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  • Maid to Run
    15M 504K 88

    Leila Aliyev grew up with her abusive step father and neglectful mother and had only herself to rely on. When Leila was sixteen and her mother died of a drug overdose, she was forced to run away or be 'taken care of' by her twisted step father, Paul. With that thought, she packed her bags and fled hoping she'd be free...

    Completed   Mature
  • Irregular (A Dystopian Novel)
    11.5K 366 19

    Sixteen year old, Eric Winslow, lives in a world where being smarter than the government, being physically strong and intelligent, could kill you. The United States was destroyed in a world war, creating a broken and helpless society. So, The Advisor stood up and led the people, bringing the shattered pieces of a dyi...

  • Match Maid in Hell
    9.5M 367K 67

    Evangeline. An innocent, sweet maid with a tragic past. Seth. An arrogant, rude jerk with a troubled past. When Evangeline is 'forced' to be his maid and Seth is 'forced' to take her on, it can't be a good idea. When both of their protective walls finally crash and fall, will it destroy them both or can this Match mad...

  • Maid in Lace (PUBLISHED)
    23.6M 759K 112

    Milania Fox is a young woman who's been working as a maid since she was sixteen. She has had terrible past experience's with abusive owners. She believes her life has taken a turn for the best when instead of being sold to another abusive man, a family decide to hire her. That is until Xander Hawke, Milania's childho...