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  • The Fox and The Alpha
    2.2M 115K 33

    Being the daughter of the only fox spirit is tough. Other packs think she's human. But not our pack. Our pack knows the truth. But when you also have a fox spirit, a lot can go wrong. Isabelle is the daughter of Avery Taylor, the first and only fox spirit in the world. But when Avery has twins and one of them becomes...

    Completed   Mature
  • Old Version Shatter Pieces
    5.7M 227K 103

    THIS IS THE OLD VERSION OF THE STORY. A NEW BETTER VERSION CAN BE FOUND ON MY PROFILE, PLEASE READ THAT VERSION "You are nothing, just a worthless piece of garbage!" He yelled as he hit me. I stayed silent as he hit me over and over again. There was no use in trying to get away. I was use to the pain and he was right...

  • Inamatus (Sequel To ILR) (SAMPLE)
    65.7K 2.4K 10

    SAMPLE Third place in the 2017 Hopeful Awards 148 in werewolf (July 12, 2016) 26th in loveless (May 11th, 2018) Sequel to Innocent Little Runt "Maxillius! Just wait a second!" He grabbed onto my arm and spun me around to face him. "Everything is going to be fine. Your pack will be okay, you will be okay, we will be...

  • The Female Alpha SAMPLE
    3M 89.5K 38

    In the world of the shifters, males dominate every plane of the hirerchy. Be it wolves, jaguars, cats or any other species, a male is always the alpha. Rhys Valkyer is the strongest pack leader in all of Asia. Faster and stronger than almost every other wolf in the country, owner of the largest pack, he has never know...

  • Regret The Rejection |✔️
    5.1M 159K 38

    NEW EDITION. REVISION IN PROGRESS "She turned her pain into power, her visions into victory." "Behind every bad bitch is a sweet girl who got tired of everyone's bullshit." A girl whose past overshadows the present. A boy who loves, but knows not how to show it. A girl who is tired and wants nothing more than freedom...

  • The Predator
    3.5M 118K 36

    The wrong place and the wrong time, that's what happened to me. One moment is all it took to change my life, to change me. As a human, I was dangerous, as a vampire I'm a lethal weapons with more gift's than the royals. That night the sacred Lexi died and the new Lexi was born. Now it's my time for payback against the...