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  • Leo and Donnie's love stories (one shots)
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    oneshots of Leo and Donnie's love story I take requests so leave some plz! Story by: Sydniebryant06 Cover by: @CuteLeoxDon Co-writter: @CuteLeoxDon

  • I Love You Too, Snowflake
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    This is a Jackrabbit story. Bunny and Jack have been dating for three months after Jack was cheated on. Jack hasn't been completely honest with Bunny and 'his' gulit rises everyday, what's Jack secret

  • I'm not angry anymore (A Jonatello Fanfic)
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    Donnie and Casey Jones have been rivals for such a long time for the love interest of April O'Neil. Donatello has known to love April more than any woman, and the moment she is out of the city for vacation, the rivalry finally calms down. Not only that, Casey and Donnie began to grow a small friendship when it comes t...

    7.5K 180 21

    Warning: Tcest This was my first story I have ever written. I know some of my spelling and grammar aren't that good and I am editing it all but slowly go I can also finish my other stories. This one will be the first I edit then the others if needed. If you would like to read the stories I know are better than this o...

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  • Tmnt Oneshots - With Sex
    187K 2.4K 48

    Hi. Almost everyday, i got an idea to write this kind of stuff but i cant put it in my other story so i made this book. I took requests, please write down. I can ship everyone. Just tell me who would be the one (or two or three or...) who you wanna read about, and i make it. If ya dont like homosexuallity/tcest, th...

  • My Stupidity and Random Stuff
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    Stupid things that come to mind. :) And random stuff. :D

  • TMNT: Mutant high school
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    It's pretty much a high school for mutant.

  • Donnie and Mikey love story (boy×boy)
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    Sense there isn't enough Donnie and Mikey stores I decided to make my own, IDK when this story is... Donnie is over April(*cough**cough*Dirtbag *cough**cough*)... Anyways Mikey had feelings for Donnie and can no long take the feeling he has for his brother any longer how will Donnie react? will they be together? will...

  • TMNT one shots--ON HIATUS
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    Just a little something to get these out of my head. Oh, and my O/C's will be in most.

  • I'm Coming Home
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    This is based off of a dream I had recently. Donatello has been left alone at the lair and his older brothers, Raphael and Leonardo have been gone for a month. He doesn't know how much longer he can last.

  • a story between love and hate (book 2)
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  • TMNT- Let's surf the web
    5.9K 240 9

    A little thing of short stories...This is why the turtles should NEVER play on the internet!

  • TMNT One Shots
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    Random TMNT OneShots :D (Reader Insert/ OC's ) *Some were taken from my Quotev so if you recognize them, that's where they're from cx * * I DO NOT OWN TMNT *

  • Broken
    21.2K 1K 23

    This is a sequel to my first book,Even the light holds the dark. What happened when Leo and Donnie are just getting used to being by them selfs and someone they thought they would never see again shows up.

  • TMNT 2012 little secret
    25.7K 850 23

    this is a little story of Leo and Raph. It Starts of by Raph having a dream about him and fearless. Donnie and Mikey are together so is April and Casey. There might be bad words but some private parts will be named and some WIERD sex but so everyone has a secret and is hiding it from each other and there secret will s...

  • Ask TMNT
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    Questions and dares

  • End of Mutations (TMNT Apocalypse AU) [ON HOLD]
    8.8K 657 19

    "Do you think we can make it?" "We have to believe that we can, Des. No matter what happens, we have to keep going." New York was the first to fall to the virus. A shadowy aura fell over the once great city, one lone taxidermist turned sadistic overlord watching it all with a malicious glint in his eye. It was the la...

  • Our Red / Purple Turtles
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    Jill and her best friend, Jordyn are wanted by the Foot ninja's for an unknown reason. They are rescued by the turtles and they find love in the weirdest way possible! Start reading!

  • TMNT Saved (Season 5)
    1.3K 72 31

    Don enjoys California's weather and friends, but the ones he killed in the past haunt him, and people always follow him. And when he finds out that April was kidnapped by Shredder, he goes to New York to save her. When he comes, he finds out that this might be the last thing he ever done for his love. Sequel to TMNT H...

  • Ask Raphandardo and Mikatello Yaoi
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    Come here and ask (Raph X Leo) Raph, Leo (Mikey X Donnie) Mikey and Donnie anything (Warning Yaoi!)

  • TMNT Donnie in Love (Season 1)
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    Donnie loves April, but she keeps pushing him away, leaving him in a dark corner, confused, making him think that the dark side is the answer.

  • TMNT OneShots
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    I do all requests, so please send some in!!!! <3 I am JayJayTheKillah, I just jumped accounts.

  • TMNT One Shots
    14.4K 220 26

    This is my first one shot book. Enjoy my book from beginning to end I hope :)

  • Donatello, I Don't Understand... (Book 2)
    21.5K 1K 29

    The Sequel to "Raphael, You Made Me Cry", it's now Donnie's turn to try and get Julie back. But when Julie doesn't remember the same way Naomi did, is all hope lost...?

  • Tmnt Oneshots
    448K 8.2K 93

    A oneshot book that's been discontinued for a long time and will continue to be. I leave it up cause so many people like it so feel free to read it and know that it was younger me. I've gotten better at writing over time. But enjoy none the less.

  • Donnie X Raph
    9.2K 245 9

    Passion and Love

  • Donnie's depression
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    Donnie is in deep depression when his brothers, ex crush April and his friend Casey start to bully him because he's always in his lab working. Donnie only feels like his father cares about him. Will donnie commit suiside or will he be rescued THIS IS NOT TO CAUSE HARM Book 4 of the series

  • Our greatest fear (book 1)
    16.9K 569 21

    The turtles are having an ordinary day in the sewers when Donatello makes a great discovery. He discovers that one of the turtles aren't related to the other three! It turns out to not be that great to the other turtles, or to at least one of them. After a few disagreements about Donnie's discovery, the family starts...