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  • I Just Don't Get It
    276K 19.1K 200

    A book of things that continue to puzzle me. You may understand, but I just don't get it.

  • DISCONTINUED - rejection hotline (ashton irwin au)
    130K 5.9K 11

    "Hello, this is the rejection hotline. The person who gave you this number just isn't that interested, so move on. If you feel like ranting to someone, press one to speak to a live representative. But otherwise, get a grip, they were out of your league."

  • fanfiction :: ashton irwin
    4M 211K 48

    In which a fan introduces Ashton Irwin to the world of fanfiction. © 2014 webby | bonnaroo

    2.4M 107K 175

  • 24 Hours.
    23.7M 680K 66

    Where a naive girl with lots of baggage and a rockstar that can't seem to think of anyone but himself fall in love over the span of 24 hours

  • funny texts - m.c.
    246K 16.1K 22

    he sent her funny texts, she sent him laughing emojis. [highest ranking: #149 short story]

  • twitter dms - a.i.
    902K 50.4K 34

    in which a band member tries to get a fan's follow. warning: contains self harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, etc. read at your own risk.

  • Dms Michael Clifford
    101K 3.2K 36

    "KatThekitten: hi michael clifford thankyou for the follow! author note: Please keep in mind that I wrote this when I was very young <3 so please dont judge that hard <3 also #55 IN MGC :3 and #68 in dms !CURRENTLY EDITING!

  • 5sos zodiacs
    6.5M 319K 199

    all rights go to tumblr and myself

  • w a l k i n g h o m e > m g c
    21.6K 1.4K 12

    she's a fat photographer. he's an easily bruised artist. they meet when waking home from school.

  • catfish // mgc
    5.2M 252K 75

    catfish : someone who pretends to be someone they're not on the internet • all images/gifs are from tumblr, they are NOT mine unless i say so!!!! • you can check out some translations in my "catfish translations" reading list :-) • (highest rank: #1 in fanfiction) (@emcartwright took the picture I used as the cover so...

  • Emo Zodiacs
    3.3M 183K 138

    Have you ever wondered what fall out boy song you are? Desperate to know which green day video is most like you? Well, now you can find out, all by the power of your zodiac sign! THIS IS JUST FOR FUN PLS DON'T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY Y'ALL NEED TO FIND SOME CHILL HONESTLY. [I make all of these myself] -DM requests-

  • Adopted By Shane Dawson [Under Major Editing]
    92K 2.4K 60

    A girl named Bella used to live in a crummy horrible orphanage, but when a couple comes to adopt her it changes her whole life around. She completely freaks out when she meets Shane and Lisa her favorite YouTubers. When they take her in at the age of 14 she is completely sure that was the best day of her life. WHAT HA...

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Lyrics
    474K 4.1K 109

    Every lyric to every 5 seconds of summer song you'll ever need (including covers) Add new ones every time a new song is released. Comment if i get anything wrong or if i've missed any songs out. For 5sosfam, i love you all. Also I have missed two songs out (Heartbreak for two and All I need) because the only versions...

  • The Ghost Of You (Michael Clifford x Reader)
    34.1K 1.1K 30

    "Even when you didn't see me, I was always there."

  • Kidnapped By 5sos || Luke Hemmings
    5.6M 173K 94

    [COMPLETED] Not your ordinary kidnapped story. 1st 5sos Kiddnapped story.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boyfriend Games (slowly editing; grammar issues)
    3.1M 40.2K 30

    Every year, the girls assemble in the music room. The boys don't have a clue about what happens in there. But, it is the history of the school- The Boyfriend Games. Three girls from each level, from sophomores to seniors would get picked to participate. They would be assigned a boy in their school, and their goal was...

  • Dream Nightmare
    63.7K 2.5K 40

    Imagine being fifteen years old with your first crush, wanting your first kiss. Now imagine constantly having nightmares where you die. If those nightmares came to life, would you survive?

  • Bullied by M.C (A Michael Clifford fanfic)
    26.9K 833 31

    Emily a sweet girl known as the nerd but friendly girl at her high school Michael known as the bad boy of his high school, uses girls for sex and bullies nerds such as Emily. What happens when Michael's Parents both get arrested and he has to live with Emily. Does he fall for her or just uses her? Does Emily fall for...

  • The babysitter (Luke Hemmings)
    1.2K 49 8

    Do you know that time when your parent(s) tell you to not talk to strangers? Well I did. We were at a bus stop and he was standing there staring at me. "What?" I was having a bad day like always. He shook his head and got on the bus. I climbed in behind him and found a empty seat. I sat down and turned on my music I f...

  • Draft Messages
    2.8M 143K 40

    After getting her heart broken, she decides to email her ex- but she does not send it. Little did she know, he does the same thing. Copyright © 2015 by Verxielle Belen. All Rights Reserved.

  • Pizzeria Boy (#1)
    2.4M 176K 35

    ❝Hello, this is the Harrison Pizzeria, how m-❞ ❝LOGAN, LOGAN! GUESS WHAT?❞ ❝Ma'am, this is not Logan, I'm Marv!❞ ❝Uh... no hablo inglés.❞ ---x--- Copyright © 2014 Ishaana [mercurially] [ #1 in Short Story ]

  • The Gamer [Clifford]
    29.1K 1.2K 27

    Teammate: Someone I don't give a shit about Someone else I don't give a shit about that boy band guy? He plays league? Why would some guitar player in a boy band play league? This must be a joke. His camera was on too. His picture showed up on the bottom of my screen and I saw a red haired bo...

  • Survival (5 Seconds Of Summer Fanfiction)
    8K 246 57

    Natalia Blue and Bethany Skies are in Tokyo with Natalia's dad for a business trip. They heard One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer would be there so they bought some tickets to the show and went to Tokyo with Natalia's dad. What happens when there's a tsunami the day of the concert and they meet 5 Seconds Of Summe...

  • Stuck with 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS fanfic)
    2.8K 126 22

    The famous Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer are having a competition, two lucky fans will be able to win tickets to go see the boys in Australia. Maegan and Rebecca, two girls from different countries, takes the chance and win. What will they do when they meet the boys? What will happen when they are forced to sta...

  • ordinary.✖️m.c
    11.5K 855 9

    "I am saving the race of normal people." Too bad she was the most extraordinary girl I had ever met.

  • The Concert
    1K 105 26

    Kacey and her family move to Australia. At school, Kacey meets her new best friend, Lindsey. Lindsey is a big fan of 5 Seconds Of Summer, a band that Kacey doesn't recall. But when her best friend has tickets and backstage passes, she instantly fell in love.

  • Abandoned (5SOS)
    1.2K 25 9

    Abigail and Calum were best friends since the day they started preschool. They've been inseparable since that day. Calum starts to get a thing for music. He is soon performing in front of people, like at talent shows and stuff like that. Who is always there for him? Abigail Summers, his best friend. But, word of Calum...

  • 5 Seconds of Summer Jokes and Randomness
    2.5M 131K 202

    jokes, imagines, and tumblr posts about the 5 seconds of summer boys and their fans •credit to whoever wrote these•