern Kingdom, The Western Kingdom, the Eastern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom. These were once at peace. But roughly 500 years prior to the start of the story, the Northern Kingdom was taken over by an elite race, calling themselves the Drakons. The Drakon...

  • intoxicated
    2.4K 88 11

    the one where ashley accidentally calls her brother's best friend (needless to say, he's also the guy she was crushing on incredibly hard in sixth grade) to pick her up when she is, of course, drunk as fuck. (and let me tell you, it's gonna turn ashley's life upside down) [cover by @admissable]

  • NUMB
    100K 15.2K 55

    Bold, beautiful and broken-Jane is haunted by the feelings of love due her unfortunate past. She has blocked all the useless emotions from her life and now her heart is dead; her feelings gone. When she moves to Hawaii for her internship, she meets a gorgeous brown haired man named Ashton. With his sun-kissed skin, se...

  • The Nocturnal Hours (1st Draft)
    31.9K 1.6K 91

    (1st draft) A dystopian Europe in the midst of a turmoil. Vampires stalk the shadows, and humanity is used both as a food source and an object of sadistic amusement. The only thing standing between survival and extinction is the Humanitarian Defense Forces. A military unit dedicated to hope and to survival. Fifteen-y...

  • The Demon Sword: Sorataki
    11.6K 1K 48

    In a world that was almost kicked back to the stone ages, a power long forgotten returns once again. Countless unseen realms bridge themselves with ours bringing with it earths second wind of ever change. But alas, no matter the change, it is still man who is cruellest to man... Losing her parents and turned...

  • Definition Of Imperfect
    7.1K 781 20

    -ON HOLD- Meet Lily Evans, a seventeen year old girl with everything going for her. She has amazing friends, a loving family and is painfully beautiful. However, what happens when her perfect life takes a turn for the worst and she has to move to another state? Will Lily be able to handle the new found attention a...

  • Falling In Harmony | ✓
    36.2K 2.1K 58

    ☼ COMPLETED (Undergoing editing ) ☼ #3 on Piano: Jun. 20. 2018 || "Why do you write?" ... Because sometimes, my songs can speak the words that I simply cannot. || In the midst of her chaotic life where everything is uncertain, there is one thing that Elena is sure of: the life she always knew is now a...

  • Blackdove: The Beginning
    540 76 16

    "The sky was as black as can be with a new moon and the beautiful stars twinkling as usual. It seemed like a peaceful night. Little did anyone know what was to happen under these beautiful lights. The night air blew my hair in my face as I sat on the roof watching for our target. I knew exactly what I was looking for...

  • Talking to the Moon ✔
    496K 30.4K 62

    | Previously Featured | | Book One of the Moon Chronicles | "To hear, one must be silent." The Power of the tongue and intelligence of a human being is what makes them different from God's other creations. It is what makes them powerful, it is what makes the human being rule every other creation. But they forge...

  • Whoa.. Wait, What?!! (HIATUS)
    264K 14.5K 34

    ON HIATUS TILL FURTHER NOTICE Hi, My name is Gabriella Jackson. You can call me Gabby or Ella, whatever you please. The least I can say about my life is that IT IS CRAZY. let's see Popular elder brother+ two evil little brothers+ a nerdy sweet sister+ a hormonal best friend+ a bad ass best friend+ slightly mad par...

  • Reflection [ON HOLD FOR REWRITING]
    635 125 10

    How would you react if you saw someone else in the mirror instead of your own reflection? What would you do if your 'refletion' decides its time to come out of the mirror... Fred has never seen his own refletion in the mirror. He even made friends with the reflection he saw in the mirror. They would talk for hours...

  • Hiding in Plain Sight...
    44 16 4

    Gorgeous cover made by @sad_masquerade Spies, they're everywhere, you just can't see them. Thus our favorite saying, "Hiding in plain sight". Sierra is a newbie to the scene for Redemption, and with her S.O. (superior officer) Brett guiding her, she feels like there is nothing that can get in her way. That is until sh...

  • Butcher of the Night...
    268 37 22

    "The night was cool and crisp with the shadows seemed to be trying to envelop the street light as I sat on the bench waiting for the bus. I pulled out my dinosaur of a phone and flipped it open to see the time. That's when I heard the piercing shriek of a girl, and a blood curdling wail...." In the small town of Truma...

  • Small Town Girl.
    45 15 3

    Lovely cover made by @sad_masquerade "Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world." Elizabeth tries her hardest to make it in life. But with every turn she smacks right into a brick wall. She feels like there is no escape from the life she is living. She wishes to just be able to have an adventure, and to make i...

  • Immortal Beauty
    197 27 7

    Daniela's mother has just died from an mysterious cause and now has to go live with her father in Caramoo, Kansas whom abandoned her when she was first born. She then finds many mysterious people in this small town. She is still trying to figure out who she is, but with her dad constantly trying to reach out to her, a...

  • Nonexistent
    16.4K 1.8K 46

    HIGHEST RANK- #5 in Science Fiction (6/23/16) Would you give up everything you've ever loved for a world that never even knew your name? Be an unnoticed hero, almost nonexistent... Rogue 33 is a powerful Deviant devoted to the military, the government, and the nation of Valburn. Confident that every aspect of...

  • The Special Task Force
    6.6K 820 1

    The Kingdom of Cevire has succumbed to darkness. But before darkness, there was momentary peace. It lasted for a time, but when that time was up, darkness was reborn. The enigma that is The Portal unleashes monsters of all kind, wrecking havoc across the land. While there are monsters, there are heroes whose mission i...

  • Tama na
    137 8 3

    ❝Paano kung wala ka nang isisigaw, wala ka nang ibabato? Siguro tama na.❞ Mahirap ba kapag tinatawag ka nilang bakla o hampas lupa? Mahirap ba na iniwanan ka ng tatay mo at ang huling sabi n'ya sayo ay kasalanan mo? Mahirap ba maging si Enrique Raños? Baka ini-isip mo, siguro lakas ng hugot nitong estudyante eh hindi...

  • Who We Are
    86 9 8

    Lies. Truth. Betrayal. Trust. Hate. Love. We all wear masks. Who are we when they come off?

  • Hopeful Mystery
    642 144 25

    Misty, a maid for the royal Gentile family of Riverella, hears word of an escape route from the castle and pleads with the guard, Cort, for passage. To keep their identities a secret in the event that someone might discover their exchanged letters, Misty calls herself "A Mystery" and refers to Cort as "You." In return...