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  • Let's Get Things Straight | JiKook
    6.1M 266K 41

    "I'm straight! It's just that gay porn pays better."

    Completed   Mature
  • Chills : Jikook
    38.6K 3K 13

    Will the spirit of midnight come out and play? +++ jk thinks the spirit board his friends are fuzzing about is pure stupidity thats what he thinks until the lights go off for some reason and chills shivered down his spine

  • Touch Me ⚣ Yoonmin ✓
    89.3K 4.7K 18

    ❝ Even if we don't have the same feelings, I'd still love you. ❞ - started :: late 2016 ended :: early 2017 top ranking :: #138 - this was one of the first books i created so everything is confusing and unrealistic but y'know whatever. - © 1-800-MARKHYUCK

  • little space → yoonmin
    1.7M 83.2K 29

    min yoongi had noticed that park jimin has been acting odd lately. he was perfectly fine not to question it, until one day he came home to see the boy asleep in his bed, cuddling a huge teddy bear with a pacifier in his mouth. started ; march twentieth, 2016 finished ; august twenty seventh, 2016 160917 - 100k...

    Completed   Mature
  • cupid → yoonmin
    2.3M 150K 41

    Jimin is a matchmaker - an assistant to Cupid - and is sent to the mortal world to make a boy named Min Yoongi fall in love with his music partner, Jung Hoseok started ; february eighteenth, 2016 finished ; july seventh, 2016 160515 - #87 in fanfiction 160523 - #75 in fanfiction 160910 - #7 in yoonmin 160910...

  • stepbrother | taekook
    199K 9.1K 10

    ❝Who the hell are you?❞ ❝Your stepbrother, sweet thing❞ In which Jungkook finds himself getting a stepbrother...with benefits.

  • 21 Days With Him?! (YoonMin)
    271K 13.1K 28

    Fanfiction Yoongi was forced to go on a vacation with Jimin's family to Florida. "THREE WEEKS?!" #887 In Fanfiction 25/02/17

  • kpop and chill → yoonmin
    848K 54.9K 26

    "So... can we listen to more of that Chinese music?" "It's Korean, Jesus fucking Christ." started ; december sixth, 2015 finished ; february twenty second, 2016 161010 - 100k reads

    Completed   Mature
  • White Lies : Jikook [Rewriting]
    17.9K 305 2

    "my money is all you care about." ++ in which jungkook only wanted jimin for his money

  • banana milkㅣjikook
    509K 37.5K 32

    ❝ you're my sunshine on a rainy day. ❞ ❝ who's my sunshine on a rainy day? ❞ ©aestheticallyjikook 2016ㅣcompleted