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  • The Puppet Master [One Piece]
    464K 17.5K 54

    Echo comes from the island Funesto deep in the Grandline, an island of Devil Fruit cultivators. She possesses the knowledge passed down to her from generations of Devil Fruit cultivators to grow, harvest and even manipulate Devil Fruits. After a massacre of her homeland, Echo is the sole survivor and last of the Devil...

  • Death can't have her
    414K 20.6K 86

    A wanderer, a student, a marine, a traveler, and now, a pirate. These are the titles Shiki had once owned. She doesn't care what she is, as long as her precious friend is safe, even if she has to become the villain of the story or die trying. But what happens when she's stuck with the Surgeon of Death and his crew? ...

  • My Captain and I (A One Piece Fanfic: Trafalgar Law)
    311K 12.8K 102

    If you were given a chance to wish for something, what would it be? A piece of paper was what it all took for everything to change. . . . Waking up in another dimension wasn't in Sora's bucket list. Now that she's constantly surrounded by annoying perverted assholes, a cute polar bear, and a seemingly never-ending c...

  • Plague Rat (BNHA)
    34.8K 2.3K 16

    Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a familiar, unforgettable face. It was a young man a year or two older than myself with unruly dark hair, piercing teal eyes and pale skin with patches of almost necrotic looking dark discolored skin that appeared like patchwork and was held together by what looked like medical st...

  • Steal My Heart and Leave Me Breathless =Trafalgar Law=
    186K 7.3K 36

    Trying to run from the demons of her past, Felicity seeks refuge on a rural summer island in the Grandline. A mysterious cool pirate captain stumbles upon her hideaway and awakens painful memories and opens the wounds she'd tried so hard to mend. The Captain of the Heart Pirates is frustrated with the seemingly innoce...

  • Die X For X You (Hisoka)
    62.6K 3.4K 21

    The elevator came to a screeching halt and Drucilla tensed, waiting for the doors to open. This was it, she was finally going to take the Hunter's Exam. With a hunter's license, she'd easily be able to lose herself in the criminal underworld and finally put a stop to the awful human trafficking ring she and so many ot...

  • ][Malice][ =One Piece=
    363K 15.5K 56

    =OC x Eustass Captain Kid= New Cover Art!!! Created by the fabulously amazing @iritheas on wattpad!!! Malice has been struggling to survive on her own since the young age of six. Wandering unwanted and alone she desperately searches for the father who neglected her all her life. Through her many hardships and sufferi...

  • Death's Return
    15.6K 832 13

    Sequel to Death can't have her A goal in his mind, Law and his crew travel from island to island, seeking what they need until they stumble upon a mysterious person through their travels.

  • Intangible [ One Piece]
    329K 12.8K 56

    Ultimately this is a Marco X OC fanfic, but there will be some Ace fluff as well ^-^ A few notes: The story is going to begin five years before Luffy actually sets sail (2 years before Ace sets sail). Also, I perceived Marco's devil fruit ability and the whole 'Phoenix' persona as that he is essentially ageless (as in...

  • In Flames (BNHA)
    107K 5.4K 27

    "Nee-san! Nee-san!" Katsuki's soft childish voice sounded from my bedroom doorway as I was sitting at my desk trying to plot out my busy academic schedule. I was the captain of the music club, the swim team, Vice President of the student council and was involved in many other extra curriculars. Closing my planner, I t...

  • Little Wolf Part 2 (Katakuri X Reader)
    10.1K 587 9

    Continuation of Little Wolf, read that shit first. 10/10, people like it.

  • A Man of Few Words (Katakuri X Reader)
    31K 1.7K 17

    (modern AU) You'd never really fallen in love but it's not like you had the chance to either. Everything in life was always predetermined for you, from what you wore each day to who you would marry. When you are forced into a marriage with a man almost twice your age, do you decide that maybe now it's time that you ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wife
    2.6M 88.4K 75

    Hisoka can be a little bit... creepy. At least that's everyone's impression of him. But what happens when they find out that Hisoka's got a family waiting for him? Just who is this crazy woman who married Hisoka? And will she put up with his antics for much longer? Changed and edited from xReader to xOC

  • Stardust - Trafalgar Law X Reader | One Piece | Space AU
    1.9K 144 10

    Life for a self-taught mechanic who is stuck in a filthy space station is not easy. Used to living off of stolen scraps and goods from the visiting ships you find your life forced in a completely different direction when someone gives you an offer you can't refuse. So this is basically in the Star Wars universe exce...

