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  • The Love Of My Life an Aphmau X Cadenza Phoenix Drop High Fanfic
    114 8 2

    When Cadenza first came to the small town of Phoenix Drop and got transferred into Phoenix Drop High Aphmau instantly fell in love with her. But she knew it would destroy Laurance and Garroth cause they were both head over heels for her. So Aphmau hid her feelings because she didn't want to break Garroth and Laurance'...

  • Under The Shade Of Minecraft Leaves
    670 45 3

    As Adam, Jess, Ross, Max, and Red get ready to start a new Minecraft role play with the new VIVE virtual reality headset. They all get electrocuted from their headsets malfunctioning. Causing them to fall into comas as their minds are put into their most loved game Minecraft. But as they're trying to find a way out Ma...

  • The Witch Next Door an Aphmau X Lucinda Mystreet fanfic
    1.1K 18 1

    Aphmau falls for Lucinda in high school and her love just kept growing. Now years later she's still head over heels and lives across the street from her crush. Aphmau's feelings are starting to get out of control. Will Aphmau be able to keep it a secret? Will people judge her when they find out? Will Lucinda return...

  • Two Hybrid Sister's Meet The Real World ON HOLD
    163 7 9

    Two sisters living normal lives until one day when their home is under attack. Their parents save them by throwing the two girls into a portal and tell them to find a specific and special person. Now in an unfamiliar and unusual world the two girls try to find the person their parents told them to find. Will they succ...

  • [Discontinued] The Princess and The Trouble Making Tomboy are collage roommates?
    105 8 3

    This story is a collab with @cheetawolf it is about two people in a collage dorm one is a totally girly girl and the other is a troublemaking tomboy. Find out how they survive in "The Princess and The Trouble Making Tomboy are collage roommates?!?!"

  • The Dimension Jumpers ~ an Aphmau fanfic (on hold)
    339 16 3

    The three dimension jumpers named Adam(Skydoesminecraft) Jessica(Aphmau) and Ashton(OC) were walking through a YouTube convention when three portals opened up and the three are sucked in, Alesa(Adams wife) Jason(Jess's husband) and Samson(another OC which is Ash's friend) jump in after them but they are all split up i...

  • A Wolf in Sheep's clothing (Aphmau fanfic) on hold
    2.5K 55 6

    Most people see me as a sweet, kind, and caring person but on the inside I'm a monster. My name is Aphmau Jessica Phoenix and I'm what's know as a Yuri or ghoul we're demons who have to eat human flesh to survive. It breaks my heart when I kill someone but I have to kill to survive. Some people hunt us but can't kill...

  • Adopted by Skymau(on hold)
    784 32 4

    For all you Skymau shippers out there. I respect Jess's and Adam's marriages this is for entertainment purposes only. Jess had a bad divorce when she caught her husband cheating on her and got custody of their kids Julia and Joseph. Adam found out that his wife cheating on him and took their son Mason and divorced his...

  • Adopted by Jinmau (DISCONTINUED)
    452 23 5

    For all you jinmau shippers out there. This is based in real life. I respect Jess's real life marriage this is for entertainment purposes only. This is going to be a collab with my friend PastelRealms go check her out and follow her.