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  • Meeting A Bad Boy
    1M 37.4K 21

    Erik Henderson has a 4 year old daughter that he has to raise. On his own. Being a single dad, and being gay was not the easiest thing in the world. Paige's mother, Tillie, had been Erik's best friend, and when she died giving birth- He almost lost it. But he pulled himself together and now he had a beautiful little...

  • The New Storm (Boyxboy)
    154K 5.1K 28

    Zander Storm is the heir to the Alpha title when his turns 18. He has been waiting for along time to become the Alpha of the pack and wants to find his mate. Bentley Walker is 17 years olds, 5'3" guy whose lost his father and now lives with his aunt and uncle in California.

  • The Players Baby
    11.4M 298K 50

    November Smith -- the girl that everyone knows. The same one that every guy wants to take out on a date. Micheal Kingston -- king of the school, and all of the ladies in it. They drool over his gorgeous looks, and the rich-boy attitude. Except for Nova. She couldn't care less about that boy, unlike every o...

  • The Bad Boy's.....What?
    11.7M 284K 38

    I don't know how it happened. One minute I'm living an extremely lonely life and all it takes is getting lost to change all of that. But, change is good, right? Yeah, if you take the fact that I was entrusted with the most adorable little girl as good. Throw in a reunion with a twin brother that I haven't s...

  • The Bet
    87.7K 2.1K 13

    Two girls. One boy. And a bet. Duncan makes a bet with Geoff and let's just say things may get a little out of hand...

  • Living With The Bad Boy
    40.8M 1.2M 44

    Bronte Davis is Worthington High's sweetheart. With a charismatic and loveable personality and a drive to help anyone and everyone, it's easy to understand just why everyone loves her. That is, everyone except Blake Parker; the school's rude and arrogant bad boy. But even that's not hard to understand why. While Blake...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy Is Possessive
    56.7M 1.1M 38

    Is it possible for a bad boy to be your saving grace? Well for Farrah Bryant it was. After she finds out her boyfriend of six months has been cheating on her, who do you think was there to help her through it all and most importantly get revenge? That's right. The notorious school bad boy Brody Bauer. Just that name a...

  • Protecting My Omega (BxB)
    1.1M 42K 16

    Charlie is a cutie. Being an omega means he is smaller than the average werewolf. A lot smaller. But Charlie doesn't mind. Charlie loves to go into the woods and explore. After all, he has nothing but time on his hands. Being abandoned in the middle of the woods by your family gives you a lot of free time. Of course...

  • Call Me, Master (Bdsm) (BxB) (Discontinued)
    198K 5.9K 31

    Kyle Lavender, a boy who goes to a BDSM club after getting sucked into the very, exciting and kinky lifestyle, meets a rather handsome boy - Derek Black. Derek, attracted to Kyle, for many reasons, asks Kyle move in. Is there a reason for Derek's immediate attraction to Kyle? Are Derek's intentions genuine? Does Kyle...

  • Life as a crossdressing teen age boyxboy (mpreg)
    3.3K 42 2

    Mickie James Danielle is a cross dusting 15 year old boy. Has two big brothers love to dance, wants to become professional. Has two best friends Mike and Marco. Marco has a boyfriend named Jackson. He's15 also cross dresser prefers to be called Melanie . Mike is a cross dresser also, prefers to be called Jennifer or...

  • I Need You (boyxboy) mpreg
    658K 12.7K 42

    Josh is a smart boy that does what he's told. On the honor roll straight A's. He never parties, stays up late, basically a shut in. But he'll always have his best friends Dina and Melina. He has a huge crush on the school jock Blake Daniels. Aka his bully. Blake Daniels is straight has a ruler. He has a girlfriend...

  • Is it because you love me? (BoyxBoy)
    116K 4.2K 21

    Rhaine practically gives up on life, because his life sucks. He got saved by a vampire one night and offers himself to be used by the vampire prince who is about to be awaken after his years of being put to sleep. But what happens when the vampire prince has other use for Rhaine and the past is revealed about the vamp...

  • Runaway Bad Boy (Boyxboy)
    88.6K 4.2K 14

    Two boys; both on the run. One running from society. One running from reality. Their one shared enemy and antagonist; Life, fast on their trail. ~~~ "Oh c'mon Cupcake, just say yes." His breath dusted over my lips, sending shivers up my spine and chills throughout the entirety of my body. His muscled arms encircled m...

  • Abused alpha mate( boyxboy)
    154K 4.2K 11

    Carlos is an abused teen............if only that was the end of it , HE is a werewolf that hasn't transformed and is also constantly beaten at home and school No one likes him he wish that he can transform and find his mate and this would be easy if he wasn't gay Jake A Soon to be alpha Rich a...

  • The Billionaire's Baby
    109K 3.6K 8

    The Billionaire's Baby . Meet Ruby Hendrix. She is the only daughter in the rich and powerful Hendrix family, known for her beauty and intelligence. She is also a world famous fashion icon and designer. Meet Alexander Dixon, a rich billionaire. He's well known and successful in the business world. A cold, ruthless ma...

