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  • - A PLACE IN THIS WORLD [ revamped version ]
    46.8K 2.2K 60

    [ BOOK 1 ] The ground. That's the dream. At least until the dream becomes a nightmare. [ THE REVAMPED VERSION OF THE ORIGINAL "A PLACE IN THIS WORLD" ]

  • hiraeth. | THE 100
    60.9K 3K 31

    "You are damaged and broken and unhinged. But so are the shooting stars and the comets." ( the 100 ) ( season 1 ) ( book 1 of the hazel hudson series )

  • nightblood | t100 [rewriting]
    2K 96 2

    becca pramheda was not the first nightblood, and she would not be the last to fall from the sky. [t100 | original character]

    4.2K 162 10

    "Azgeda she may be, but the fire inside of her burns as bright as the colour of her hair." OR Kenna of Azgeda had one priority; always impress her King or Queen. Everything she did, every battle, every kill, every arrow she let sail - it was all for whomever ruled over the Ice Nation. Her soul bein...

  • Brave Hearts [ John Murphy &; The 100]
    81.2K 2.5K 16

    ❝ having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.❞ » book 1«

  • Memento Mori → John Murphy
    36.5K 1.5K 9

    "Memento mori, John Murphy. Remember you will die." Laurence is both a healer and a killer. She uses a spear like an extra limb, and a scalpel as effortlessly as a pen. As soon as the sky people land, she resents them for everything they are. But when she finds John Murphy in the middle of the woods drowning in his o...

  • SEE THE STARS → bellamy blake [2]
    283K 12K 22

    ❝I hate that feeling. I never want to feel that way again. I want to be able to protect people. I want to feel strong again, Lincoln.❞ ( SEASON TWO ) ( SEQUEL TO GRAVITY )

  • Cordy || Teen Wolf || ON HOLD
    5.1K 288 9

    "I still remember it, I was out of control. My fingers were numb with the feel of his flesh and his fear stank, but I had this hunger, this immense feeling of power inside me. I was terrified, but it felt good. So good. Feeling his pulse disintegrate under my fingertips sent this chilling shot of adrenaline across my...

  • A Chilling Stare ❀ bellamy blake
    683 10 5

    As Arcadia comes to another falling, this time at the hands of Sairen Clan, the sky people must chose to either surrender and comply to the cynical terms of the enemy or fight until their last dying breath.

  • Alone Together [b.b] [book one]
    344K 9.2K 35

    "Got a problem, Sweetheart?" He asked, probably rhetorically, but Mira replied anyway. "Yeah, I do. You're a selfish jerk. You don't care for a single soul here but yourself" she told him. It wasn't true, not a single bit, the Blake boy would soon become infatuated with the younger delinq...

  • Magic Bullet ↬ Bellamy Blake [2]
    127K 3.9K 34

    ❝ We're all in the same game; just different levels. Dealing with the same hell; just with different devils. ❞ Magic Bullet [season three & four] Copyright © 2016, BeautyAndMarie_

    Completed   Mature
  • Monsters [discontinued]
    4.9K 176 7

    Beth is a runaway. Bellamy is hard headed. Clarke has a stick up her ass. Finn is a flirt. Lincoln is a Grounder in love. Octavia was under a floor. Raven is dealing with too many problems. Kai is on the Ark. [SEASON 1 : THE100] [izzyismysoulmate2015/16]

  • blake ; bellamy blake
    69.1K 2.5K 11

    [ book two, season two ] at one point, her challenge was the earth. and now it was him and her and everything in between. © poetsdameron 2015 #14 in Action | 12-18-16 #792 in Fanfiction | 12-18-16

  • Acrimonious ➣ Bellamy Blake
    74.3K 2.4K 25

    ➣ Season 1+2 Ninety-seven years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse sent what was left of humanity into orbit, Millicent "Carmen" Kane was sent to the Earth to see if it was survivable along with one hundred other expendable juvenile delinquents. Carmen soon learns that Earth is dissimilar to her former life on the...

  • Call Us Killers {Bellamy/OC}
    231 8 1

    "Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel." -Beau Taplin. After 97 years of living on the Ark, the Sky People have come down from their space station, colliding into Terra's life. But, although she may seem a Grounder to them, there is more to her than the wild girl she appears...

    555K 16K 47

    SATURN [BOOK 1 OF THE IVY AINSWORTH SERIES] . . . "You ever wondered why I started calling you Poison Ivy? Because someday, you will be the death of me." Ivy Ainsworth was put into the Sky Box for more than one reason. Reason one, she stole pharmaceuticals from her Father and clothing items from her Mother. Reason t...

  • Fair Game ↬ Bellamy Blake [1]
    462K 11K 26

    ❝He inhaled through his nose, a big and long pull. All his strange derogatory ways disappeared, and he became a soldier❞ [season one & two] Fair Game Copyright © 2016, BeautyAndMarie_

  • Arrow ➳ Bellamy Blake
    76.4K 2.4K 13

    ❝Arden you've changed. You killed someone innocent, you don't trust anyone but yourself, you run with the wolves and you're in love with the leader of the sky people. What happened to my innocent little sister?❞Lexa frowned down upon the bloody brunette, upset about another thing she had just done. ...

  • Venturesome ~ DISCONTINUED
    171K 6.3K 31

    this book is discontinued because it's shit. I'm writing a new one that's already uploaded though, so don't worry my dudes.

  • Nobodies // Bellamy Blake
    235K 5.6K 33

    "Someday I'll become a somebody." When the group of 100 go down to Earth, along with Kitten, she thinks that she can just be another shadow. But that won't happen when she catches the eye of the other Blake sibling.

  • forgive forget - john murphy ff
    12.6K 464 8

    forgiveness, can you i m a g i n e ? - SAVKTNELL 2015

  • Born to Die » Bellamy Blake [Book One]
    508K 13K 18

    "It's like a hurricane; therefore you can't stop it, you endure it." In a post - apocalyptic world, thousands of those apart of the human race continue to reside in a space station called The Ark. A place where several different countries came together to create a place where they can all live in peace until E...

  • Up in Flames » Bellamy Blake [Book Two]
    98.9K 2.9K 10

    [Sequel to Born to Die] "Princess isn't going down without a fight." Olivia Ross is a completely different person than she was only months prior as a prisoner on the Ark, but now she's no longer a convict. She's on the ground, she made it to Earth. Reunited with her twin brother, Ashton, it seemed like nothing could s...

  • AEGIS ☆ b.b
    43.8K 1.1K 6

    THE HUNDRED - he was the moon, trying so desperately to light up the dark sky. and she was the stars, trying so intensely to let him know he wasn't alone in the darkness. Bellamy Blake x oc Season 1- ??

  • Vårdslös ~ Bellamy Blake [2]
    500K 17.5K 34

    ❝You don't get to give up, you hear me? You fight and you don't stop until you're dead. Giving up is how the weak admit defeat... are you weak?❞ Their battle with the Grounders was just the beginning. The war was far from over. Second season, second book. Sequel to 'Troublesome'. WARNING: Death, violence, expletives...