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  • Nova Stars
    1.5K 68 22

    Follow Nova Stars on their adventure of being idols! Stay tuned for more parts that will be added! Includes LGBTQ+

  • Love Live: MURDER Game Vol. 01
    7.8K 319 16

    u's and Aqours finally meet face to face for the first time after A-Rise arranged a meeting for the two idol groups. Together inside a large apartment, both the legends and the fangirls celebrate and began befriending each other.....until they found themselves trapped and now must be forced to play a special game...

  • Soldier Game
    20.2K 708 12

    (idea from the song soldier game) Maki, Eli, and Umi are in a secret a society. They take out who has done wrong for the economy and bring people to justice. None of there lovers nor friends know what they're doing. The following ships will be in this story: kotoumi, nozoeli, Nicomaki, and etc. The girls do there jo...

  • Escaping From Life
    1.5K 74 36

    This story is about all the parents in California were took away by the government and all the teens are are left. Me and my friend Amya are teamed up and all of my friends and other teens are out there, starving, and killing for food we use swords, bow and arrows, guns ect. For weapons to fight for food and shelter a...

  • Reaching 100: A Sword Art Online Fanfiction
    248K 9K 47

    Haruko Kurosawa is not exactly noticeable. Her father was a drug addict who left Tokyo to deal with his problems, then came back and divorced her mother when she was eight. Her friends at school seem preoccupied, and once people see the real her, it seems like they clear out. Not in this world. Haruko's only escape se...

  • Whatever Time I Have Left
    6.9K 94 5

    Yuuki Konno finally did it. She managed to get her guild's name and all the guild members' names on the board. And with Asuna's help of course. Her final wish had came true. But after seeing Kirito take on so many people at once and take them out in such a short amount of time she wondered if she had a follow up wish...

  • Raised by Youtubers 2 #Wattys2016
    59.1K 2.3K 78

    Sequel to Raised By Youtubers ----------------------------------------------------- When your adopted by Markiplier.. And have lived with the guy from a while like a few months you learn a lot about him and his crazy friends. I call most of them my uncles. When you get to be babysat by Pewdiepie, go skateboarding with...

  • Raised by Youtubers #Wattys2016
    445K 16K 201

    My name is Maddie and I would like you to meet my crazy family of Youtubers. Yup you might be thinking that we are wacky but isn't that how all family's are. We might not be a normal family but to be honest who wants a normal average family when you can live with Markiplier and his friends! So follow me on my crazy d...