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  • Fighting Darius (Sample)
    18.2M 103K 9

    Penny: I still remember the first moment our eyes met, something happened. Those icy blue eyes. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I could feel the magnetic pull and we're both helpless against it. Our eyes met constantly across the room. He would be the first to tear his eyes away. He's so powerful, though. So chari...

  • The Hunters Mate
    273K 8.7K 32

    An impulsive eighteen year old huntress with a vivacious attitude and a thirst for the death of the Blood Moon pack. She has been watching them for four years, assessing their every move and tactic. She knows that the Alpha twin, Cindy, has been M.I.A for around a year now and gave up her title to her bipolar brother...

  • Trapping Quincy (Caspian and Quincy)
    14.2M 100K 9

    He teases her. He challenges her. He fascinates her while he irritates her like no other. He drives her insane. He makes her...ughh, so mad she could scream! The only thing he won't do is let her go. Quincy: I'm a human living among the werewolves. My mom is a werewolf. She had a drunken fun one night with a stranger...

  • Catching Genesis (Completed)
    31.3M 1.1M 62

    Warning: CG has been published. The last ten chapters of this book have been taken down due to copyright reasons. When the future Alpha, a major player rejected her for the Queen B, Genesis and her two best friends came up with a plan to give the arrogant future alpha the taste his own medicine. What happens when your...

  • The Rejected Luna
    488K 6.6K 14

    I woke up to sunlight streaming in through the windows. I tried to move only to wince in pain. I was sore down there from last night. I smiled thinking about last night, it was perfect. I looked over at Hunter who was still asleep. I sat up, with little protest from down there and got up to get dressed. As I was getti...

  • The Alpha's Mate and Babies
    916K 20.1K 33

    Jessie thought her life couldn't get any better but her hopes may change because of a special night that she shared with Noah Whitewater her Alpha of the pack, she is now three months pregnant and can hardly wait for three more months till she has the babies ( werewolf babies are born earlier because they are very dif...

  • The Awakening
    389K 12.8K 6

    BOOK 2 : He took me from my family and forced me to stay by his side as the bride of the beast. He took me to a world that was far beyond what I imagined and made me understand how to accept the undeniable. I was his, he claimed me as his. I fought, I struggled, I annoyed him t no end. Yet, somehow through it all he s...