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    "Goodbye . Tonight was truly magical, and it'll forever stay in my heart, But I have to go!" I tell him. "Will I ever see you again?! Please come back! Can I at least get your number?" Says the boy who just stole my first kiss, as he runs after me. Jade Esquivel and Joel Pimentel met at a masquerade party, but Litt...

  • Dimelo Papi | Zabdiel De Jesus
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    Zabdiel De Jesús es parte de la competencia La Banda y está luchando por sus sueños para llegar a la banda final que será CNCO. Dos años antes cuando apenas eran unos adolescentes, conoció a Camila Casillas, una chica que el llama el amor de su vida pero lamentablemente la vida los separo. Ahora los dos comenzando sus...

  • Unexpected Stupid Feelings(Erick Brian Colon/CNCO) [✔️]
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    She was led on and only used by the guy she fell for, his words seemed honest and true, yet they turned out quite the opposite. They say we usually learn from our mistakes... But has Samantha Monique Gonzales learned her lesson? Well... I guess you could say she pretty much has the dream job at the moment, at first sh...