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  • As Hot as Fire.{BenDrowned x Reader lemon}
    18.3K 351 16

    you fall down a random well,then you meet the love of your life. {dedicated to my best friend,FireKitten.keep being awesome.}

    Completed   Mature
  • sequal ben x reader lemon
    10.2K 111 1

    lemon sequel...

  • BEN x Reader Lemon!!!
    96.2K 1.5K 3

    This is a lemon on BEN x reader lemon. Please comment to what ever you wish to say and I will do requests.

  • Out Of That Computer + BEN Drowned x Reader
    3K 75 10

    Yo guys! It's still me, XxBonnieCPPSxX, I decided to re-make my account. Toooo.... XxLeyBaexX! A-Anyways... A new BENxReader! :3 ~~~~ A little girl's name was (Name) (Last Name). Her big brother, known as all people, Jadusable, was driven insane by a video game. His computer was 'haunted', therefore, every time he go...

  • this is no game ( Ben drowned x reader)
    23.3K 541 3

    you are in the story

  • Did You See Me? (BEN Drowned x Reader)
    391K 15.3K 30

    Your cousin Ben dies, and his old Nintendo 64 and mysterious Majora's Mask game gets passed down to you. Can't be harmless, right? But you soon come to realize that this game isn't exactly what it seems.

  • Ben Drowned x reader
    224K 6.2K 16

    You and Ben hated eachor untill he saved you from Zalgo.

  • Love Doesn't Drown (BEN DROWNED X READER)
    127K 3.7K 5

    Your a teenage girl gamer. You beat everyone at every game you knew. You have a bit of sadness inside for only one reason. Your father left. One day you get a small package with a game you've never heard of. As you play the strange game....something strange happens...

  • Digital love ~ Ben drowned x Reader
    90K 4.1K 57

    A love between reader-chan and Ben drowned. How exciting! What will happen? Who knows... Read to find out :3 THERES SWEARING AND VIOLENCE. DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU. Plz don't copy.

  • I have a heart? ー BEN Drowned x Reader
    161K 6.3K 34

    A heart, the universal symbol for love and the key holder of the box of feelings, why does a bloodthirsty killer suddenly obtain one after meeting an everyday girl such as yourself?

  • BEN x Reader ~Monthly lemon~
    35.2K 423 2

    This is my ~Monthly Lemon~ challenge story for this month, but this month isnt over yet so I have a lot of time to finish it, the challenge is on Tinkiez page if your interested in joining~ In this story you are a mermaid {Just saying}, made by Mr. Creepypasta. and because I'm not good at descriptions I'm just going t...

  • ben x reader x jeff
    551K 14K 84

    Ben x reader x Jeff. This book does contain sexual content. It has adventure and romance and so much more. If you would like to read then please go ahead. If you have any concerns or any ideas for me please comment or message me. There might be another book.