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  • Lone Sun.
    67 3 1

    Very sad.

  • Afire Love (Bleach: Ichiruki)
    10.7K 587 44

    A teeth clenching and heart churning love story that will keep you on the tip of your toes.

  • Love Above Loss [IchiRuki: Bleach]
    533 29 1

    "Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed, and held so dear." I don't own Bleach, so I devote these characters to the man who does: Tite Kubo

  • No Longer Hollow [Currently Being Edited]
    5.3K 190 22

    After the fall of Baraggan, the Hollow king, and after Las Noches crumbles, a new king rises from the ashes and recruits the seven strongest Vasto Lordes to serve under him. His target is the orange-haired Shinigami boy, as he deems him the 'enemy of Hueco Mundo'. The only way to kill this Shinigami is to first eradic...

  • Black Sun and White Moon (Discontinued Until Futher Notice)
    4.5K 193 32

    After endless battles of war against Aizen, Karakuras towns hero Ichigo Kurosaki can now live in peace.... for now. He feels like he's missing something.....someone. "Rukia....I miss you. I wonder if you still think about me." She did come back, but will she accept Ichigos feelings.

  • The Rain Falls
    3.7K 78 7

    Just A love story I made up only for my lovely IchiRukis :3 . Yeah guys it's concluded I didn't meant to make the best history ever made but I would like to increase my skill to make better stuff in the future.

  • Cold ass Cuddles
    525 23 1

    really, really, stooooopid, and really cheesy, but ay, it's got cuddles

  • ichiruki: without you
    26.5K 652 15

  • Reunion Cuddles (re-write)
    340 13 1

    This was a collab. My friend re-wrote this story, and I will probably take the old one off. Here's his link: (Expect future collabs!!) Here's his link: please check him out, he deserves it.

  • Snowflake
    1.9K 52 2

    Icihigo Kurosaki, is a soul reaper in love with Rukia Kuchiki. But he doesn't know how.

  • Happy Birthday Rukia!
    734 32 3

    Rukia's Birthday. I'm going to write two. One set in the future, and one set with Ichigo's family in the human world. ^.^

  • It was supposed to be sunny, today.
    2.5K 58 4

    Just another IchiRuki twoshot. :)

  • Strawberry and Bunny
    39.1K 1K 21

    Ichigo and Rukia are both hollow fighting Shinigami destined to protect the real world and along with Soul Society. They have never thought once about each other in anyway rather than being friends, although rumors are always saying otherwise. There's no time for love when your only job is to protect the world. Beside...

  • A Change of Heart |ONESHOT| BLEACH Fan Fiction|
    2.2K 108 5

    Ichigo Kurosaki has gained new found feelings for Rukia, will he confess or would he have a change of heart?

  • Choice and Fair
    380 13 1

    Rukia is torn between something. Even after about a month of thinking, she still couldn't decide. They were both cute and creative, of course, but which one?

  • Rukia and Ichigo (bleach)
    539 18 1

    Cute and romance story

  • A Peachy Birthday
    564 19 1

    Ichigo is in trouble. It's Rukia's birthday soon and he has no idea what to get her.

    Completed   Mature
  • Reunion Cuddles.
    546 22 1

    Just another Ichiruki oneshot. Rather fluffy. Takes place after Ichigo defeats Ginjo. (Yah know, Rukia and Ichigo finally see eachother again) Let's just assume that Rukia was at the Kurosaki household after the fight. :) Happy reading!

  • IchiRuki
    643 20 1

  • Forever Rainy...
    80 9 1

    Angsty Ichiruki one-shot. Very very similar to my other shots but this one turns sour. btw, in this one Byakuya is acting like a big brother to he shares the same pain.

  • Will I See You Again? (IchiRuki Fanfiction: BOOK 1)
    24.5K 710 12

    After Ichigo defeated Aizen, the Soul Society was overjoyed. The battle was over and everything was at peace. To celebrate, the Soul Society decides to throw a festival and everyone is invited. However, as the end of the party approaches, a sudden turn of events disturbs the peace; the peace that the Soul Society thou...

  • We Could Happen
    538 16 1

    We must happen, this love must happen, we will happen

  • When the Moon Shines With the Sun
    2.1K 74 9

    Ichiruki one shots with mixed angst and fluff, requests up!

  • Wass Up!
    110 10 2

    IchiRuki AU. They all graduated High School, Orihime, Uryū, Rukia, and Ichigo I mean. Unfortunately, they need to attend different colleges and universities. Unbeknownst to Rukia, an orange-haired strawberry will attend the same university.

  • From Me
    205 15 2

    He was a guitarist in a bar trying to move on with his poverty life. She was a rich girl working hard to take over her brothers company. What will happen when these two different classes of people cross each other?

  • Right To My Heart (IchiRuki oneshots)
    10K 262 12

    Hey there! I am a big IchiRuki fan so here is a collection of IchiRuki oneshots. A few will be written by me to and for the rest REQUESTS ARE OPEN feel free message me and more info inside. Enjoy~

  • IchiRuki
    481 23 1

    Ichigo Kurosaki lives his usual life and is on his last year of high school. He then meets the new transfer student, Rukia Kuchiki. They get along well though Rukia;s brother, Byakuya Kuchiki, disapproves of Ichigo as his younger sister's friend due to his shady background. Rukia then chooses to defy her brother and c...

  • Being with You
    41.8K 1.5K 26

    Rukia and Ichigo have known each other for so long, but their true feelings for each other are just beginning to blossom! Follow the events that occur in their funny relationship. We start off with Rukia's birthday ~ P.S The first chapter isn't too interesting but please read on! It gets better ^^ Vote, comment, sh...

  • Loving Rukia
    14.9K 378 15

    Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. Ichigo loves Rukia. Renji loves Rukia. They both offer her a compromise that puts their feelings in the line for her. Rukia can't choose. How can she love both of them, and not loose her closest friends, not to mention that both have something...dark about them. Feelings only get i...

  • Catalyst
    2.4K 65 5

    bleach fanfiction