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  • Garmau
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    Yeah I do not own the characters.but I do own the story.also this story is also in my account on Quotev.also the cover drawing was made by me and its aphmau if it's not noticeable .

  • Love life (garmau fan fic)
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    A girl, who is new but all this weird events just keep happening out of nowhere. She has a hard time with school and going up and down on these life changing events. And her relationship becomes great but can it become ruined. Cover drawn by Melaniethewriter :-)

  • Without You | Garmau
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    Aphmau is a girl with a painful past and an unforgettable future; stumbling upon Garroth, a boy that's surrounded with ungrateful people full of hatred. Crossing paths means different destinations, by the name of the "Adopted Princess" and the "First Born Son" from both enormous kingdoms that stood out from the majori...

  • Garmau One Shots(Garroth x Aphmau)
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    So, I haven't written a story about GARMAU in a while, so I decided to do it. There will be plenty of one shots to fill your hearts, including many many many Disney and Fairytale related ones, hence the book cover.

  • Shining Hearts (A Garmau AU)
    15.7K 369 21

    Garroth, 12, witnessed his parents' death with his two younger brothers, Zane and Vylad. He is left feeling shallow and empty. He claims that he will never know happiness again. Ten years later, a girl named Aphmau moves into town, she is has some friends, but she met all of them through her video games and chat rooms...

  • ~Garmau~ Destiny
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    Kawaii~Chan invites girls and boys to the sleepover...little do they know Truth or Dare will decide their fate of being together...

  • Garmau One Shots
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    "I won't promise anything" I say trying to hide my smirk A sudden chill runs through her and I feel my arms raise up from where they were before. Her small body is soon in my arms and I blush at the position we're in "We're not in public" She whispers trying to push me off I hug her tighter and breathe in her beautifu...

  • Garmau A High School Love Story
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    There's a new guy at school and Aphmau has fallen for him. Will the new guy chose Aphmau or someone else? Just read a see.........

  • Roommates || Garmau AU
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    *COMPLETED ✔️* [[Explicit Language Warning]] Aphmau's found herself in college; her dream school, Phoenix University. Boys and girls are allowed to be in rooms together, surprisingly, but Aphmau hopes she's with a girl. She's far from it. Being roomed with Garroth Ro'maeve, her former high schools bigges...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reality // A Garmau AU
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    ❝Open your eyes, and see the harsh reality we're living in.❞

  • Guarding your heart (a garmau fanfic)
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    Garroth likes Aphmau and he will do whatever it takes to guard her heart even if it means stealing it

  • Phoenix Drop-- a #Garmau story fanfic
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    In the town of Phoenix Drop a knight named Garroth who falls for the new girl in town. Now all he needs to do is win her heart. Can he do it even when many others fall in love with her? This is based off the series Minecraft Diaries by Aphmau with the same characters and same personalities just a different story.

  • True Love? (a Garmau/Zanemau Book)
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    Aphmau loves Garroth but she thinks Zane likes her. (my street) should she confront him or keep it to herself or..... FOR ALL YOU GARMAU PEOPLES LIKE ME.... KISS GARROTH?!?!?!?!?!

  • Aphmau x Garroth
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  • fragments → garmau • mcd au
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    My name is Garroth O'khasis. I live in Phoenix Drop, and attend Phoenix Drop High as a senior. And I don't believe in love. ||completed||

  • Promise (A Garmau Fanfic) {Book 1}
    143K 2.7K 24

    This is what goes on after the most recent episode: 'Episode 75: Shadow Of Pikoro'. And yes this is a #garmau fanfic so there will be #garmau scenes. And not #laumau. And DEFINITELY not #zanmau. Sorry. Zane does not love her. Aphmau deserves better than him. So this might not be what you expected, since this is straig...

  • Mc high (a garmau fanfic)
    4.5K 120 10

    Garroth is going to Mc high and so is Aphmau they are two years apart but could not be closer will they still love each other even with the age difference?

  • I won't say 'I love you' ~ A Garmau FF((COMPLETE))
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    ~I made the cover, This story will not be exactly like Minecraft diaries I do not own Minecraft diaries but I own this fanfiction~ All is calm in Pheonix Drop when a mysterious women approaches the village, Garroth's first instinct was to attack but she is much more peaceful than she seems. Will they become more than...

  • seven months → garmau au
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    I was put with a girl for seven months as an experiment; an experiment to see if time spent with a person of opposite gender will gradually make both sides fall in love. Nonsense, I say. But is it really? ||updated daily|| [cover by @Darkness_Phoenix]