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  • Happily Never or Happily Ever After (A Klaine Story)
    42.8K 1.2K 31

    Blaine has a huge crush on Kurt, but nobody knows he's gay. Until when Blaine cannot control his love for Kurt any longer and kisses him. Will Blaine help Kurt when his Dad goes into hospital? What will happen when Blaine's mum finds out he's gay? Will Kurt out Blaine? Will everybody get the happy endings they want? Y...

  • Secrets (klaine)
    1.8K 57 10

    Secrets, secrets and more secrets. You may think you know someone inside and out, but we all have something no one knows about. Something no one will ever look at us the same if they knew. 1 or 2 people may know, but thats only when you have no other choice than to tell, then again, who says those people won't betray...

  • Not Just a Job
    708 41 2

    Blaine Anderson has just got a new internship at Vogue magazine. But when he meets his new boss, Kurt Hummel, both of their lives get turned upside down.

  • A side to you (klaine)
    1.8K 72 4

    Kurt Hummel is a 17 year old junior who has been bullied his whole life by homophobic Neanderthals. One day after being bullied so much Kurt finally hits the breaking point and goes to a dark place until he talks to Blaine Anderson one night ,a stunning boy who try's to make things right with Kurt after he's been bull...

  • sun&moon (klaine<3)
    2.5K 164 13

    Kurt had a life he hated; so did Blaine. Throughout their troubles they meet and become closer than ever imagine and regain happiness.

  • An Angel with a shotgun
    2.8K 113 13

    In our world, people are fascinated with the supernatural world but do not know that it exists. Shadowhunters are people who protect the mundanes from the supernatural called Underworlders. Kurt Hummel is a shadowhunter and finds himself having to protect a fallen yet broken angel named Blaine Anderson. With Kurofsky...

  • It Should've Been Me, Not You
    1.3K 50 3

    After getting hit with the slushy Kurt takes Blaine to the hospital. This is the aftermath of what happened in the parking garage. Spoilers for 'Michael'. Three-Shot. Klaine

  • Blame it on the alcohol {klaine}
    124K 3.6K 14

    Rachel and Mercedes bring Kurt to a party for an evening of drinking. He starts to have fun. Even sees a couple of guys from his new school, Dalton. Alcohol mixed with a bit of drama can make for an interesting night. *I do not own glee or any of the characters or any of the music*

  • Im all his
    1K 29 4

  • City Lights, Pale Blue Eyes
    1K 39 2

    Kurt Hummel is one of Seattle's most famous photographers. He's very happy with his success and happy to be doing what he does. However, Kurt is awfully lonesome. So, when he meets Blaine at one of his Vogue photoshoots, he isn't really looking for a friendship. (Heavily inspired by Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute).

  • New (Klaine Fanfiction)
    12.9K 545 19

    Kurt arrived to his new apartment. How will his life look like when he will get an offer for job he always wanted to do and when he'll meet the love of his life? ____ This was something that I was thinking about a lot. Hope you like it :-) ____ In this, Mercedes and Rachel are living together in one apartment, There i...

  • We Met During Coffee
    6.3K 454 22

    Kurt Hummel. Just a teenager who is different, and is proud of his choice. But at school is a different story, everyone hates him, so he is alone most of the time. One day he went to do the daily shopping, he crashed into this weird guy. And he felt something he never felt before. After a week, he saw the same guy at...

  • Teenage Dream
    6.8K 266 20

    Blaine Anderson is in love with Kurt but he likes someone else. Does he only like the idea of Blaine liking him and the things he'd do for him? Or will he come to his senses and realize who will go to the ends of the earth for him.

  • Circumstance
    131 6 2

    Some people are brought together by choice, others, circumstance

  • Repeat
    1K 49 9

    When Kurt dies in a Plane crash, Blaine tries to cope but it's hard for him.

  • Roles Reversed: A Klaine FanFic
    18.3K 571 14

    What if Blaine had been attending McKinley, and Kurt was the one at Dalton? Starting from around Never Been Kissed, this is how the story would go if Blaine was the spy & Kurt was a Warbler.

  • Where it all began
    318 16 2

    This is my first FULL continuing fanfiction. An AU on how Kurt and Blaine meet and how their relationship progresses over the years. Will they end up married? Will they be married to each other or to other people? Who knows...

  • It Could Happen:)
    692 16 1

    Crisscolfer ( duh!) RPF WARNING: DO NOT read if you dislike gay people or Chris and Darren being together:)

  • If I Told You (Klaine)
    14.9K 553 12

    Kurt Hummel has a secret. He thinks that no one else will know it... Until he meets a secretive Blaine Anderson. Kurt wants to help him for some strange reason that he, himself doesn't know. Why all the secrets when it comes to Blaine Anderson?

  • Bus Boy { klaine } - Dalton -
    2.4K 130 5

    Kurt and Blaine meets in a bus. Blaine seems troubled let's find out why?

  • More Than Words
    151 9 1

    Blaine Anderson is a senior in high school and for the most part, minds his own business. One day his best friend, Sebastian Smythe, somehow convinces him to visit a gay bar. Kurt Hummel is also a senior, in Lima, Ohio. Kurt on the other hand, wears loud outfits and stands out in his school. A night while being forced...

  • Klaine Ever After
    6.5K 188 17

    The wedding day is fast approaching and Kurt and Blaine have much to do. Not to mention Blaine's father has hardly spoken to him since the Engagement Announcement. (I don't own any rights to any songs mentioned or performed. I don't rights to any of the characters only the...

  • Us forever-Klaine
    49.8K 1.4K 21

    Kurt and Blaine are just married, they are out of their minds from happiness. there's just one thing missing according to Blaine...

  • Kurtbastian secrets
    6.1K 130 5

    Kurt and Sebastian have been dating before Klaine. Burt is the only one who knows besides the Smythe family. Both of the boys loose all trust in their friends and Finn. What will happen? Will they battle together or alone?

  • Unbroken (A Klaine Fanfiction)
    79.5K 2.4K 15

    When Kurt Hummel transfers to Dalton Academy in the middle of his Junior year, he doesn't expect to make any friends. He feels all of the bullying has made him become too broken to be liked. This all begins to change when a great group of guys, including the wonderful Blaine Anderson, make him feel like maybe he isn'...

  • Falling For My Bully (Klaine)
    540 30 1

    Kurt Hummel has been openly gay for almost three years now. Everyone seemed to accept him and those who didn't never said anything, except for Blaine Anderson. Blaine has bullied him since he came out, but what happens when Kurt falls head over heals for him? Will Blaine ever find out? Will Blaine finally accept him?

  • A Heart in New York (Klaine AU)
    10.8K 483 16

    Kurt Hummel is nine-teen years old. Two years ago he graduated from William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. He attended the school's glee club, 'New Directions'. He was bullied in school, because of his sexuality, but he pulled through and didn't let anyone stop him from dreaming. He is now starting his second yea...

  • Accept my love
    1.9K 84 4

    Blaine's high school journey, making new friends, struggling to find himself, and meeting the love of his life, Kurt. {{through his point of view]]

  • The Coincidence with Coffee
    599 32 1

    ( Klaine fanfiction) Blaine is a writer, who's working on a book at a coffee shop. Kurt's an actor who's reading over a script in a coffee shop. Same coffee shop. Shit goes down. { AU!Klaine Straight (or so he thinks)!Blaine }