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    A story in which a teenage boy, Edward, goes to the park everyday to talk to a teenage girl, Melissa. All photographs used in this book are not originally photographed by me.

  • In The Spotlight! Mettaton x Reader!
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    Your best friend is an aspiring celebrity, who happens to hate Mettaton. But you both travel to his show to gain popularity. You loved Mettaton and his work, but you really didn't want to be on stage. But when an unexpected event happens, what will you do when you are face-to-face with the spotlight? (currently worki...

  • College With Temmie - An Undertale Fanfic
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    Stephanie travels to Snowdin Scholars College in hope to satisfy her parents hopes and dreams for her. She really does not feel interested, but she goes anyway. Stephanie finds that the people at the college are not what they seem, and they dislike any humans. And worst of all, she has a bouncy, annoying roommate name...