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  • Gotta Love A Bad Boy {Watty Awards 2013}
    6.3M 115K 28

    He is a bad ass...she is the average 18 year old. While he is out leading his gang...she is hanging with friends or at home. What happens when she attends a party at his house and she catches his eye? Will she be another one night stand for him or will he bring her into his world of danger and become possessive of her...

  • Terrorize [Zayn Malik AU]
    1.5M 56.8K 71

    "Why me?" "What are you talking about?" "Out of everyone, all the girls, why do you choose to terrorize me?" "Because it's fun, I like toying with you and only you."...

  • The Alpha's Nerd
    5.9M 170K 41

    Emery Clarke is the school's nerd. Not the typical glasses and braces type, but the quiet type. The type that gets picked on. The type to rather pick the library than a busy classroom. She's very kind and sweet, even hough her best friend is a total badass. Soon, Emery is pulled in a world of things that happen in m...