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  • Hetalia on Crack!
    11.8K 1.1K 29

    Just a load of random Hetalia shit I created with my magical rainbow tree of hamsters

  • HETALIA CRACK! ヘタリアクラック!
    302K 13.2K 132

    Just for fun... UNICORNS EVERYWHERE!!!

  • Hetalia Crack
    4.4K 334 31

    Based off Hetalia!!

  • HETALIA TopCanons & Crack (+facts/more)
    110K 5.4K 137

    Inside this book you will find the usual Hetalia madness in a collection the best headcanons, crack, facts and more that are the 3 F's (funny/fluffy/feelsy) and will make you fangirl, LOL, facepalm, cry, facepalm again or all of the above. Each chapter also includes a photo! *Request's accepted! *Contains ships/pairin...

  • ✖ h e t a l i a s t u f f ✖
    15.1K 1.4K 56

    C o m p i l a t i o n o f r a n d o m H e t a l i a s t u ff 0 6 1 2 1 4 - 0 5 0 8 1 5

  • Random Hetalia
    2.9K 311 47

    I don't know what will be in this actually So yeah Anyway, this will be random Duh it says it in the title Of course

  • Hetalia, on crack, on Facebook
    14.4K 1.1K 56

    Give the Hetalia characters crack and the Internet, and what do they do? This. Give Matthias and her friends crack and the Internet, and what do they do? Take over the world. Wait what?

  • Hetalia Crack!
    197K 10.2K 104

    Warning, this book contains: Graphic stupidity, my ships and otps, my fave characters used alot, randomness, weirdness, yaoi, weird shit I write at 3 in the morning, and sometimes, refrences to things in real life. Ok enjoy. Also prepare to lose your sanity :3