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  • Foster Brother? Or Daddy? Les Twins Fan Fiction
    68.5K 3.2K 51

    Story side #1 Y/N gets adopted by Les Twins to be a little sister while they live on their own. What happens if it becomes more? Story side #2 Kyle gets adopted by Roy as a little brother who never really experienced the world being in childcare and the orphanage all his life. What happens if he starts to see the worl...

  • A BabySitter?
    52.7K 941 17

    Rose Gray is a fun and outgoing, rich girl. she hates to be controlled. but what happens when her parents go to a business trip and hires her an Attractive Babysitter. Harry Styles.

  • The Babysitter [ H.S ]
    147K 2.5K 21

    "What!? A babysitter! I can't have a babysitter,what 15 year old has a fu¢king babysitter!!" "don't talk to me like that, i'm still your mother so you have to respect me, your father and I are leaving at 4 am the babysitter will be here around 7"But" "No!!" Amanda that's the end of this conversation&qu...

  • mr. styles (harry styles teacher/student fanfic)
    241K 4.5K 25

    I was in shock. There in front of me stood a beautiful woman in a red dress that complimented her curves and tiny waist perfectly, Long blonde locks flowing down past her shoulders and piercing blue eyes staring back at me. I shook my head out of my temporary trance state and reminded myself that a few hours ago this...

  • My Brother's Babysitter (Harry Styles Fanfic)
    101K 2K 39

    "My biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself" This book contains: sexual assault, sexual content, profanity,and drug abuse.

  • When It Happens. [Harry Styles]
    1.8M 25.6K 43

    It's true, love can happen anytime. . . Eventually, they meet and that's when their love story starts. Even in the strangest of places, like detention. Is it possible to fall in love with the idiot that got you in 2 hours of detention? Copyright © _styleroids. All Rights Reserved.

  • Daddy {h.s}
    1.2M 18.1K 15

    "I licked it, so its mine" xxx ----------------------------------- warning: first few chapters are a bit rough, but it gets better (:

  • los angeles ↠ h.s (daddy kink) au
    334K 4.9K 34

    when 17 year old harley moves to los angeles, the city of dreams, she doesnt expect to meet the love of her life, a 27 year old grown man.

  • Daddy⏩Harry Styles AU [On Hold]
    1.6M 18.3K 28

    " Baby girl if you tease me one more time I will have to punish you." Warning: Very sexual [This book is on hold sorry] Highest Ranking: #171 in fanfiction [Cover by @britishdudes]

  • masochist // h.s
    165K 3.6K 32

    [au] a fateful tragedy in which a broken girl with a desolate heart meets an unceremonious boy amidst learning that pain has changed them into something they never meant to be.

  • Daddy issues || h.s
    4.6M 130K 55

    If you were to mention her name in a locker room, or in a girls bathroom, you would always get the same look and smirk sent in your direction. Because she was an urban legend. Someone people told their younger siblings about when they wanted to brag about how awesome it was to be a teenager. The details and the ending...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dr. Styles [h.s] DISCONTINUED
    1M 21.1K 50

    I'm sitting on a black and uncomfortable chair, waiting in the waiting room. My leg shaking and hands sweating. "Deliah Fenderson?" A young, female nurse calls as I snap my head towards the voice and stand up from the chair, making my way towards her. I follow her to a hall way where she checks my weight, height, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Harry Styles Dirty Imagines
    2.5M 16.8K 21

    Just some Harry imagines so yeah enjoy (please don't complain it's clear in the name that these are about sex and contains swearing and sexual references)