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  • Fool Me Once [BNHA Original Fanfiction]
    118 3 4

    Not all heroes get remembered, not all heroes are good people-not all villains are bad people, and not all villains get forgotten. The world isn't coded in binary, it isn't black and white. And that is always the hardest pill to swallow. Follow an assortment of original and canon characters as they survive in this ce...

  • Hypnosis Mic Scenarios
    12.8K 399 5

    I've been into Hypnosis Mic for the past few weeks and let me tell you the songs are fantastic and the men are really attractive~ (depends on your taste in 2D men). I've read a few of the one-shot books that authors have written for this fandom and I feel the need to join too :3 So here I am~ Hope you enjoy the scena...

  • Little Bird
    17.9M 448K 68

    "It's much harder to stay hidden from the Dark Lord when you're in love with a Death Eater." Evelyn Hawkings' parents were well-known Death Eaters, but they died when the Dark Lord fell and Eve was only an infant. Now fifteen years have passed and Voldemort is back, and Eve has changed her last name to stay hidden fro...

  • Bible
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    Book about Bible... Question came from the bible.

  • #JustWriteIt - Prompts
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    Do you want to challenge yourself in writing? Well, you've come to the right place! Wattpad presents #JustWriteIt, a monthly writing challenge for all Wattpad users to take pledge! This is not a competition, it's a challenge so no winners will be selected - but you'll get a chance of getting a public shoutout and als...

  • Contests and Writing Prompts
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    Join us for regular contests and writing prompts to get your imagination running wild! Please note, this contest and its rules are the creation of a team of Ambassadors and is in no way affiliated with Wattpad or its staff. Judging of said contest is entirely run by its creators and is not the responsibility of Wattpa...

  • Nest of Crows - A Warrior Cats OC Story
    148 13 6

    The forest is running out of prey. All eyes are turning on the final source of sustinance, the fish of RiverClan. With the clans pitting against them, and an omen from StarClan having every cat on their toes, can RiverClan survive until the next winter? 9-15-17 - #790 in Adventure

  • BTS Texts and Scenarios
    2.6M 84.9K 152

    REQUESTS CLOSED!! Jungkook Taehyung Jimin Namjoon Hoseok Yoongi Jin Highest rank: #11 in fanfiction (181216) Just a bunch of stories to occupy me when I'm bored. [ON HOLD]

  • [Closed] Trinity || Anime Graphic Shop
    3.9K 193 25

    A shop for anime covers, icons, headers and whatnot. Don't be fooled by the cover, I can do dark and cute themes too. Highest rank in Random: #4945 - 7/1/17 Highest rank in Random: #413 - 7/2/17

  • Angel
    153 7 3

    Not all angels have wings Not everyone is just as they seem * Aura used to be very close to Yuri. Best friends, in fact. However, after an incident, she lost all faith in skating, best friends and love. She leaves for Japan without a glance back. When Aura returns to Russia, she is asked to help Yuri Plisetsky win...

  • Out of Touch
    3.2K 179 25

    Akari was not an ordinary girl. She had lived in a harsh place for most of her life. Due to circumstances in her past, she dresses like a boy. She has short, red hair, piercing green eyes and oddly pale skin which she usually hid under her black cloak. She had left her old tattered life to start her new one she neede...

  • Nen X Discussions
    7.3K 246 9

    One of the fascinating aspects of HUNTER x HUNTER is the idea of 'Nen', the control of aura, which seems to be so simple but takes so many different forms that really keeps one engaged with the abilities and powers within the show. This here is for discussions on Nen, finding your Nen type, or maybe taking that a ste...

  • A Dance For The Eternal Skies {A Hunter X Hunter OC Fanfiction}
    16.1K 575 6

    What do you hear when the wind blows? Do you hear the crashing waves of the far-off ocean? The cries of the birds in the sky? The voices of people of ages past, lending aid to those who listen? Or the whispers of the breezes that protect you? Kiyoko Akiyama has had a connection with the elements ever since she could r...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Yandere Boys X Reader)
    1M 32.6K 36

    Pride Gluttony Wrath Lust Greed Envy Sloth When each of the Seven Deadly Sins seem to have taken human form in the personalities of seven different boys it would be an inevitable difficulty to work for them. However, it would be deemed even harder to distance oneself once they grow an unyielding attachment and strong...

  • Hunters X and X Heroes
    44.6K 2.9K 52

    They burned "to listen, to execute, and to want nothing" as an emblem across Rukei's heart. Orders sit as a dictator over Rukei's head. The very will and intentions of someone else run through Rukei's veins. Still, cut Rukei, and you will know she bleeds- with color hotter, hungrier, so much brighter than red- "give m...

  • Hunter X Hunter One Shots
    638K 8.1K 46

    HxH One shots ~♥~ Cover made by @candlelights- She's amazing ~ Started: November/6/2016 Finished:March/25/2018 #583 in Random 1/23/18 #13 in hxh 6/13/2018

  • I Will Fight For You [TOTICF Book 2] (Killua X OC)
    14.8K 604 24

    After the separation of Killua, Gon, and Usagi at the World Tree, Killua and Usagi along with Alluka head off to explore the world. Not long since their departure do they get a letter saying that some old acquaintances will be at Battle Royale- the esteemed fray amongst Hunters that occurs every decade, and they're in...

  • Read His Mind | ✓
    956K 45.3K 31

    What if the people around you- from your classmates to your best friend- were hiding their true feelings behind their smiles? And you found out? Abbie Lee used to think that her life was perfect. She had supportive parents, a best friend who had her back and a tentative boyfriend too. But her once flawless life comes...

  • Notice Board | Hunter x Hunter Magazine
    2.1K 79 8

    This is a MUST for ALL members of the magazine team to save in your library.

  • Win His Heart (Killua X OC)
    434 19 5

    "He was never mine, but losing him broke my heart." I had high hopes for this vacation. I expected a fun reunion with all four of my friends. Shopping downtown with my love walking right beside me. The warmth I felt when he smiled down at me. He would laugh and then say the three simple words and eight letters that me...

  • My drawings
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    Just some drawings I did in my freetime :D

  • The One Thing I Can't Fight (Killua X OC)
    415K 12.9K 75

    When Usagi Ametsuchi meets Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio at the Hunter Exam, the five quickly become friends. However, they find out fast enough that Usagi's family is not one to be taken lightly; the Ametsuchi's are famous assassins, neck-and-neck with the Zoldycks and nicknamed Hell's Dolls for being so emotionl...

  • The Oblivion Sin 「Diabolik Lovers FF」(Hiatus)
    1.5K 56 2

    She had lived her life with close to zero emotions; like a lifeless marionette raised solely for one purpose and one purpose only. To Kill. Raised in a family of vampire hunters, life wasn't easy for Kurobane Nora. Her life was filled with strict lectures and ruthless combats. On top of it, her father, who is her only...