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  • Runaway Awards [CLOSED]
    15.5K 1.4K 64

    (❌) CLOSED for Entries (✔) WINNERS are being announced Runaway Awards, the right opportunity for all those authors who like to promote their books, but most of all, realize where their writing level's at. It's not only about getting more reads and just winning but getting constructive feedback and genuine suggestions...

  • (Closed) The Comet Awards 2018
    3.7K 235 45

    Judge Entry deadline: Feb 19. Contestant Entry Deadline: Feb 20. Judging: Feb 21. My first awards book! Details inside.

  • The Invisible Awards {CLOSED}
    2.7K 224 28

    Undiscovered? Want more reads? votes? comments? Participate in our awards for a chance to be a first place winner! EVERYONE IS A WINNER! ⭐

  • The Golden Quill Awards (CLOSED FOR JUDGING)
    11.9K 880 10

    [ Status: CLOSED FOR JUDGING ] Welcome to the Golden Quill Awards! If you want to find out more about the rules, the prizes and the entry forms, please read inside.

    9.7K 709 11

    [CLOSED] Hello lovely people c: Welcome to The Opaque Awards 2017! We want to help you and your book get the recognition it deserves! Enter to win a chance to finally be visible ~ We accept all categories ! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ☆ not affiliated with Wattpad, we stand on our own ☆ Cause we're independent women

    19.2K 1.7K 45

    #31 In Random on 13.8.17 Woahhh. *_* The Flora Awards is for everyone. We don't care about how many reads your books have, because we give results on the basis of how good your book is. We will judge your book. If you believe that you wrote a good story, but your story didn't get the attention that it deserves, then y...

  • The Heavenly Awards 2017 [CLOSED]
    5K 398 8

    Are you still undiscovered yet as an author? You've came to the right place. Here at Heavenly Awards we try our best to create awesome stories for you guys!

  • The 2017 Golden Pen Awards Round Two [Completed]
    6.8K 572 13

    Round two of the Golden Pen Awards. [Completed]

  • Out Of The Box Awards [Closed For Judging]
    4.8K 349 8

    Hello amazing authors! Here we are, looking for authors who think out of the box and are willing to enter the competition to be our Goldenartiste. This award serves also to provide a chance for undiscovered authors to publicize their books! We depend on our judges for the decision making and not on voting, so this cou...

  • The Dragon Awards 2017 [Open]
    20.7K 1.5K 11

    Hey! All those talented writers out there! It's pretty obvious that you all have at least once dreamt of being in the limelight just as some other authors have been. So here's a straight opportunity for you. We are announcing the first ever annual 🐉 Dragon Awards 🐉 in the year 2017. Any book is welcomed to partici...