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  • Paragraph horror stories
    57 13 2

    As the title says, these are horror stories written by yours truely that are a paragraph or less!

  • Seven Crimes and Punishments-living together
    7.9K 220 16

    Based on the New Evillious Album and the Deadly Sins of Evil series by Mothy/Akuno-P. Though Allen had successfully saved the souls of the people who passed away, the Seven Sinners are really hard to work with, so Sickle decided to have them living together in a box to see how they'll get along...However. T RATED FOR...

  • Daughter of Evil: Cloture of Yellow
    1K 16 10

    Author: Akuno-P/Mothy Illustrated by: Ichika + Yunomi Do you want to know about the history of Evillious? There are many stories, you know...what about the Daughter of Evil, perhaps? Yes, that seems like a good place as any to start. Once upon a time, in a land so far away, there was a kingdom that whom no one dared t...

  • Destiny: The First Guardian
    37 5 5

    Mathial Shura was a Normal Guardian of the which is now not the last safe city on earth until a old warlord not spoken of in history books takes the tower by storm. He steals the light from our hero and leaves him for dead. It is now our hero's job to find his will to fight for the light and take the last safe city ba...

  • To The One, For Whom I Love
    99 30 13

    A series of love letters, little poems and notes, and one sided conversations. In practice, letters of affection are to be between the two parties. Yet my courtship is different, for I've been pining for someone I haven't even met. I don't know who they are, what they look like, what their voice sounds like, their hab...

  • SOE BOOK 1: * The King's Daughters * [EDITING]
    131 5 6

    The King had two daughters. One was a princess of kindness. Yet she was no fit to be queen. The other was a princess of formality. Yet she isn't what she seems. What happens to their future? Will one prevail and rule? Or will both tremble in defeat by the hands of their own people... Who knows? This is only the beginn...

  • SOE BOOK 2: *The Kingdom of Lies* [EDITING]
    79 3 4

    With the older dead and the younger on the throne. What will happen to the kingdom of Veritas now? Especially to the sudden appearance of Kristine Peneuave. Will the the truth suddenly appear from the kingdom of lies? [Story of Evil: Our Story Rewrite Book: 2 Based of MOTHY's Vocaloid song series]

  • Race to the Edge Trivia
    15K 599 153

    A bunch of Rtte questions to see if you really are a die hard Race to the Edge fan.

  • Fred and George and the Toilers of Trouble (Year 1) ✔
    671K 63.4K 199

    *★* FEATURED STORY & 2017 WATTYS WINNER!! *★* Preceded by rumors of their prophetic birth, pure-blood twins, Fred and George Weasley, follow in the footsteps of their three older brothers by attending a school for witchcraft and wizardry. All should be well...but from the moment they enter Hogwarts Castle, the identic...

  • Changed - Voltron Legendary Defender
    13.7K 480 10

    It hasn't been that long since Katie Holt (also known as Pidge) was taken by the galra. Her team, unbeknownst to them, find her in a bad spot. What will happen when they admit they didn't recognize her? And what will happen when she comes back different? Because Pidge has changed, not necessarily for the better...

  • Quote Book
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  • A New Peril: A Nightmare Before Christmas Fanfiction
    1.8K 69 6

    As the awaited sequel to 'A New Life', A New Peril continues where its predecessor left off. 15 years later, Laney and Barrel are in trouble. It is up to their two children, Evanna and Nightshade, to save them along with Judy, J.J, Luna and other members of the Skellington family. This story follows the acts of the f...

  • The Decision (completed)
    7 1 1

    A short story I wrote for school

  • A New Life: A Nightmare Before Christmas Fanfiction
    17.5K 408 15

    This is the tragic but happy ending story of how Laney Grace Skellington became....well....Laney Grace Skellington! More descriptions on the first page! Please Read and Review!

  • Short Story
    16 1 1

    I'm not good at summaries!!

  • Girl Meets Once Upon A Time
    29.4K 1K 56

    Once upon a time and Girl meets world crossover. Maya and Henry are twins! Cover Credit: @-lucyistyping

  • The Secret Queen
    152 5 7

    Two High Schoolers, one secret crush, one deep, dark secret, one powerful enemy who wants to take over the greatest magical kingdom ever. What could happen??? Isaiah has liked the same girl since 3rd grade, but when he finally tells her, he finds that he is already hopelessly intertwined in her unavoidable destiny...