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  • Can We Just Start Over? (Marianas Trench fanfic)
    5.5K 102 7

    This is the prequel to More Than Just Butterflies and will eventually blend into MTJB with the focus of Matt Webb and Hayley Grey. It started with a wedding… I do not own Marianas Trench or any other songs, lyrics, movie quotes. The only thing that's mine is the plot.

  • Time Bomb (All Time Low/Marianas Trench)
    39.3K 637 28

    Riley Smithson was the wild child headed down the wrong path when her cousin, Josh Ramsay, decided to break her habits. Two months on the road in a bus full of guys is enough to break any girl, Josh is sure of it. Too bad the lanky, fun loving, take nothing seriously guitar player from the opening band, Jack Barakat...

  • My Girl (Marianas Trench)
    1.6K 41 8

    Sometimes you love and lose. For Josh he always imagined having his longtime sweetheart by his side, until she took a job in another province and virtually disappeared. Some years later she wanders back into his life and turns it upside down.