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  • Silhouettes~[Complete]✔
    15.7K 4.3K 24

    ❝She loved mysteries so much, that she became one❞ A short story about one Autumn night, a silhouette in the dark and the late nights of deep thoughts. [I have used parts of quotes and some descriptions I found and then altered throughout the book]❤ [COMPLETE]?[UNEDITED] ©2016-2017~Kiara-z #757~In short Story~10/12/16...

  • Fighting
    419 65 10

    It is often said that love is so powerful that when it comes around it knocks you down. But what if love was not the problem? What if life was the problem? What if life is what knocked you down? We weren't all blessed with the perfect parents or the perfect life but we were all blessed by having such a wonderful, merc...

  • Out of Ink | A Short Story
    48.2K 12K 49

    ❝What if he didn't leave ... what if he disappeared?❞ highest rank: #27 in SS 1st place for Best Tragedy in the Crystal Awards 2016/2017 2nd place for Short Story in the Crystal Awards 2016/2017

  • A girl with a broken heart and high hopes.
    2.5K 215 7

    A girl with deep emotional thoughts. Thinking about changing the world and creating something new with her elegance heart.

    13.1K 2.5K 77

    A dialogue/multimedia story "Spot the shelve with the pink packaged painkillers." "I can't see it...Okay." "Count five from the left and put them on the floor next to you." "..." "See the gun? Take it." Snow Survives My Mind is a mystery/thriller short story about a teenage girl that receives a phone c...

  • Outcasts
    120K 9.6K 67

    "The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the grass is swaying in the wind. What a beautiful day to be outside and at the spring fling." "True, all true." "Now where are you, you little demon?" ******** One mis-dial A couple of jokes Two people A sequel that may blow your mind *********** Spin-off of Misfits. Y...

  • Misfits
    951K 79K 70

    "Hello?" "Is your house on fire?" "No...?" "Man, I thought it was because you're so dang hot." "I think you need to work on that." ... One prank call One girl One guy One great story ********* Cover by RaghaddMurad Highest Rating: #1 in short story

    306K 19.3K 46

    "Aloo--" "I'm hungry." "Problem solved! We deliver donuts, where do you want that?" "I don't. I'm craving McNuggets." "..." "And you." #14 in Dialogue (13 July, 2018) #68 IN SHORT STORY - 30/4/2017

  • EXTRA CHEESE : book # 1 | ✓
    575K 56K 52

    "Don't tell me it's you again." "It is." "Oh my God." "Babe--" "No, stop." "I want to give you olive my love." #40 in short story - 16. JAN. 2016 #34 - 21/1/2016 #29 - 24/1/2016 #8 - 25/2/2016 #2 in cheese - 7/9/2018 BOOK #1 OF THE FAT FOOD SERIES

  • KILL ONE TOO | ✓
    1K 121 1

    In which a girl isn't used to pain, experiences it like nothing more. o n e - s h o t s t o r y a l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d

  • GIVE HER (book 1) | ✓
    82.6K 7.3K 45

    And then I heard the boring ringtone again. She was no longer on the other side of the line. Pearl swore. I want Pearl. #129 in short story

  • always on my mind | ✓
    98.3K 8.7K 67

    You look like a g o d e s s The most extravagant o n e Honey, remind me again & tell me how did y o u Fall for m e

  • never in your eyes | ✓
    214K 20.9K 104

    crashing waves. thunderstorms. destruction. they all f e e l like you. shade. tears. stagnant rivulets. they all l o o k like me.

  • A Note A Day
    1.4M 71.7K 33

    Anxiety-ridden, nightmare expert Charlotte 'Charlie' Jackson has been receiving witty, heartwarming, anonymous notes since the beginning of the school year. One afternoon, Charlie notices she did not find a note for the first time all year and suddenly gets the urge to figure out who writes them, and why they have be...

