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  • Under The Darkness {One Direction Vampire Fan Fic}
    507K 12.6K 37

    Emma doesn't have a family... Or any friends. She goes on a regular walk to the grocery store one night, when she gets kidnapped by a bunch of vampires. She finds out that they're the famous band One Direction. Terrified. Alone. Used as a blood supply. A toy to the boys. Will she escape? Or not? (Sequel: Light Over Da...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Stalkers (One Direction FanFic)
    519K 15.3K 60

    Della has had a bad pass few months. She been stalked by a group of guys. they sent letter to following her to sneaking into her house at night to one very last thing that made her mom tick and pack things up and move from california to New York. ...

  • One directions mate!?
    479K 10.9K 32

    *HUGE! Plot twist*:) It's a good book! Please give it a try:)

  • One directions mate?!?!?(vampire)
    256K 5.9K 43

    I was on my way back from school. I'd missed the bus, and had to walk. As I was walking, I ran into a rock solid body. I look up to see a brown haired guy with amazing green eyes. After staring at him, like a stalker, than slap myself back to reality and say a quick sorry before walking away. "I need you to trust me...

  • One Direction Preferences
    10.8M 111K 206

    A collection of 1D Preferences :))))

  • Heartbeat
    34M 486K 84

    Was it her beauty that reeled me in? The mysterious, deep, color her eyes contained? Or her addictive smile, smell, or even her personality? It was none of these things. The reason she's too afraid and too sad to even talk is what made her even more mysterious and captivating to me. Not talking for six years as a side...

  • Forever Shoey
    4.8K 163 29

    Shane never knew he was gay.... Did Joey help him realize who he was? Does their relationship last? Will Shoey stay together till the end? Read "Forever Shoey" to find out!

  • Kidnapped. (1D Fanfic) EDITING!
    943K 14.1K 47

    PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS STORY UNTIL IT'S FULLY EDITED. Alison and Anna Lee McKenzo are crazy sisters. They do everything that another human wouldn't do. They live in London, a little house but big enough for both of them. Once they have fought about cookies, they promise each other to go eat in Nandos. But then it fin...

  • Alternative Parents *Larry Stylinson* -MPREG- (Completed) -Book 2-
    1.5M 31.2K 21

    "It hurts." That's All Harry identified his stomach pain as. Why he didn't want to sleep with Louis anymore. He was afraid very afraid. Afraid something was desperately wrong with him. But when Louis is called to the emergency room by a scared Harry, their lives as they know it, will be different forever. ©AvannahSay...

  • Tattoos and Dimples (Punk AU) -Complete- Book 1
    2.8M 78.3K 26

    Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad pa...

  • One Direction Supernatural Imagines
    63.7K 723 16


  • Adopted By Zerrie (Zerrie)
    4.5M 104K 34

    Riley is a 13 year old girl who spends her life in an all-girl orphanage. After hearing about a meet and great by Little Mix, Riley goes down and meets them. After meeting all the girls and going back home, Riley doesn't expect to see any of them again. But, Perrie has other ideas.

  • Pure Blood (One Direction - Vampire Fan Fiction)
    422K 8.2K 31

    Abbygail was just going home when she find her whole family killed by five vampires. Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall. She tries to escape, but there is now way to run from a vampire. But what will the vampires do when they find out that she is a Pure Blood? Will that stop them from drinking her blood? Or will the o...

  • The One (Harry Styles) HIATUS
    26.8K 883 8

    Some people say Vampire are a myth, Non-existent , Fake. Social outcast , Kyle Manner was one of them, that is until the mysterious new boy Harry Styles transferred to her school. Curiosity got the best of her, she wanted to know more about the boy...... The thing is, Kyle barely communicates with people herself...

  • Let It Be Our Little Secret (Harry Styles/Vampire)
    103K 1.9K 27

    (UNDER MAYJOR EDITING SORRY GUYS ILL TRY AND MAKE IT QUICK BUT STILL WILL BE UPDATING)16 Year old Abby absolutely adores One Direction. One day she went to a concert in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, US. She heard screaming in a ally. She went to go see and saw a curly haired boy over a girl. She soon finds out that the...

