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  • Mute Male Reader X Prison School
    337K 4.9K 13

    This story takes place in season 1 of Prison School. Your the 6th male to join the school with the other guys, but what you didn't know was what this school had. I don't own any pictures all of it goes to their rightful owner.

  • Nerds
    149K 5.4K 42

    Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and Tenten are the popular girls. They have everything: smarts, looks, and personality.That's what makes them so 'popular'. Meanwhile, Sasuke, Naruto,Shikamaru, and Neji are the nerds. They are smart, geeky, and have A+'s. That's what makes them 'nerds'. Both groups have secrets. The girls aren't...

  • Into The Future!! (Naruto Fanfic)
    15.2K 115 14

    This is a book about naruto and the gang sealing Lord Thirds secret orb to take a look at their futures. This may turn it Good or Bad :) read to find out

  • Naruto: Suck to the Future
    10.9K 376 2

    Naruto was supposed to be on a trip with Jiraiya when he wake up to find himself in the forest of Konoha 5 years into the future. And the next thing that he learns, was all too shocking to be true.

  • Why Does Mom Love Dad?
    316K 9.9K 36

    Ok heres the deal.In this story Boruto finds his way onto thinking on why his Mother loves his Father, Why you ask? Well its Hinata's birthday and Naruto couldn't make it on time and Boruto is furious.So Boruto does some exploring but when he finds a Hyuga Scroll jutsu after finding it in his parents room he later the...

  • Unusual Love (NaLu, GrUvia, GaLe,JeRza)
    169K 6.5K 37

    When superstars,Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Gajeel Redfox and Jellal Fernandez, decided to put their career on hold to finish their senior years, they never knew how much that decision would affect their lives. They encounter fangirls and haters but on top of that they encounter girls who dont really have an int...

  • Fairy Tail High: Nalu
    73.4K 1.9K 18

    What happens when Lucy and her stepsister Wendy go to Fairy Tail High (FTH) to join their brother and stepbrother Sting and Gray. Lucy ends up meeting Natsu, but Natsu is popular... What will happen? Read to find out! Note: I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL! I ALSO DONT OWN ANY VIDEOS, SONGS, AND PICTURES I PUT IN HERE!

  • Fairy tail resort vacation
    9.8K 149 16

    What happens when all the Fairy tail guild members (plus Jellal and maybe some more guilds)go on vaction to a five star resort? what could possibly go wrong? Shipping's Nalu Jerza Gruvia Gale Rowen Miraxus Elfgreen Stingyu Roka Lyredy Kinabra More may be added later DISCLAIMER I own nothing Warning-Swear words

  • Help: Love Confession! Nalu+Gruvia/ Natsu+Juvia brOTP ~fanfic~
    6.9K 318 12

    "How about we help each other?" Natsu and Juvia are Neighbors, and they're basically 'Siblings'.They always hang out with each other in each other's houses, having fun and comforting each other when needed. One day Juvia and Natsu tell each other who they like and who their 'love rivals' are. They decide to help each...

  • Mira's Shipping
    863 37 6

    Mira has been stalking her favorite ships which were Nalu,Gale,Rowen,Cappy,StingYu,Roka, EflGreen, Bixanna, and CobraXKinana since the guild took a trip to the carnival, how far will Mira take it just to make her ships cannon?

  • A Forced Marriage- Natsu x Lucy
    198K 7K 23

    Lucy Heartfilia had always been a kindhearted girl who cared and respected everyone she knew. However, she lived a life of poverty and struggled everyday to take care of her old, sick father. Natsu Dragneel's father was officially done with his son's rude attitude. Unlike Lucy, Natsu lived wealthy and rich but was ru...

  • Cold holiday( Nalu gruvia gale jerza Mirauxs Rowen)
    245K 8.2K 26

    Natsu Lucy Gray Erza Laxus Wendy Romo Juvia Gajeel and Levy go on a Hoilday for being the strongest guild members but the problem is Mira Jane is in charge.

  • Fairy Tail Beach [Nalu, Jerza, Gale, Gruvia Fanfic]
    3.8M 106K 58

    After the Grand Magic Games, the guild heads back to Fairy Tail as number one! But to their surprise, Master Makarov has a special present for his wizards. A trip to a beach resort! The entire guild is pumped for the trip, especially a few mages. As well as a certain white haired matchmaker. Will love find it's way d...

  • A Love Tale for FairyTail(Happy X Carla Fanfic)
    474 8 1

    This is a tale of love,a tale of happiness,a tale of adventure,a tale of humor.This is the tale of two young Exceeds, and their journeys together. It's been years since Lucy joined Fairytail,her and Natsu are engaged to each other.Happy after years of trying,has finally started to get Charles attention after one fatef...

  • Truth Or Dare-Fairy Tail
    51.5K 904 11

    What Happens When Fairy Tail Play Truth Or Dare? Is It Truth Or Dare With A Twist?Or Just Simple Truth Or Dare?

  • fairytail vacation | ✎
    107K 2.9K 19

    ─ after re-claiming their rightful spot as the number one guild in fiore, fairytail's master rewards the winning teams in the grand magic games. they are able to bring whoever they wish, to the most known resort in fiore, blossom resort. mira decides to use this opportunity to make her ships closer than ever before. j...

  • RoWen Matchmaking
    113K 3.3K 22

    Mira has a special mission for the two youngest mages in Fairy Tail and it's not gonna be easy for them. Romeo and Wendy have been assigned this mission to either get video of Mira's OTP's confessing or get pictures of them kissing. Although, what she really wants is for her ships to become cannon, that's their ultima...

  • My little lemon ( fairy tail truth or dare )
    16.6K 151 9

    I don't own fairy tail ( Hiro Mashima does) warning little lemon scenes ( why do think I called it that ) Japanese, hickeys, confessions and more in this long story by a small guy. You are free to give dare to the characters but you must say who you're daring or truthing I guess eg To Juvia Dare bake Gray a cake using...

  • The Dolls We Love (Nalu, Gruvia, Gale, Jerza, Rowen and Miraxus
    218K 5.6K 29

    This contains Nalu, Gruvia, Gale, Jerza, Rowen and Miraxus. I don not own Fairy Tail. Please enjoy

  • Married at Eighteen [NaLu] ✓
    3.3M 123K 57

    Highest ranking: #100 in fanfiction [051317] » who knew two strangers getting married from an arrangement could eventually fall in love for real ? started : Apr.16, 2015 ended : Mar.04, 2016 (for book 1) ended : Dec. 19, 2018 (for book 2) √ 1M √ 2M [ jul.15.17 ]

  • You llllliiiikkkkkeeee Her.....
    11K 287 7

    Natsu and Lucy have been the best of buds ever since they met. He lead her to the Fairy Tail guild and helped her find some friends. But now, things were different. After years of barging into Lucy's house and always picking on her, something happened. And Natsu didn't even know what it was but one person kno...

  • Flames & Keys ( Fairy Tail [Natsu x Lucy] fanfiction ) *Nalu oneshots*
    1.7M 47.2K 61

    She is the key to his heart. He is the fire in her life. They're perfect together, aren't they ? ( collection of NALU one-shots ) * some one-shots are longer, some are just fic-lets, contains fluff, and a bit of angst depending on each chapter * ^^ if you find that you cannot really connect the chapters, it's because...