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  • Tobi's Diary
    226K 9.9K 58

    Hello! I'm Tobi and Tobi is a good boy!!! Who are you? What's your name? Helloooo?? Do you like sweets? HELLOOOO???? Tobi:Deidara-senpai, why is my diary not anwering me? Deidara: *facepalms*

  • Once in a Lifetime (Naruto)
    104K 2.5K 8

    The Third Ninja War is here, leaving behind many scars and wounds. What could possibly change the fate of all those precious souls? What could possibly change their fate to something different, other than what was written down? -watching the future fanfiction-

  • Kik Conversations with Naruto and Friends
    34.6K 2K 37

    So I got the idea to do a Kik type story from another author. I hope you guys enjoy these weird conversations. :)

  • Deidara's Diary
    678K 38.3K 90

    Deidara gets to know the other members of Akatsuki and writes about it in his diary. Crack fic. Plotless, don't go looking for one.