  • Little Wolf (Katakuri x reader)
    81.7K 3.9K 31

    You spend your days as a waitress at a local pub on an island right off the edge of Big Mom's territory. Life is simple and no one here knows your secret, at least as far as you know.... (a/n) I'm going to add lib some things that are not in the OG One Piece story, bear with me on that. For the sake of an easier tim...

    Completed   Mature
  • Voodoo Doll [BNHA]
    92.6K 4.6K 27

    [PREVIEW] The handsome young hero with the crimson wings offered her a smile before turning to Endeavor, "going to introduce me to your cute little subordinate?" For a split-second Doll felt a flutter in her chest, no one had ever called her cute before...the fluttering stopped and was instantly replaced with a spark...

  • Untamed- One Piece x Reader (Supernatural AU)
    5.8K 323 3

    Ten years ago, a necromancer took over a human country, had his followers poison the water sources then resurrected the dead citizens. With his Undead Army, he declared war on humans. The vampires, werewolves, and many other supernatural creatures join the necromancers cause. Humans were driven out of society, eventua...

  • Celestial Wolf (Marco X Reader)
    18.7K 2K 27

    You are a shape shifter, or Druid as many people like to call it. Well, you used to be. Somewhere along the line you forgot how to change back to your human form and are now stuck roaming the forests of an island in the New World. What's it going to take for you to remember how to return to how you used to be? I'm 100...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bound to You (Naruto)
    77.3K 4.8K 28

    Orochimaru X OC Tsuki had been on her own, for nearly as long as she could remember, there were a few weeks of happiness that she could recall. There was a brief moment of peace and tranquility when her grandparents were still alive to care for her and pass down the stories of their people. The Towa Clan had been near...

  • It's the Little Things. (Cracker x Mute Reader)
    22.6K 1.5K 21

    You lost your voice in an accident a few years ago and have spent much of your time alone since then. But your chatty neighbor is a master at finding excuses to see you, especially after learning about your career choice. I adore Cracker and I've noticed there's not really any stories with him in them so I figured he...

    Completed   Mature
  • From One World to Another (Kid X Reader X Law)
    7.7K 837 10

    On temporary hiatus~ Death is never easy. But what's even harder is burying someone and then promptly finding strange men in your house who claim to be from another world. How do you help them find their way back home? Or are you even feeling up to the task? (A/N) This is going to be angsty from the get go with the wh...

  • X Syn X (Illumi) Hunter X Hunter
    333K 12.3K 27

    My name is Syn...Syn Zoldyck... property of the Zoldyck family and wife to their eldest son, Illumi... New Cover Art!!! Created by the lovely and wonderful @iritheas on Wattpad

  • Ocean's Wings (Killer X Reader)
    29.6K 2K 23

    Archangel (L/n) (F/n), it had a nice ring to it. The bounty that accompanied the nickname wasn't nearly as impressive but you could change that. It wouldn't be hard, especially with knowing just the thing to steal that would really get under the Marines' skin. Finished and edited for errors~

    Completed   Mature
  • Trying
    202K 13K 69

    Fluff fanfic Child!ASL x Mom!Reader x Law

  • My Reality (Trafalgar Law X Reader) | One Piece
    57.6K 3.3K 57

    You receive some bad news which results in you getting a computer with a virtual reality system leading to some new friends and romance. This is a slow moving fanfiction with our favourite Surgeon of Death. When I mean slow moving I mean they do not meet until chapter 5. There is also gonna be some darker themes al...

  • The Color Red (Eustass Kid x Reader)
    45.6K 2.1K 41

    (Super Unedited) Run and Hide. That's that's all you ever known. A monster like you could only stay in one place for so long, but you've never expected to find people like the crazy Kid Pirates. For the first time, you wanna stay and be free, but once again your past catches up. So what will you do? Will you run agai...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nightmare (Shanks X Reader)
    4.4K 650 19

    Modern fantasy AU Monsters were only part of story books and the stuff of fantastical dreams, at least until it was proven they weren't. When they made their way out of the shadows and integrated themselves with society in their own ways, things changed. As for better or for worse, you were learning that yourself.

  • One Piece X Reader: SOULMATES
    110K 3.3K 25

    Once upon a time there was a big bustling city named Soulmate City! The reason this place was so popular was because in this city, people often found the one's they were supposed to spend with all their lives in a magical and unexplainable way, it was merely called destiny. For some reason whenever you were in close p...