  • Blood Lust (Vampire/ One Direction)
    8.6K 177 10

    *One Direction Not Famous* People find love. And for Vampires it looks easy but it's not. With vampires they can either imprint or kill them. Harry imprints on Snow, Niall imprints on Lacey and Liam imprints on Alice. But when more evil comes there way. The boys must help them survive. Can they do it? Read more and fi...

  • Blood of Innocent Victims( Hazzy Styles )
    35.8K 697 32

    Jess and her best friend win tickets and backstage passes to see the one and only One Direction. The night ends in the back of a van and 5 boys waiting to sink their teeth in them...literally. That's just the beginning of their nightmare.

  • Journey to Psitharis
    766K 18.1K 83


  • Kidnapped by one direction ( vampire)
    155K 5.1K 45

    What happens when you get kidnapped by the most famous boy band one direction,but what also happens when you find out that they are not who you really think they are .Follow two young girls named Patricia and Jade though their life and read more to find out what else happens.©

  • My Mate? a one direction vampire fanfiction ~DISCONTINUED!!!~
    46.4K 894 29

    "The dream was wrong, your'e not his. YOUR'E MINE!" He growled. I whimpered moving back, he just moved with me. "No other guy is to touch you, look at you, anything."...

  • Stolen- A One Direction Fan-Fiction
    120K 1.9K 34

    Liam,Harry,Zayn,Louis,Niall all vampires they've always stayed together. One night they were caught by a girl name rose while they were hunting. Not wanting there secret to be told they kidnap Rose. Louis thinks its a bad idea in his mind. Will he fall for her? Protect her? Maybe he will fight to keep her safe. find o...

  • ℒove at First Bite ≫ One Direction/Vampire (AU)
    481K 11.4K 42

    Gabry was always an outcast. Always bullied for nothing, pestered at school, rumors flying through the halls about things that weren't true. Friendless, of course except for Alec, whom Gabry had no idea why he stayed friends with her despite everything. But then everything changes when someone at their school ends u...

  • Rescued By Vampires (Vampire/ Harry Styles)
    19.9K 340 8

    Belinda was just a normal girl walking through the dark alley going home when she was taken by a vampire. An evil vampire. He feeds off her. She tries to run away but she can't. When she meets 5 boys who get chucked into the cellar they help her escape. Harry and Belinda become closer. Molly Belinda's daughter really...

  • Kidnapped with 1D
    31.5K 857 18

    Kim and Jess had to go camping with their parents for a summer trip , The both of them hated camping and thought it was the worst idea ever. One day while camping the girls got really bored and went for a walk in the woods , they soon got lost , then saw 2 really cute guys, they thought the guys were cool but when the...

  • Adopting Lux (One Direction Fan Fiction)
    504K 6.4K 31

    What would you do if you had to take care of a best friend's daughter after she passes away with a stranger? Meet Harry Edward Styles. Girls always want to be his everything. They want to get married and have kids with him. He's probably the hottest guy alive on the planet. Meet Sophie Milson. Your average smart girl...

  • White Demon Song(Harry Styles/Niall Horan Fanfiction)
    290K 64 1

    What happens when two amazingly hot vampires fall in love with you? And those aren't your average vampires but the Vampires of the worldwide British-Irish boy band One Direction?You wouldn't believe me right? Then meet Jade Summers. Just your average teenage girl but a massive Directioner. Her life changes in seconds...

  • Adopted By The Tommo (One Direction)
    81.6K 1.3K 25

    Meet Cai, a 12 year old girl who is an orphan for about 3 years. She has been abused by several people especially her father. What will happen if she was adopted by a boy form the would famous boy-band One Direction named Louis Tomlinson? Will the boys be able to help Cai? Or will they fail? Or maybe something el...

  • Hidden
    1.6M 15.6K 71

    ENDED. Please read "Hidden part 2" & "The Tomlinson Twins" ! ☺