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  • It's You ~ Trent Alexander-Arnold
    12.2K 256 7

    Jordan Pickford brings along his best mate Olivia to a team meal where she and a certain player hit it off. How will their relationship fare throughout every twist in the road?

  • Southgate's Secret ~ Marcus Rashford
    38.5K 771 24

    Lilly finally meets her father Gareth Southgate and her whole life changes. What will happen as she goes along to the World Cup and meets a certain boy?

  • Just You and I ~ Ben Chilwell
    70.2K 1.2K 46

    Lydia meets a boy in a bar who saves her night and the rest is history💗 follow along with the twists and turns in Lydia and Ben's relationship as they come to grips with their new life!

  • Connections
    32.6K 610 52

    Charlotte Williams always wanted to be a football coach or referee. Becoming a coach was almost a no brained where as being a referee; well there's more to that than meets the eye. You see the standard of referring, especially in the women's game is appalling. Trailblazers such as Sian Massey-Ellis and Bibiana Steinh...

  • John Stones One Shots
    78.7K 1.4K 45

    A collection of short John Stones one shots.

  • No.8 // Social Media
    32.2K 1.2K 215

    Look I don't even know anymore !

  • Arnold's Smiles/Trent Arnold
    46.9K 763 27

    Mia was Gareth's daughter. 2018 was totally her year and being super close to Marcus and Jordan already she decided that she really wanted to go to Russia. 'Any lad that you see HAS to come through me and I need to be sure it won't distract them.' Dad said sternly. 'Sure.' 'Hey, I'm Trent.' A gorgeous boy with the...

  • Unconditional Love- Marcus Rashford fanfiction
    24K 400 28

    A girl who falls in love with her childhood friend. Their love is tested,many obstacles are thrown their way but will their love be able to survive through it all. Read on to find out what happens to the two friends and lovers.

  • Wrong side of town (Dele Alli fanfiction)
    68K 1.2K 34

    Amelia Black has always been a diehard Arsenal fan since she could remember. She remembered going to arsenal matches with her father ever since she was a little girl. After her dad left, Amelia continued on supporting Arsenal, when ever watching a match she felt close to her father. Hating Tottenham FC came with the t...

  • Back To Back; Dele Alli
    44.1K 767 14

    A DELE ALLI'S FAN-FICTION - Jasmine's a young, passionate girl with big dreams and multiple talents. She had always had her head in the game but what happens when she reunites with an old childhood friend that she hadn't met for a long time and also, the person who had left a mark on her? How does things goes by as sh...

  • Always - KJ Apa
    8.3K 95 9

    Beth Scotland is footballer Harry Maguire's best friend. With a job as the England team's medic she accepts a new job. The medic for the Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey team. A new job. A new country. A new beginning. Sounds great for a girl running from her past

  • Famous In Football ▹ Jesse Lingard.
    191K 5.2K 111

    [FIRST EVER JESSE LINGARD FAN FICTION ON WATTPAD] Highest Ranking: #217 in Fan Fiction. Sophia Ferguson is left heartbroken after she was dumped by long term boyfriend Colton Haynes so she decides to get away for a bit. She decides to go back to her home in England to clear her head and start off fresh but little did...

  • Three Lions - Harry Kane
    19.5K 257 32

    Harry knew Hayley from secondary school. Neither of them were looking for anything big, but there's a hitch... Harry's a World Cup footballer for England.

  • Southgate- Jesse Lingard ft- Dele Alli [COMPLETED]
    295K 7.2K 147

    Brooklyn Southgate, She's the England bosses daughter. What could go wrong? [COMPLETED]

    Completed   Mature