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  • Butterfly Kisses | ✓
    1.1M 66.9K 33

    Renata Santos doesn't expect her heart to flutter when she catches a boy stealing flowers out of her backyard. But as she unravels his reputation, she realizes puppy-eyed delinquent Isaac Marshall may just be the sunshine she needs to turn her life around. 〚 a wattpad featured story 〛

  • Out of Touch
    396K 10.7K 21

    a deep dive into an unknown person's journal and their journey through trauma, loss, and most importantly love. - when the actions of falling in love turn into the very reason for your existence. the very reason that drives your passions and keeps you up at night. when you know there's only one way in and one way o...

  • The Paper Shop Girl | George Weasley
    723K 35.2K 61

    a short story about a red haired wizard and the pretty muggle girl in a paper shop. the harry potter universe and story belong completely to jk rowling. However, my own personal plot, storyline and characters ARE MINE. #2 in potter october 2020

  • the boys i've loved and the end of the world
    270K 11.6K 73

    for the ones who used to love me, the ones who broke my heart, and the one who loves me now. and for you. for all of you. ~ catarine hancock's debut poetry collection. covering topics like love, heartbreak, feminism, growth, and more, these select poems from her book will tug at both your heartstrings and your mind.

  • The Opposite of Falling Apart
    57.9K 1.7K 66

    WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION There are imperfect moments in every life-but sometimes, there are perfect accidents . . . What's the point of pretending nothing has changed when everything has? It's the last summer before college, and Jonas Avery knows he should be excited. Instead, he hides out at home, avoiding his friends...

  • DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The Complete Second Book
    4.2M 213K 163

    The highly anticipated follow-up to the ⋕1 Wattpad hit DEAD IN BED is here. Bailey's and Ashley's sagas continue in the heart-wrenching finale to Adrian Birch's totally unique meta novel. ----------------------------------------------- Haven't read Book 1 yet? Check it out here:

  • the way to mars | 2 | ✓
    148K 10K 29

    in which nova and mars find themselves in each others beds, hearts, and heads. and maybe even in love.

  • Head Over Heels ✓
    847K 43.3K 46

    A FEATURED WATTPAD STORY When he was five years old, Lucas Langley fell in love with his best friend and he never fell out. 04.07.2017 - 31.10.2017 general fiction #6

  • Firefly
    67.4K 9.5K 36

    At birth, I was given a necklace that was half of a unique shape and my soulmate wore the other half. The warmer it got, the closer together we were. You would think this would spare me the pain and heartbreak of being played with. Wrong. You see my soulmate, Brian, is the love of every girls life and I just so happen...

  • Everybody's A Little Bit Gay
    462K 22.9K 38

    Amber Stines is straight even if most people around her are gay. Like her best friend Lexi Keeves, and Lexi's girlfriend Kayla Tate. Even Kayla's best friend, Lucy Halliwell; the Queen Bee, leader of the cheerleading team, and someone that everyone's afraid of. When Amber and Lucy suddenly bonds together at a party, A...