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  • The Red Door
    542K 21.4K 28

    When Mollie starts to prefer the dreams she's having to the painful reality of life, she's forced to choose between embracing a fantasy or the man she loves. ***** Since she was seven, Mollie Cutright has known two truths: she loves Howard Flynn and...

  • Honestly Banality
    46K 3.7K 26

    ❝talks between two individuals over piquant drinks. a cheesy romance; it's honestly banality.❞ - - cover by the king @moonrei.

  • Silently Falling
    40.3M 1.7M 45

    Highest ranking: #1 in Teen Fiction ⚠️ EDITING ⚠️ *edited up to chapter 33 of roughly 40. Feel free to read!* -- "Sunshine, what guy do you know has a weird fetish with sign language?" She's the aftermath of a high school party nightmare. Tragedy robbed her of her innocence and stole her voice before she had the c...

  • Ugly : clifford a.u
    828K 56.1K 47

    "Don't sit next to me." "Why not?" "I'm ugly." "Nice to meet you ugly, I'm blind."

  • Anonymous
    5.1M 177K 112

    Where a girl receives messages from an anonymous passerby who wants to show her the world. © tilmorning. 2013

  • when we collide ✰ l.h.
    20.1M 366K 55

    "Why is green your favorite color?" "Because it's the color of your eyes." Long time best friends, Luke and Autumn, spend their first year of college living together. They would say unexpected love is the best type of love. Copyright © fluffycashton 2018. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not...

  • Lies of a Makeup Junkie
    371K 19.1K 13

    Lenox knows one thing about this summer-it's going to suck. While her friends are off vacationing in the Hamptons, she's stuck with her grandparents in the middle of nowhere. However, Lenox's luck changes when she meets her idol, Kaylie, a popular beauty YouTuber. Kaylie is everything Lenox wants to be-outgoing, succe...

  • how to be skinny
    2.2K 80 2

    this is just something i want to say to everyone out there who might be struggling. disclaimer: this may be triggering but i in no way encourage self-harm, drug use, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, suicide, and other topics that may be mentioned throughout this book. this is not pro-ana.

  • Loving The SkaterGirl
    3.1K 126 9

    He is a jock, the most popular guy in the school with the popular girlfriend. She is a skater girl trying to get through school and living,breathing, and loving skateboarding. One day there is an earthquake and the SkaterGirl goes down in a coma trying to save other people from the building. The jock is best friends...

  • Touring With 5SOS ➵ Adopted By 5SOS
    1.1M 35.2K 87

    "Why did you choose me? I'm just a worthless 14 year old girl who deserves to die." ~•~•~•~••~~•~•~•~•~•~•~• "Why do you wear so much bracelets?" He asked. "Just a fashion choice." She answered. _~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ Ally is a normal 14 year old girl who is going through hell at an orphanage. She prays she will g...

  • never in your eyes | ✓
    216K 20.9K 104

    crashing waves. thunderstorms. destruction. they all f e e l like you. shade. tears. stagnant rivulets. they all l o o k like me.

  • Draft Messages
    2.8M 144K 39

    After getting her heart broken, she decides to email her ex- but she does not send it. Little did she know, he does the same thing. Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

  • Milk-Carton Faces
    26.2K 1.4K 2

    Mike disappeared on a clear day. I remember that, at least, though not much else. I was five years old. "Try," the policemen said to me. "Try harder. Remember."

  • Word of the Day
    8.8K 887 68

    some pretty words and basic aesthetics // not even per day, more like Word of the Week and a Half

  • self help
    210 26 8

    just me reminding you that it gets better

  • JOE (Joe Sugg Fanfic)
    1.2M 18.3K 101

    Joe & Minx know they have something between them, they just don't know what. Are they friends? Friends with benefits? Lovers? That's what they're trying to discover. Joe + Minx = ??? *contains smut*

  • Paint You Wings // Ashton Irwin [au]
    2.2M 62.6K 62

    "All you needed was for someone to paint you wings; to set you free from the memories that tied you down." ~~~ Emilia Anderson has spent far too many years shielding herself out of fear of being hurt by those she cares deeply for. After losing her parents in an unfortunate accident and becoming traumatized as a resul...

  • Wrong Number || lrh [book one]
    586K 16.9K 52

    you've got the wrong number, dipshît [book one in the so wrong, it's right series]

  • Run (Punk Luke Hemmings)
    9.5M 271K 79

    Allison Montgomery wasn't your average teenage girl. She liked punk rock bands and dressed in all black almost all the time. She already had a hard time fitting in at her school in Cleveland, Ohio, so she figured she would have an even harder time fitting in at her new school in Sydney, Australia. When she meets Luke...

  • Project Aphrodite ✓
    711K 29.8K 16

    After Clarissa Arevalo gets cheated on by her boyfriend, she goes to Sebastian Ashford for help.

  • Till I Fall Asleep ✓
    1.4M 67.2K 29

    Sawyer Lee wants to leave behind her hellhole of a town. But when the unexpected holds her back, she realizes that everything is about to change.

  • Dear Everyone; L.h
    36.2K 1.8K 19

    {Dear daddy 2} "Who even are you anymore, Luke?" "I don't know" Copyright @FingerMeCal 2016-2017 Trigger warning (Edited in 2019)

  • placid ↦ luke hemmings {au}
    2M 70.8K 48

    COMPLETED | That was the thing about him– she never knew what he was thinking.

  • I'm with the band. (5SOS)
    238K 6.8K 31

    Best friends with 5 seconds of summer? Sierra has a life millions dream of.

  • 24 Hours.
    23.9M 687K 66

    Where a naive girl with lots of baggage and a rockstar that can't seem to think of anyone but himself fall in love over the span of 24 hours

  • Friends or More? (Book 1) [l. hemmings]
    10.7M 264K 49

    In which Luke is in love with his best friend Victoria, who has a not-so-great boyfriend. Trying to navigate relationships, friendships and Luke's band rapidly rising to fame, will the pair remain friends, or become something more?

  • Adopted by 5sos
    405K 10.6K 96

    Someone that gets adopted by 5sos That's about it ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

  • Adopted by 5SOS
    128K 3K 24

    Clarity is a 14 year old girl whos mom died in a car crash and her abusive father got arrested 4 years ago but she's never been adopted- probably because of her pink hair and lip piercings- but what happens when 5SOS adopts her? Will her life get better or worse? Read to find out.

  • Vines // h.s. *ON HOLD*
    596 22 9

    "Get lost with me." "I don't have much of a choice, do I?" He thought about it for a split second. "No. Let's go." "What if I want to get found?" "That won't happen, sweetheart." He stated before spinning on his heel in the opposite direction. "Follow me." ~ ( harry styles fanfic, uses JUST THE BODY IMAGE of him.) ***...

  • Addiction
    15 3 2

    When Allison Taylor has to move to a new school due to inappropriate behaviour, she has to fend for herself and make her way around with her best friend Michael Clifford. Will she survive or will something kill her on the way?