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  • Contagious Chemistry (An All Time Low Fan Fiction)
    31.3K 498 32

    Taylor Black wasn't looking for anything special when Alex Gaskarth stumbled half-drunk into the bar she worked at and neither was he. They both knew sleeping together meant nothing. Two years later and nothing had changed, they both blamed the contagious chemistry and would never admit to anything sober.

  • I Settle For Long Distance Calls
    87.9K 1.3K 57

    Jules lives a relatively boring life in Portland, Oregon, until Jack Barakat wanders into the coffee shop she works at and changes her life forever. With Jules in Portland and Jack on the road, how will they deal with an evolving relationship?

  • Saving Grace. [Alex Gaskarth]
    353K 8.4K 52

    ❝You need a saving grace, Ivory-Grace?❞

  • my life isn't complicated.... Oh wait yeah it is
    32.4K 475 24

    *ATL Fan Fiction* Sarah Dawson is an a semi average teenager with a few minor problems. Well, for starters, her brother just happens to be Rian Dawson of ATL. Her best friends are sisters of Jack and Zack, and to make matters worse... well actually, you will have to read the story to discover the truth.

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling In Love For The Night (Jack Barakat)
    6.2K 129 5

    Jack and Becky meet at a wedding. Jack doesn't know she's actually a mom. Will he stay?

  • It's Cool, We're Just Friends.-Alex Gaskarth
    178K 3.8K 18

    Sequel "We're just friends," are the words that kill people. Okay, maybe it doesn't kill people, but it hurts people. Alex and Charli are best friends. Well, friends-with-benefits, but if Charli could change it, she would. Charli love...

  • A Daydream Away [All Time Low Fan Fiction]
    152K 2.8K 35

    Jessica Merrick is Zack Merrick's little sister. He is fiercely protective and would do anything for her. So when she announces that she and Alex Gaskarth are dating, how does Zack react? Oddly calm, actually. What will happen on the roller coaster that is now Jess's life? Read and follow her story with Zack, Alex and...

  • Therapy: Life With Alex Gaskarth
    973K 18.2K 50

    Sarah Dawson is a 19-year-old girl about to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure--touring with All Time Low! Her brother Rian is the drummer for the band and Sarah had stood by the band through thick and thin. Especially Alex Gaskarth, her best friend. When Sarah develops feelings for Alex how will she tell him? H...

  • Time Bomb (All Time Low/Marianas Trench)
    39.3K 637 28

    Riley Smithson was the wild child headed down the wrong path when her cousin, Josh Ramsay, decided to break her habits. Two months on the road in a bus full of guys is enough to break any girl, Josh is sure of it. Too bad the lanky, fun loving, take nothing seriously guitar player from the opening band, Jack Barakat...

  • Smiling At Everything
    9.5K 260 26

    Casie wanted to leave the place and it finally came true. Started traveling on her own but a band crossed her plans. She becomes a friend with them and maybe even more... But it's not the happy end yet...

  • The Hustler Wedding [Alex Gaskarth]
    107K 3K 16

    [Sequel to The Hustler] When her boyfriend, Alex Gaskarth, proposed to her after being together five years, Airlia Thorne could not have been more excited. Suddenly, all her downtime disappears into a whirlwind of champagne, self-written vows, and calligraphy invitations. But she can handle it. She's sure she can. Tha...

  • I'll Be Fine (All Time Low Fanfic)
    232K 4.1K 44

    For a fostered kid, Isabel has had a pretty good life. Never had anything to complain about, she loved her foster family in Baltimore and all her friends in it. Trying to make friends with her best friend Jack's new friend Alex, she thinks she's falling for him. All she ever wanted was for things to work out for the b...