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  • Bonus Material, Imagines, and Announcements
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    Bonus Material from ALL my stories. Also Imagines are available to anyone who messages/comments and asks. I can do Imagines for many many things, not just Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit:) (Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Avengers, anything you want...

  • The Hobbit imagines/preferences
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    I do not own any of the characters or pictures. Only thing I own are the ideas.

  • The hobbit and LOTR one shots and imagines [*Slow Updates*]
    31.5K 859 21

    Just imagine you and your favorite character from 'The Hobbit' and LOTR with these scenarios that come to my mind. Have fun and enjoy! I'll take requests!

  • LOTR/ TH Imagines
    200K 6.3K 122

    Imagine yourself in a world with hobbits, men, elves, and maiar discovering new friendships, romances, and adventures. Join your favorite characters in new scenarios every chapter. Let yourself wander through the story. Pronouns: You/ your/ yours. I will occasionally use she/her/ hers or other pronouns depending on th...

  • the hobbit imagines
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    disclaimer: i don't own any characters. they all belong to peter jackson and tolkien, as do the settings. my ideas are my own, and don't expect them all to be happy. readers of dark pasts, you know how feels i can get. there is a request chapter in the very beginning, so you can leave your requests there or in other c...

  • Hobbit/LoTR Oneshots and Imagines
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    This is for everyone who dreams of middle earth. Want to go on a quest with the company? Or would living in Mirkwood be the one for you? All rights belong to J.R Tolken To Peter Jackson And to all the actors I DO NOT OWN MIDDLE EARTH!! ANY COPYING OF ANY OTHER AUTHOR IS AN ACCIDENT!

  • Hobbit/LOTR one shots
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    Request closed

  • Erebor Law one -shots
    828 61 14

    Short stories about those brave men who sacrifice their lives in the line of duty , protecting Erebor City.

  • Karl Urban Imagines
    22.2K 606 9

    This book is for Karl Urban and all of his characters' imagines.

  • The hobbit and LOTR imagines (ON HOLD)
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    Basically what the title says. :) I own none of the hobbit or lord of the rings characters. These are my own imagines that I write, if I post one that I find elsewhere I'll give the credits, others than that this is my work. *possibility of mature content, I'll leave a warning before the imagine if it's rated X/R. O...

  • The Hobbit Imagines
    218K 5.3K 33

    This is exactly what it sounds like. A book of different imagines dedicated to the lovely hobbits, dwarves, and elves in The Hobbit. :)

  • A One-Shot Collection: "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit"
    43.5K 1K 9

    For your own imaginative purposes, as well as my own, I present "A One-Shot Collection." By request, I will write and post imagines or preferences for any and all "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" characters. Please enjoy!

  • Lotr and hobbit imagines
    22.8K 515 23

    Those are just some imagines with the lotr and hobbit boys. I take requests too and please excuse any mistakes I make. Also, this is my first time writing so please no hate... :-)

  • Aidan Turner Imagines
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    Starting a new imagines book based on Aidan Turner and his characters :)

  • The Hobbit and LOTR Oneshots :)
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    Oneshots from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Enjoy!

  • The Hobbit Imagines
    37.1K 1.6K 33

    Me, one day, "I think I'll write about fictional situations with an unnamed character, without little or any background information!" You know, or something like that. I hope you enjoy them, and requests are also more than welcome. *Requests are temporarily closed*

  • Luke Evans Imagines
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    This book is for Luke Evans and his characters' imagines

  • My Fandom One Shots!! \
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    This is were I will be putting a bunch of Random One Shots that I do in! I would love to hear from all of you about what you would like to see/read, and I am willing to try anything! I need some inspirational ideas to write about so Help me out!! :D Anyway I will be putting some things in here at random times so I apo...

  • Dean O'Gorman Imagines
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    This book is for Dean O'Gorman and all of his characters' imagines.

  • Lotr / hobbit imagine
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    Hi I hope you like them plz comment but you might not get an answer straight away

  • Aidan Turner one shots
    7.3K 132 22

    These are my short stories starring Aidan Turner.

  • The Hobbit/LOTR: Imagines
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    Now taking requests for imagines for The Hobbit and LOTR. :)

  • Hobbit Imagines
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    I will be writing imagines about certain characters from the hobbit films. If you have any request please ask. Hope you enjoy these imagines

  • tags + trash-talk
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  • The Hobbit Requested Imagines - III
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    Because of the succes of my first and second Hobbit Imagines there is now a third book, thanks to all the lovely readers from Wattpad and visitors who have read my stories! Of course the hobbit characters and most places belong to the genius J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter Jackson and Warner Brothers. I do not own the rights. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Imagines/preferences Hobbit & Marvel Editions
    29.5K 662 120

    Things I do: Preferences. Imagines. Would you rathers. **REQUESTS ARE OPEN** You can request basically any character you want whether it is in the marvel and hobbit universes, but I might not be able to do the character depending on how well I know that character. I'll do my best with it so ya. A bunch of preferences...

  • Hobbit-imagines/one shots
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    Just my own images i had of some of the most lovable characters and some little stories that came to mind. the hobbit the LOTR there will be some mature content..but also some sweet/cute stories..ill post the rating with each story so you can skip if you choose.

  • The Hobbit Imagines (under extreme revision)
    55.8K 599 23

    A series of imagines with the characters of The Hobbit. (editing) [Cover photo not mine.] {wanderwood:} Campfire reading by januarychild

  • The Hobbit/LOTR Imagines, One Shots, and Preferences
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