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  • We're All A Little Different //Aquaman Fanfic
    33.7K 755 15

    Stuck in the thin line between her normal, every day life and her newly formed life, Emilia Grayson will have to make a choice. A choice that soon will consume her till it is made. A storm is brewing between the choices. Stay too long, and you'll be 6 feet under.

  • The Princess of the Medji?!
    78.6K 1.6K 18

    Juliette is the twin sister of Jonathan and the big sister of Evy. In a cave in Hamunaptra, she discovers a statue that looks exactly like her and why does everyone keep calling her by her second name. How do they know her second name? Who is the handsome stranger that tries to kill her and her family? Why does she kn...