  • Peter ✶ [Lost Boy Series #1]
    134K 9.3K 33

    ~*Neverland is home to lost boys like me And lost boys like me are free*~ ═════════════════════════════════════ In which a boy named Peter helps a girl learn to love herself. HIGHEST RANKING: #24 in Short Story (03-14-18) Amazing cover by @John_Schorwinson ©Lightning_Stryker 2016

  • Personal Assistant
    299K 28.5K 34

    [Highest ranking yet: #1 in Short Story] "Siri, if you were a person, what would you look like?" Does my appearance matter to you? "...."

  • coffee drawings | ✓
    170K 8.3K 47

    Highest Ranks: #21 in shortstory!! 7.4.19 #31 in chicklit!! 7.10.19 ••• in which a coffee guy meets a girl who loves to ignite the coffee cups with coffee drawings. a drawing a day keeps emotions away- yet in this case, it created them ••• [WARNING: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY RAGE OR OPINIONS YOU SHOULD CARRY DURI...

  • Twenty-Eight Stamps [#Wattys2017] || ✓
    2.7K 640 32

    in which she writes a letter every day in february to the one who broke her heart, and watches as the pile of unsent envelopes gets larger © taintedseas 2017 stunning cover by @sereneur highest ranking: #292 in short story 23.4.17

  • Wounded Hearts Will Conquer
    427K 15.4K 22

    Can two wounded hearts come together to mend the pain? Bailey Keys never expected to lose her older sister, Lanie. The doctors said that she had time, that the odds were in her favor. And now she’s alone. With parents too wrapped up in their careers to notice, and friends that she unwillingly pushed away, she has no o...

  • Hate Line
    515K 56.5K 56

    A Hate Line worker embarks on a life-changing marathon of quirky, dramatic conversations with her two most loyal callers: Alanis Hank, the two-faced baboon, and Declan Skyes, a rather shy snowflake with his own first world problems. What she never expects, though, is to be caught in a twisted web of lies and secrets t...

  • •ON HOLD• Little Obscurities
    1.5K 176 7

    It's a tale as old as time itself. Bully bullies bullied. Bullied becomes sad and suicidal. Bullied uncovers bully's wound. Bully and bullied become friends. And they live happily ever after. But, those are lies. In this world, it is not so. In this world, the bullied becomes the bully and the ones he bullies turn up...

  • Pure Wander {PUBLISHED}
    14.2K 4.2K 39

    soul mates not only come in the form of lovers, but also in the form of friends. if you've found both type of soul mates in one soul, consider yourself blessed. PURE WANDER IS OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED! CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON.

    Completed   Mature
  • moonlight
    104K 12.7K 38

    "beautifully dark, thought provoking, and heartfelt. moonlight is one of those rare eye-opening short stories that display just how cruel the reality really is." -archertypes ( aka officialfuryevans), author of #1 short stories cinderelliot, hate line, and miss delivery girl. he was just a boy who knew too much, who s...

  • Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight
    631 35 3

    A collection of completed, bite-sized stories featuring infatuation, heartbreak, arguably witty banter and among other things that may or may not make a better love story than Twilight. Maybe. Depends on your frame of reference. (apologies to any fans of Twilight)

  • Waffle Cones (#1)
    4.8M 333K 70

    "Hello?" "Um, hey?" "Wait, you don't sound like my Aunt Kathy." "Unless I was miraculously converted into a member of the opposite gender and somehow related to whoever is on the other side of this call, then yeah. I'm not your Aunt Kathy." "Oh, shiitake mushrooms." ...

  • Wattpad Tech Support
    109K 11.7K 34

    "Why are there so many hotline stories on your website?" "...Excuse me?" "And tech support stories. Nobody falls in love with the tech support guy at Best Buy, let me tell you that." {highest rank: #17 s.s.} ||cover by -riparian ||

  • Searching For Roses
    1.8K 127 8

    When Leo Fitzpatrick's psychic grandmother dies, she leaves a letter addressed to him in her will that he receives on his eighteenth birthday. In the letter, she claims that her grandson's life will be saved by someone or something to do with roses. Although he's skeptical, Leo finds himself looking for anyo...

    10.1K 679 18

    "cheerleaders are as fake as that strawberry milkshake you're drinking" 🍒 (another) original by em x