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  • She's Mine (Editing)
    14.8M 338K 27

    "No one can touch her but me" -Xavier Greys Paisley Thomas she's a good girl to heart she has never done anything in her life she doesn't party with her crazy friends till one night she goes to a club by force Xavier Greys he is the man every women wish to be with handsome and rich he owns multiple company chains he...

  • The Pretending Game
    58.3K 1.5K 13

    Things between Lauren and Camila weren't always easy. If it wasn't the fans it was managment who was constantly trying to bring them together or apart. Because of this, they started to get some distance over the years. But what happens when their new manager calls them to have an impromtu meeting at his office to talk...

  • Army Strong
    801K 22.9K 29

    After seeing the aftermath of a wild party she threw, Camila's parents feel like the only option left to deal with with their daughter's rebel behavior is military school. At this school, she is exposed to a whole new world of strict rules and emotionless people commanding them. Though she is intimidated by it, she qu...

  • Figure My Heart Out (Camren)
    211K 4.7K 33

    Camila Cabello is busy touring on her first headlining tour as a solo artist when she receives a special visit from a complete stranger, Lauren Jauregui. Camila is determined to make her first tour successful and claims she is not interested in Lauren or her devious behavior. But what happens when Lauren shows up agai...

  • the cards that life deals you {camren}
    150K 6.3K 15

    Eight year old Lauren Jauregui has developed her very first crush on her babysitter, Camila Cabello. So how exactly does such an innocent little crush make such a huge mess?

  • If It Makes You Happy
    320K 8.6K 31

    Lauren has always been different all her life. She knew she wasn't like most people, until she met a girl named Normani who became her friend and accepted her for who she was. Lauren has been in a relationship with Camila, who doesn't necessarily appreciate her. What happens when an Australian girl named Maia takes in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strong Desires (A Camren Fanfic)
    66K 1.9K 9

    Camila Cabello had her life all planned out. She'd work hard in college and try to avoid any compromising situations. She had a great boyfriend and she was doing well in her classes. Life was great until Camila met her new roommate, Lauren Jauregui and her world changed. (DISCONTINUED)

  • Checkmate (Camren)
    2.1M 52.3K 42

    A dangerous game, full of pitfalls. A dispute of power, money and desire. On one side of the board, the deputy Lauren Jauregui, and on the other, the wife of a magnate, Karla Camila Cabello. In this game, only one will fall. Who will have the best strategy? Who will better know how to play? Who will checkmate? Place y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Close To You - Camren
    646K 22.7K 22

    Camila Cabello ran away from home at eighteen. No money, no food and no friends, she somehow travelled to Boston and found herself a lousy job in a large up and coming interior design business. Straight out of college, Lauren Jauregui was the co-owner of that interior design business. Now, with the company thriving...

    Completed   Mature
  • Housemates
    2.6M 71.1K 123

    Ellie has been not-quite-flirting with her housemate’s friend Mia, and not really thinking too much about it, until one day Mia offers to follow through on the flirting. Ellie is surprised, but decides she’d like to try, and slowly a relationship begins to evolve. Mostly a physical relationship, and a confused relat...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Need Me, I Don't Need You
    69.4K 3.3K 9

    Summary: Lauren Jauregui is an immigration lawyer for the state of New York. Camila Cabello is a Mexican/Cuban born "immigrant" trying to avoid deportation. Though a portion of her nationality is Cuban, she was born in Mexico and therefore is ineligible to receive permanent residence under the Cuban Adjustment Act. Sh...

  • Shipping Camren From The Grave (G!P)
    1.2M 31.8K 44

    The girls were 25yrs old when they ended Fifth Harmony. Each were ready to move on and start the next chapter of their lives. Lauren however, was not so lucky. Her parents and siblings were coming back from her last show with the girls, when they were killed in a car accident. After burying her family she disappeared...

    Completed   Mature
  • Keep Me Alive • Camren
    195K 6.1K 24

    When Lauren's family moves a thousand miles away after an incident, she meets a brown eyed brunette with no desire to live. *Cover is not mine.

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidentally on Purpose • #1
    53.7M 2.2M 70

    Hannah Taylors finally gives in to her desperation and does one of the stupidest things a girl can do to grab her unapproachable long-time crush Jonah Gibbs' attention: spill soda on his white shirt and leave a motherfrigging red blotch on it. Accidentally. On purpose. ▪▪▪ Book #1 of The Purpose universe, can be read...

  • Do the Dew
    140K 3.3K 13

    Set over 20 years in the future, Camila and Lauren are married with two teenage daughters. This is the story of the antics that currently take place in the Cabello-Jauregui household.

  • Stealing Kisses
    452K 8.9K 68

    "Uh Lauren what are you buying?" "Nothing." "Oh my god is that condoms? What are you doing with my Camila?" "First of all Austin, she is not your Camila and second, you heard the news Camz and I are dating... take a hint." "Yeah, but it is your first date... I highly doubt she will jump into bed with you that fast. I...

    Completed   Mature
  • unheard voicemails ➢ camren
    86.6K 3K 20

    "If you won't answer my calls, will you listen to my voicemails instead?" \\ COVER MADE BY SMOKINGWITHMARLEY © Copyright, All Rights Reserved by softlmj. 2015.

  • Chocolate
    431K 15.1K 31

    Her eyes were like a swirl of warm and sweet chocolate but her past wasn't as sweet as it is. Some chapters could be triggering, so please read with caution - Cover made by Slothtato!

  • Summer Love || camren
    428K 7.8K 45

    When Camila decided to move back to Miami after finishing High School, she finds that their neighbour would have a daughter, Lauren around her age that instantly falls for her. But what this summer vacation has to offer to the two of them will turn their lives upside down. Tralier:

    Completed   Mature
  • Colliding Worlds
    266K 6.3K 21

    Lauren and Camila, both famous and well very open with what they are. Lauren, the fuckgirl, and the flirt. Camila, the romantic, and the one that is all up for love. What will happen when their world's collide? Follow them on their journey and read. Lauren g!p (sorry not sorry)

  • Camren G!p Smut
    1.4M 8.9K 48

    Y'all already know ;). Most of these are just joke cause it's shitty like that. If that makes any sense

  • Therapy (Camren)
    146K 3.7K 22

  • The Good Samaritan(Camren gxg)
    534K 16.8K 29

    Camila Cabello is a NYU student that works in a lesbian bar at night. She used to enjoy her part time job, until a men's bar opens up across the street, making leaving work more dangerous than it should be. After being preyed on by a pair of drunk men that have a interest in Fixing her, she is saved by a green eyed go...

    Completed   Mature
  • Make Her Believe
    13K 810 8

    Lauren, Dinah, Ally and Normani are all in a famous girl band called Fourth Harmony. Lauren has it all, the fame, the glory, the money and everything she’s ever wished for. But her love life is a mess. She never found someone worthy of her and she stopped believing in love. During a Q&A with some of her fans she is as...

  • Forbidden Love (CAMREN)
    236K 6.3K 44

    A story of pure love. Love thats ripped from one another to be binded together again, but will it be forever? Two teenagers, forbbiden love, a fight that makes them question everything. Twitter - Steph - @Teamjaurxgui

    Completed   Mature
  • Medicine
    70.1K 2K 37

    "You're my medicine. You heal me"

    Completed   Mature
  • Trying Hard
    121K 2K 26

    "I've never felt so tired in my life. For chasing you. For loving you. And i know you won't return it, but i'm trying. I'm trying so goddamn hard to get you back. I'm trying hard...for you"

  • Carry Me To Bed
    52.3K 1.9K 1

    Camren one shot