  • Loving the Blind Boy
    3.2K 107 5

    Alexia Grey has moved to California and wanted to start her new life. She needed to get away from the past, and needed to make a fresh start. Soon she finds a new job as a care taker, but what she doesn't know is who she's taking care of and why. She's led to think she'll be taking care of an old man, little does she...

  • The Billionaire's Baby
    77.6K 1.9K 5

    Hollie is a 24 year old Hispanic women. She works hard and doesn't ask for much. She'll help others and not ask for anything in return. She's smart, beautiful and caring. She has been looking after he four younger siblings for the last 3 years since her parents died. Guiliano is a 25 year old Italian business man. H...

  • Bad Things
    3.2M 142K 34

    Alicia hates Jake more than she has ever hated anything and anyone in her life. The hatred started at a party one night, when Jake gave her a fake number after sleeping with her. From there, everything goes downhill as she starts to learn who he is and what he does. Of course, with Alicia's luck, he turns out to be...

  • Sweetest Touch (ManxMan)
    271K 12.2K 22

    THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK FOR SWEETLIKE SERIES. PLEASE READ [BITTER BEFORE SWEET] FIRST! THANK YOU! Ivan came to Croxton to assist in a research project only to have him transferred there indefinitely. He rented an apartment with his only brother, Blake who was on his last year there. Blake was always with Clyde, the Ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Floating (boyxboy)
    158K 5.7K 24

    "There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment." ― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever. ~ ~ ~ What do you do when you like someone you really shouldn't? You ignore it, as it's human nature. You ignore it until it's too hard for you to i...

  • Broken
    307K 7.9K 15

    He was like glass, so fragile just sitting along the edge of a cliff. One step closer and you'd make him tip. . .all the way off into an endless abyss of darkness. Only the light could save him, but what if that light wasn't light at all. Broken things can't always be fixed. But best believe that, that supposed 'li...

  • The Prince and the Beast (boyxboy) | completed
    129K 4.8K 11

    Who knew that one person's Cinderella-like fairytale could be the beginning for someone else's fairytale? - *First ever boyxboy story* Highest rank in Short Story: #317 (20th Jan 2017)

  • Daddy Mendes
    259K 3.7K 23

    I lay there on the floor covered in blood in tears. He's gonna hate me. Daddy's gonna kill me. I cry harder. I hear a light switch get flipped on. "But baby, you promised..."

  • Protecting My Older Brothers? (Boyxboyxboy + Incest)
    21.9K 835 18

    Spirt always thought that he was an only child. That is until a demon tells him otherwise; his determination to find out the truth leads him to two stunningly gorgeous men, his brothers. After getting attacked by a werewolf Spirit realizes that his brothers know nothing of the supernatural world and now has to protect...

  • The Omega's Revenge
    74.2K 3.1K 8

    Jonathan Winters is an Omega of the strongest pack in the world, The New Moon pack, but unlike the other Omegas, he's always been treated like he's made of glass. He seeks to find answers to this mystery, but just when he finds out the truth, he meets his mate, Alpha Nicolo Santiago who instead of rejecting him, attac...

  • Meant to be Broken [boyxboy] [Watty Awards 2012]
    158K 4.7K 31

    Junior year hasn't started very well for Ives Fay; his father passed away over the summer and he's still having trouble accepting it, his mother is dealing with her own depression by chain-smoking and drinking, his sister finds it necessary to sleep with every guy she can in order to deal with her own emotions, and he...

  • Master, Master {ManxMan} {BDSM}
    608K 20K 28

    Jason is rich, has a great home, and anything he could possibly ask for. He has everything. That's how it seems anyway. In reality, Jason has very little. No family, hardly any friends, and no one to share his wealth with. That's what he thinks anyway but his world is about to be turned upside down by the waiter he ne...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Baby Boy. (BoyxBoy)
    42.2K 423 6

    Disclaimer If you want to understand this story go and read the first book; His To Play, if you do all of this will make sense. ~~~~ I remember the day. The day it happened. The day that ruined me. The day that Axel died. I haven't seen him ever since then, they won't let me, they won't tell me why and it pisses me o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Get me outta here! (Boyxboy,rape)
    108K 1.5K 4

    Since the death of his father , a 16 years old Adam found himself getting abuse by his stepmom everyday. One day he came home with his stepmom waiting to ruined his life by nullified him. He ran and found another hell where a mafia gang that is lead by Epul , a 24 years old billionaire, just murder a guy. Being gay...

  • In His Hands (Boyxboy)
    106K 1.8K 10

    ( Graphic Violence, BoyxBoy Smut Scenes, abuse, swearing. If those things offend you, as early as now I advise you to not read this. Thank you. ) "You're mine and I do anything as I please." Max growled, forcing my body down on my knees and I just lay there, too hopeless to fight back. All hopes gone. And finally, I...