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  • Lento
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    After someone sends Lauren a video on twitter of you covering her song Lento, she dms you. You, of course, dm back and a friendship, or maybe more, goes from there. This was a request.

    Completed   Mature
  • Please Like Me (Lauren/You)
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    A young adult's seemingly well-ordered life gets thrown into chaos. Y/N, an awkward but generally kind-hearted girl, is a 20-year-old, whose pleasantly aimless life, living with her best friend from middle school Normani, is interrupted when her boyfriend Harry, with all kindness, tells her they should just be friend...

  • My Only One
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    Basically it's New kids from my Lauren Imagine book it's a short story and if you choose not to read that then just know it's G!P y/n

  • Souled Out ➳ Lauren Jauregui
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    "What Daddy's Little Girl Wants, She Gets." Copyright © 2015-16 by arianagrandefandom

  • my lover Lauren/You
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    y/n: idk if I can keep doing this anymore lauren.... lauren: who are you ,and why are you texting my girlfriend ? daily updates lauren/you girl you

  • Texting Lauren
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    You send out a text and it just so happens that Lauren Jauregui responds. From seperation to infatuation.

  • Lauren Jauregui - Texts , Tweets
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    Texts, tweets between Lauren Jauregui and Y/N

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines
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    Your POV I was in school then I see this beautiful girl with green eyes and brown hair she is so freaking sexy but I don't want her to know that I like girls but my friends know tho I really like her. "Y/N " my one friend called me and I replied yes and my friend said the we have a new classmate now the bell ring so w...

  • A Second Chance. (Lauren/You)
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    You and Lauren dated for 4 years but she cheated, you forgave her but couldn't forget so you ended the relationship. You're invited to a party when you see Lauren for the first time in nearly 2 years. She clearly still has a hold over you. Boy You. (EDIT: Please stick with the first few pages. The writing gets better...

    Completed   Mature
  • Breathless( Lauren, Y/N)
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    Unknown: Bitchhh answer meee. Me: Umm...who is this? Unknown: Lauren from hot topic. We talked earlier? Me: I'm sorry, but I think you have the wrong number. Unknown: So you're not Mia? Me: No, I'm sorry..

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines
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    1/4 of Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jauregui Imagines.

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines
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    Of course, the title says it all.

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines
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    Completed   Mature
  • Love and War ( Lauren/You )
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    Lauren knew it was wrong, but it felt so right. In which Lauren Jauregui falls for her brother's best friend, daughter of the most notorious drug lord in all of Miami. Cover credit to @crunchmeupp on wattpad!!! They're dope

  • Saviour (Lauren/You)
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    (Y/N) Edwards is an orphan. Parents having been killed in a car crash 11 years ago, (Y/N), now 16 years old, is one of the best agents at CSAB. A 7th Dan black belt in Karate, combined with judo and weightlifting has made the once shy kid from London into one of, if not the deadliest 16-year-old(s) ever to have lived...

  • Perfectly Imperfect (Lauren/You)
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    Love is both perfect and imperfect. It can be described in a lot of ways, it can be cute, sweet, amazing but sometimes not the best thing. It's something that changes us as a person, we share it with the people we want to be with the most and I, shared it with her. She's perfectly imperfect and I love her in every way...

  • Concept (Lauren/You)
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    (Y/N) (L/N) - part of four-piece girl band 'Concept'. She's the drummer and lead singer, accompanied by childhood best friend Kara Osborne, who's the lead guitarist, Selena Parkin, the rhythm guitarist, and Meghan Steele, the bassist. Lauren Jauregui; one quarter of girl group 'Fifth Harmony'. She's a huge fan of Conc...

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    Lauren/You Fanfiction. Hi, I'm Y/N. I'm 17 and I am a senior in Pimlico High, straight A student and probably the most bullied. People think I'm a nerd, a loser. It hurts me, I don't even have any friends to help me. I always sit alone and I'm always the last one picked for everything, no one wants me. But everything...

  • Sad Song (Lauren/You)
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    "I'm tired of feeling alone Lauren. " Y/N pulled her hips close to his hearing his favorite little gasp that escape her red lips. "There's always something pulling us apart Y/N and I'm tired of fighting for the both of us. " Her eyes shine brightly under the moonlight. "I feel like a sad song that's being played over...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lauren/You Imagines
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    These are all of my imagines from my old account that I have converted into Lauren/You imagines so enjoy

  • Lauren Jauregui Gifs and Imagines
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    In the title *Request Opened*

  • My Best Friend's Sister
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    You're one of the most known choreographers in the world, and the daughter of Beyoncé. You own multiple strip clubs, and dance companies. You can also sing, and act. You're also the best friend of Taylor Jauregui, people often see your friendship as fake. But only family and friends see, how it really is. What happen...

  • My Little Addict |L.J/You|
    24.7K 624 8

    Sex, Drugs, and Partying are the three main things The Badass and Addict Y/N does in her free time. Y/N Navarro is a bad girl, sex & drug addict. She hasn't had the best childhood at the start yes but it all went down hill by the time she was 6-7. Lost her entire childhood, had to start working to help support her fam...

  • Almost (Lauren/You)
    5.2K 238 11

    I thought that I'll always love him. I thought that I'll never move on. But I met you and I don't know if you're my angel or my poison. This is the story of the girl that changed my world

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines
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    Lauren/You Imagines. Cover by @susanlovato © All Rights Reserved.

  • Little Cabello (Lauren/You)
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    Y/N Cabello is the 16 almost 17 year old sister of Camila Cabello, yes as it Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony. Y/N hasn't seen Camila since her x factor audition because she has been in the exchange student program in Australia. G!P Y/N, Camila and Sofia

    Completed   Mature
  • Again (Lauren/You)
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    Again Lauren Jauregui and Y/N were childhood friends, both their families were so close. But a sudden part in the families' friendship made the two girls quickly break away, despite the desperate fight to see each other. Y/N's Dad had enough and did some drastic things. And life goes on... but without your best friend...

  • imagines • l.j.
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    Lauren & You one shots and short stories.

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines Vol. II
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    There's never enough Lauren Jauregui! Mostly Lauren/You Imagines. There will also be G!P Imagines! All rights reserved ® xXAngelus1Xx ™ 2017

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines
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    When you feel like you need yourself a Lauren Jauregui. Lauren/You imagines. Thank you for supporting this book! Means a lot!❤ All rights reserved ® LaurenMJauregui_96 ™ 2017

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