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  • I Was Blind, But Now I See
    60 9 4

    Austin is reluctant to go over to his neighbors house to babysit a bratty daughter, but once he meets her sister, Laura, a connection between them is made unlike any other.

  • You Don't Have Be Afraid Now
    26.5K 1K 18

    Emil(Iceland) has had a horrible life so far, his father is dead, his mom hates him, his brother is in another country, and just everyday life is horrible for him. So one day when his mother went to far, he gets a chance to escape from his old life and start anew, where he meets a strange boy named Leon(Hong Kong) who...

  • They took our love ; Peterick/Joetrick
    2.9K 213 19

    Patrick has a dilemma and doesn't know what to do once he starts devolving feelings for two different guys, that happen to be friends with each other. They don't know just yet and when they do, it all go downhill from there. This is really sucky & the updates might be really slow. ://

  • Hetalia oneshots
    5K 89 14

    Pretty much what the title says and you can request ships and an Au to go along with it but no lemons please. I will also do other hetalia oneshots that i would like to do too so there won't be a really long amount of time in between updates.

  • How To Be Stupid
    203 16 6

    Here is just a list of things that if you do them, you will probably look stupid so this is a book of stupid things for you to NOT DO.

  • Balloon Boy's Story
    42 1 1

    Balloon Boy's "friends" wanted to get rid of him. Find out what happens next in this heart-warming tale. Cover Art: ekoi1995 on DeviantArt If you are fond of Balloon Boy, then this just not the story for you. He might just be misunderstood.

  • He came back
    113 5 1

    One day Italy finds himself thinking about Holy rome and how he left... then how he might not have.

  • Randomness
    1.6K 83 156

    Hey do you wanna read about failing at life and the not so important struggles of someone's life? Well then this is for you! You can read about all the times I got hurt because I was stupid, idiotic things that happened at school, and times that I failed at doing basic human functions right here in this book!

  • What have we done
    97 5 1

    What happens to germany after the lost episode of hetalia? Read to find out! even though this is a oneshot.*sighs*

  • Whatcha Doin'? (Phineas & Ferb Next Generation)
    2.8K 35 5

    There's 104 days of summer vacation And school comes along just to end it So this what I think happened After the TV show ended

    279 21 12

    I don't even know what I am doing I just have art and I don't know what to do with it.... BUT!! I saw others with art books so I thought" I have nothing better to do with my life, SO WHAT THE HEY!" So yea this exists now....

  • The Obnoxious Eight
    2.1K 216 69

    Alright, there are eight middle (now HIGH) schoolers who are all good friends, but the dumb a** shenanigans won't seem to end. *Based on real people* -UPDATES EVERY WEEKEND-