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  • My Friends' Personas x Reader Imagines
    90 2 3

    Inspired by EJTheDemonGirl's "My Friends x Reader"! My internet best friend (New_Skara_Scream) will be the one editing the imagines for me. The ideas are all my mine while Xyreis writes them because I am not good when it comes to writing.

  • Ask and Dare the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys
    7.2K 103 55

    I think it's self explanatory, don't you think? But yeah, it's an Ask/Dare the PPG/RRB book. I know I'm not the first one who's done this but...won't hurt to try, right?

  • My Original and Fan Characters
    422 2 11

    In this book, I will be introducing my OC's (original characters) and FC's (fan characters). I will specify if they belong in an already existing universe or if they have their own universe. Criticism is allowed as long as it's constructive and you're not hurting me or anyone. If you have any questions, you can DM me...

  • My Anime Pictures & GIFs
    12.2K 217 167

    A book with a bunch of anime pictures and GIFs that I wanna share with you guys. !! THE PICTURES ARE NOT MINE, THEY BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS !!

  • My Drawings
    5.6K 86 70

    As you can see from the title, this is a book filled with nothing but my lame drawings! I will put drawings of my favorite characters, ships, OCs and many more. If you have a drawing request, feel free to leave a comment.

  • My OCs x Reader oneshots & more!
    4.4K 115 22

    Welcome readers! In this book, you'll be spending some time with my OCs! (GirlxGirl, GirlxBoy & BoyxBoy will be included) This book will also have their profiles & some other facts about my OCs so you can know them better. Please no mean comments about my OCs. Also, sorry for my bad grammar. Thank you & I hope you enj...

  • Random oneshots!
    172 3 2

    Anime Creepypasta FNAF (and possibly YouTubers & OCs)

  • Who Will It Be? (OCs x Princess!Reader)
    378 10 5

    Y/N is a beautiful young lady. She was only 18 years old. She was one of Queen Adrianna & King Ivan's daughters. She looked up to her two strong, beautiful & older sisters named Scarlet & Lea. When they both disappeared after a war, the kingdom completely fell & most of her people died. She felt broken at the lost of...

  • Rowdyruff x Powerpuff And Rowdyright x Powerpunk Oneshots
    1.7K 36 15

    Hey, author here. I just want to tell you guys that this will be full of OC x CANON characters so if that's not your thing or you get butthurt easily, please skip this book.

  • My Bad Boy (Rowdyruff Boys Scenarios)
    6.7K 196 10

    A quick note : I am not copying anyone. This is the first book I made about the Rowdyruff Boys when I first started writing here (Check my old account , SkaraScream , if you don't believe me). I decided to bring it back and rewrite EVERY scenario. I will be deleting a few scenarios that I don't want to rewrite because...

  • My Drawings! (New One)
    1.4K 79 27

    Here's the new one! I discontinued the old one because Wattpad won't let me update it anymore. So yeah! Enjoy!

  • Notice Me, Senpai!
    7.6K 257 40

    The characters in this book are characters from a game called "Notice Me, Senpai!" by Skillshot Labs. Most of the pictures I'm going to use in this book are not mine. I find the game cute and the characters very likebale so I decided to make oneshots about them. I hope you guys enjoy this book. ||The First "Notice Me...

  • My Bad Boy (Rowdyruff Boys x Reader)
    354K 7.3K 136

    The boys are already in college here & so are you!

  • What If... (Rowdyruff Boys x Reader)
    228K 4K 138

    This book was inspired by @AbbieVanityCakes. There will be more than three boys in this book and the extra boys I will be adding are my OC's. !! THE POWERPUFF GIRLS AND ROWDYRUFF BOYS BELONG TO CRAIG MCCRACKEN WHILE BELL , BARASIA AND BREANNIN BELONG TO BLEEDMAN ( I think...or does Griddles own Barasia and Breannin...

  • Original Characters x Reader
    9.9K 48 134

    Please spam me with comments and tell me what you think! If you have any tips on how I can make my characters better, please tell me. [UNDER EDITING]

  • Powerpuff Girls Imagines
    5.3K 65 19

    Powerpuff Girls Imagines for those who want to be with their favorite Puff! There will be additional girls in this and most of them will be my OC's. If you don't like my characters or this whole book in general, please don't criticize me and just ignore this. Thank you. !! I WILL NOT PUT ANY POWERPUFF X ROWDYRUFF SHIP...

  • Rowdyruff Boys Oneshots
    62.8K 779 56

    "We may be rowdy, but we can still be sweethearts." ~ Brick Red Brisbane. I will include OC's in this one so if you see any unfamiliar characters, they're mine. If they belong to someone else, I'll credit them ^_^ ( Note : I might include the Rowdyright Boys . )