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  • "I'm Levi's" (Ereri/Riren)
    207K 8.6K 37

    [NOT DISCONTINUED] Eren has a crush on Levi and even confessed to him, but Levi only agreed on being friends with benefits. Eren was okay with that, as long as he would stay by Levi's side. But how long can he endure this one-sided love? WARNING: HEAVY ANGST Currently the fic is over 200k words long Cover was made and...

  • Our Last Hope [RIREN]
    144K 5.9K 15

    The world of betas and alphas has been at ruins for 40 years because of a deadly virus. Nearly everything was wiped out. Bombs were dropped to lessen the infected, and the world population kept decreasing to where those who had survived started making small settlements. What was left behind-- stores, buildings, homes...

  • Softly | Ereri/Riren
    30.6K 1.8K 10

    "There is a fine line that separates sanity from deviancy." Eren Yeager thinks otherwise. With evidence and experience that begins to deter him, he is slowly drawn to his enigmatically attractive tutor, Levi Ackerman, whose sociopathic tendencies are beyond our moralities. When faced with the worst, Eren finds himse...

  • Clinging onto Prose
    252 21 13

    If a hooded pitohui is considered mysterious, you are as free and light and lethal as a winged pitohui.

  • Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction)
    1.3M 71.5K 35

    Eren Jaeger hates art class. His hate for art class overruns his hate for science class, in fact, but when his teacher organises for him to the paired with quite possibly the most negative guy in the school, Levi Rivialle, for the upcoming art project, art classes may just start getting interesting. Shingeki No Kyojin...

  • A Helping Hand (Dan and Phil phanfic)
    2.9M 108K 90

    TRIGGER WARNING. THIS STORY CONTAINS MENTIONS OF RAPE, SELF INJURY, DEATH AND ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. Can Dan save Phil? Phil is suicidal and Dan is the only one who's there for him. Can he alone save Phil?

  • Anger Brought Us Together. [ERERI/RIREN]
    305K 13.7K 31

    It's obvious. Levi has some issues. Anger issues, that is. His mom feels like it needs to be noted, and fix it. And of course, Levi's mother decides to send him to a Group Therapy to talk to people about it, to try to help. What teenager would enjoy that? Obviously, you'd think Levi would hate it. But what if he actua...

    Completed   Mature
  • Too Late Now {Riren}
    33.3K 1.2K 15

    Suicidal! Nerd! Bullied! Eren X Popular! Jock! Levi Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were too late to turn something in? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were too late to tell someone you love them? Well, Levi knows. He knows what it feels like to be late in everything, especially when...

  • Trapped | Ereri/Riren
    78.5K 4.5K 26

    The mind is a delicate place where ones most precious thoughts and desires are stored, or at least that's how it is for most people but not for Eren. After years of neglect and endless abuse, he finds himself chained down within the disastrous hell that is his own mind and not even his new family can help him crawl hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • But Inside I'm Still Screaming | Ereri/Riren
    6.5K 490 16

    {DISCONTINUED/BEING TURNED INTO A KIRIBAKU FIC} It was years ago when Levi took his last sober breath and ever since he's been chained to the urges deep within to keep using the one thing that keeps him from wandering back to the past that always seems to be lurking; heroin. He's maintained a hardened philosophy that...

  • Crack of Sunlight (Ereri/Riren)
    269K 16K 68

    Levi has been a heroin junkie for years, trying to escape the hellish reality that is his life and memories, seeing no other way out. Already hopelessly bound within the deepest crevices of addiction, along comes Eren, a bright-eyed naïve teenager who has his own struggles yet somehow believes he can help Levi to be s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unrecognizable //Ereri//
    14.1K 1.3K 20

    ;You think that i'd go out with a fatass like yourself? What a joke. //Warning//: There will be mentions of an eating disorder, so you have been warned.

  • Sweet Serial Killer [ Riren ]
    309K 16K 151

    ❝You know I love the thrill of the rush; I love you just a little too much.❞ ♜ ♜ ♜ Levi is a psychotic killer, and Eren is the reason why. Eren Yeager never expected to be loved romantically by anyone, yet alone like them back, but when Levi Ackerman suddenly makes a prominent appearance in his life after the death o...

  • The Last Alive [ Levi x Eren ]
    3.1K 174 4

    "I was only 12 years old when it happened. A virus broke out across the country and soon, all over the world; infecting people who then turned into mindless flesh eating monsters. I have never believed in a possible "Zombie Apocalypse", but man.... I was so wrong..." This is an Attack On Titan Zombie AU! LevixEr...

  • Smile {Ereri Kidfic}
    176K 8.9K 27

    Seven year old Eren is a bundle of happiness but lately his smiles have been turning in to light blushes because of the new kid, Levi. Eren notices a constant frown on Levi's face and decides to do whatever it takes to make him Smile. - Sequel: '•Smile Shots•' [Completed Dec...

  • Extraordinary (Ereri/Riren) (boyxboy)
    69.6K 2.9K 12

    Eren Jaeger was quiet, unnoticeable, and simple. Boring brown hair, plain teal eyes, and an ordinary smile. He was the type of boy that you would pass on the street and never think twice of, at least that was what he seemed to think. His life was nothing special. Before junior year, he made a wish. He wanted his life...

  • 99 things: You Know You're an Otaku When...
    2.2M 231K 100

    99 relatable otaku problems, issues and emotions. You know you're an otaku when you can relate to these things.

  • Such a Killer Party! (ErenxLevi story)
    6.5K 460 10

    We are simply DYING for you to come and stay at our luxurious manor. We will be hosting an amazing-or killer, if you will -party. See as the young artist, Eren Jaeger, receives an invitation to this event in order to seek profits in his line of work. But, surely his ride takes a turn as he along with 19 other gues...

  • Let's ship!My reaction!
    16.9K 711 72

    Hello everyone! I decide to make my own shipping let's have some fun together! ;) -Death Note -Noragami -Owari No Seraph WARNING: you are free to say that you disagree with me, don't worry, but if I see rude comments againts me, other people or the ship itself, I will delete your comment and block you at onc...

  • When Trouble Meets Trouble
    9.7M 370K 36

    After an amusing banter at the library with a mysterious guy, Savannah hopes that it's the last she'll see of the bickering boy. Come to find out, he's a new student at her school who just so happens to be a junior, much like Savannah. He feels the need to stick around her even though she is the target for childish ru...

  • One Heck of a Summer (ERERI) -Discontinued-
    79.3K 3.5K 17

    School was over and summer had begun. Like most rowdy teenagers, Eren and his friends thought there was no better way to spend summer, then partying all night and hanging out in the day. Eren didn't really find getting drunk or just laying about all day with friends very fascinating, until he takes notice to their new...

  • Restless
    1.5K 126 12

    The end of mankind has finally come, in the least spectacular way. When pen-pals Neri, a Canadian, and Eleni, an American, finally meet each other in the flesh for the first time, they believe it's the happiest day of their lives. That is, until planes fall from the sky, a virus spreads like wildfire, and mushroom clo...

  • Broken|| A Sasuke Story|| One-Shot
    132 7 1

    Sasuke isn't broken. You may be thinking, why isn't he the one Broken? Well, it's because he's a therapist. He helps Broken people with their problems. So, he finds one particular person interesting. His name was Naruto. It was interesting, well, at least for Sasuke. Sasuke and Naruto meet every Monday, Wednesday, an...

  • Insomnia //phan
    6.4K 475 16

    //letter format// Dan Howell can't sleep, ever. Phil Lester is the cause of that