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  • Fifth Harmony Facts
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    This book is just different Fifth Harmony Facts

  • Facts About»Camila Cabello«
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    Cover made by @crunchmeupp

  • Hopefully (Dinah/You)
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    You: Yeah but hopefully I'll get over her Dinah: Hopefully? You: oh shoot wrong number (Sequel to Fuck Off) (Non-G!p) (GxG) (13+) (Completed)

  • Camila Cabello Facts
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    new facts

  • About A Girl (camren)
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    Camila Cabello is the school's top athlete and vying for a chance to play on the boy's football team. Every day she gets a letter from a secret admirer, but what she doesn't know is that the letters are coming from Lauren Jauregui, one of the most popular cheerleaders in school. Can this unlikely pair make it work? (t...

  • If It Makes You Happy
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    Lauren has always been different all her life. She knew she wasn't like most people, until she met a girl named Normani who became her friend and accepted her for who she was. Lauren has been in a relationship with Camila, who doesn't necessarily appreciate her. What happens when an Australian girl named Maia takes in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Is She Lost? (Camren)
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    She was losing her best friend she just knew but it looks like her best friend wasn't noticing. She wasn't just losing her friend she was losing the girl she fell in love with. She couldn't understand why they were so hurt when it wasn't even her Fault. It's hard to become famous and deal with the new found Fame bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • 《Lauren jauregui facts》
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    Facts of Lauren jauregui the green eyed goddess. The first ones are the basics and you might know all of them if you are an obsessed fan so don't brag about knowing it already, Kay? okay I'm done :)

  • Are You There? ("Those Eyes" sequel, Camren Fan Fic)
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    Sequel to "Those Eyes", hope you like it:)

  • Those Eyes (Camren, Camaustin fanfic)
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    Camila and Lauren have been best friends ever since Fifth Harmony started, but now that Camila has a new love interest, will they realize they have been more than best friends for a while? Or will they choose to shut down their feelings and pretend nothing is going on?

    Completed   Mature